DJ Dee Kline 8. Donna Dee Present Beat Freaks (Clockwork) OOO Bringing together elements from the breakbeat. UK garage and drum & bass scenes. this is a comprehensive compilation of current and old tunes which make up the new. as yet unnamed. hybrid style. DistingUished by a distinctive 130bpm speed. this new sound is. it has to be said. not altogether unlike the SOunds of its various constituents. Nevertheless. this is a well-mixed and diverse collection. with tracks from. among others. Basement Jaxx. Azzido Da Bass. Genius Cru and Rennie Pilgrim. Of the 23 tracks. some are more inspiring than others. but on the whole. this is a well put together compilation. (Kirsty Knaggs)


RADIO TARIFA Cruzando El Rio (World Circuit) .00

Tarifa. a handful of miles from North Africa. is the southernmost point of the Iberian peninsula. And Charlie Gillett may be overstating the case when he likens Radio Tarifa's first album to The Bands debut in its rediscovery of forgotten musical riches. but the Continental trio have won many admirers with their synthesis of medieval Spanish, Arabic and pop traditions. For their third release. those with ears will still either love or loathe Benjamin Escoriza's gutteral vocal. the insistent patterns of tunes which recall flamenco. plainsong or even Japanese folk forms. and the idiOSyncratic addition of crumhorn and pattering electric guitar. (Ninian Dunnett)



Music Typewriter (Palm Pictures) on

Veloso cut his musical teeth with a master. the pioneering Brazilian troubador Caetano Veloso. Veloso Senior, Joao Donato and Tom Jobim's grandson Daniel

make- uvnall contributions to tiili; Humble debut reccr':lirig. Backed by two mates and writing more than half the tracks. the younger Veloso offers a winning blend of samba. ‘Nova Bossa Nova'. pop and electronics. His wispy vocals and melodies breezy or sweetly sad drift atop lulling guitar or catchy beats. Subject matter is simple: love (including the brotherly kind). leavetakings. the pleasures of the beach. Drawmg on his roots while ambling out of the paternal shadow. Veloso's efforts are comfy in a good sense. More. please. (Donald Hutera)


Seafaring Man (Skitteesh) 0000

An early exponent of the Celtic-dance-grooves- and-beats synthesis in his Mouth Music incarnations. multi- instrumentalist Martin Swan now believes ‘that scene is pretty firmly on the way out and has run its c0urse‘. So five years after the last MM album. Swan now lives in rural retreat in the Borders and the gentler fruits of his communion with nature are evident in the new direction of this eight- track album. Two trademark arrangements of Gaelic song are included one performed by the stately lshbel MacAskill and the other songs are written by Swan himself in neo- traditionalist style. Guest musos include Kaela Rowan. Tom Bancroft. Jim Sutherland. Martyn Bennett and Martin Furey. and the imaginative musicianship is everywhere first rate. (Norman Chalmers)


GRANT GREEN First Session (Blue Note Connoisseur) 000

Grant Green really had two careers. the first as an ace hard bop guitarist in the 603. and the second as a funk and groove merchant in the

100 THE LIST 29 Mar—12 Apr 2001

703. This is his very first date fOr Blue Note in 1960 and has never been iSSued before. Alfred Lion, a notorious stickier for the highest standards. shelved the seSSion at the time. but it w0u|d have passed muster at most companies and most of the five cuts are well up to Green's USUaI standards. notably ‘Seepin", a made-to- meaSure slow blues. Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones form the rhydhm section, and the disc also includes two takes of a previously uniSSLied Cut With pianist Sonny Clark from an aboned 1961 seSSion. (Kenny Mathieson)


CHUCHO VALDES Solo: Live In New York (Blue Note) 000

Pianist Chucho Valdes made his name as leader of the very popular Cuban band lrakere. but has been focusing more directly on his Own career in recent years. His latest release was recorded at Lincoln Center in 1998 and

features his indivndual

approach on a variety of Latin tunes. but with a very distinct jazz frame of reference. plus a version of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow'. Valdes is a dazzling player. and lays into the material (not tao mention the piano) with the kind of prodigious invention and high energy attack that has become his trademark. Exhilarating, if a touch unrelenting. (Kenny Mathieson)


Ocean Colour Scene Mechanic Wonder (ls/and) Leaden pseudo- mod megaliths knock out another.

Hear’Say Popstars (Po/ydor) TV pap pop merchants vomit out a long player.

Neil Finn One Ni/ (Par/ophone) Antipodean crooner releases another inspired guitar-pop collection.

Nelly Furtado Whoa Nelly! (DreamworkS) Sassy hip hop-folk-pop femme's debut.

Various Artists Co/i'n

Dale: Excursions 03

(Obsessive) Deep funky house and tech-house mix album.


Deejay selectas Amanda McKinnon and Douglas Anderson present Air. BBC Radio Scotland's newest and shiniest new music show. The dynamic duo help us sort out the sublime from the substandards.

Interview: Mark Robertson.


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