From the Foot 0' the Walk to the Shore. Leith has always had a strong sense of independence from Edinburgh. With acclaimed restaurants and bars sharing turf with all-night pubs and ladies of the night. it's never short on character. As the Ocean Terminal development continues. promising a huge retail space. cinema and restaurants. and penthouse flats springing up in old warehouses. we ask the people who live and work in Leith about the changes going on.

‘.i".’0rtls Louisa Pearson PIV'.'..'V§§ Jonathan Littlejohn



I Name Ruth Moms. Occupation Clothes designer.

On Roobedo/Coburg House Studios lt‘s a mnternporan womenswear label. bringing together a (:ityt:ountiy life look. It's classic but there's a modern spirit. At the studios there are painters. glassw0rkers. jewellers. photographers; it's; a (tollet‘ti .'e xi ware and an inspiring place to be.

Celebrity patrons | Wish! We did send stuff to Zow litiil. hut shi- never wrote back.

On Leith It's changing everyday. and there's an interesting llrix. of people. There are more yeting professional people. ()fil‘itlfllzlll‘; ‘.'.’lll‘. the conversion flats. i love it 'cos it's near the sea.

Trivia tit-bit A goldfish came wrth the studio.

Roobedo (by appointment only), Coburg House Studios, Coburg Street, 0131 554 3733.

- Name Gillian McArthur. Occupation Manager. On Club Java The space is fantastic. that's the reason I took the job. It's an older age group we go for now. maybe 25 or 21 plus. I want to go for

alternative clubs. an alternative venue. an alternative place. It‘s somewhere to get out of town. away from the hustle and bustle.

Celebrity patrons We had the Beautiful Creatures premiere party here. Rachel Weisz and Susan Lynch were there.

On Leith There's a big divide in Leith because there are the yuppies who've moved down because it's almost like London‘s Docklands (alth0ugh they don't seem to think they need clubs and pubs!). There are a lot of people who go clubbing that live here but go uptown. so we're trying to direct them this way instead of that way.

Trivia tit-bit The Citadel Arch (the old gateway to Leith) next to the club was built by Cromwell's toot soldiers in 1647.

Club Java, Commercial Street, 0131 555 5622.