- Names Mike Bailey. Stefan Oghene and Allana Harrower. Occupations Manager licensee (Mike), restaurant manager (Stefan). head chef (Allana).

On The Waterfront Allana: The menu changes every day. Suppliers phone in the morning and whatever they can supply us with we turn it into the menu. So it's quite hard work. It was; one of the first restaurants in the area.

Celebrity patrons Allana: My favourite person was BjOrk, she was an absolute darlin' and she lléifl her son wrth her, she was really nice. Had Mel Gibson, he was a bit dull: steak and soup. We had Radiohead in. And Kylie Minogue; she was so tiny I didn't actually see her. She kind of got lost in the conservatory.

On Leith Alana: I love Leith. There‘s a lot more money coming into it. but I just hope it's (JUNK) the right way. The area‘s Split: you've got your working-class Leith and your yuppie

l eith and I don't think they're gong to mix.

Stem/l: People might go out in the city centre with the intention of getting drunk. but they come down to Leith to chill out.

Trivia tit-bit Mike: This part of the building dates back to Victorian times. It's been used for (ill sorts of things. There was an affluent Victorian woman who took pity on all the men queuing for work and they used it as their howf before they went into the docks.

The Waterfront, 1c Dock Place, 0131 554 7427.

106 THE LIST 29 Mar—12 Apr 2001

. Name Peter Small. Occupation Partner and hairdresser.

On Medusa We've been here over six years. Colour work is a big bit of the business, we also do hair extensions. everything really.

Celebrity patrons Kaye Adams came in. we didn't do her hair but they asked if they could use the salon. And Andy Gray, he's beenin.

On Leith It's going to be beneficial from the residential developments. because we get more people from that Side. I think it‘s a great area. it's moving in the right direction.

Trivia tit-bit This used to be a ship's channel, there're hooks that were used for hauling stuff from the basement and. by some accounts. this whole building used to be a hotel.

Medusa Hairdressers, 5 Commercial Street, 0131 554 9499.