Re: Naval base arrests

(issue 408)

The frrst women's weekend erganrsed :n Scotland for over two years took place at Fastane Peace Camp rn March. After cuttrng a hole rn the fence. seven women ran fer the Jetty where a French destroyer was berthed. Some sailors saw us boardrng and trred to stop us: some women were held. others were able to start clrmbrng the ladders.

Three of us were arrested gurte soon. leavrng the other four to place themselves hrgh on the destroyer. One woman clrmbed down. The remarnrng three had locked themselves on. so some tactrcs were trred by the French. brrngrng out water cannons and wavrng tranourllrsers.

The MOD made clear they didn't agree on the methods and that rt would have to be either them or the French runnrng the operatron. Luckrty for us rt was the MoD. who had a newly trained team of clrmbers ready to take us down.

But frrst there were the D-locks. Two of us threw away the keys; one set bouncmg rnto the loch. the other fallrng on another shrp. This meant one of the women was 'de D-tocked'. but strlt refusrng to move. wrth the other two sh“ in posrtron.

Work was started on the frrst woman. cuttrng her D-lock. putting her rn a harness. lowerrng her down three ladders. carrying her into a polrce van. The same procedure was done to the two remarnrng on the destroyer.

We were all charged Wrth breach of the peace: the three IOCKed on were also charged wrth resistrng arrest. After a few hours spent rn custody rnsrde Fastane all of us were released and drrven back to camp. Marjan Willemsen vr'a e-mar‘l LIGHT FANTASTIC Re: Point miss the point (issue 409)

It seems our residency at the 13th Note Cafe has rarsed some hackles. Good.

However. to accuse us of ‘narrowrng the appeal of the nights' merely shows that the person rn question did not attend. We chose to turn each date over to artrsts. writers and poets. We've had short films. free booklets on the door. fanzines and a writer's nrght. Ego-driven? No.

hope that our resrdenr: precede-"rt. The {itrttr)5;,rt‘ere nas 06:8" arnazrng each nrg'nt and anti. Judge rt when rt‘s oxer . . '7' ,ou .'.e'e there. Single Point of Light. vra e-mar/


Re: Point miss the point

(issue 409)

It’s not often I wrrte rn to a maga/rne. but the letter about the Srngte Pornt of Lrght resrdency realty ‘.‘.'Outtd me up.

Thrs grrt rs correct when she says the re8rdency rs a chance for the bands to present whatever the, want. Thrs rs exactly what Srngte Pornt have done anrt. to therr credrt. rt has been varied and rnsprrrng.

There rs no pernt comparing thrs to prevrous reSrdenCres at the 13th Note. Drfferent bands wrlt do rt drfferent ways. But I bet few wrlt do rt as welt. tvtore please!

Vicky Gardiner vra e-mar/


Re: Kill all hippies (issue 409) I take rssue wrth Mr Dale's clarms that 'the modern protest movr—zmr—znt rs healthrer that Its ever been'.

Protesters rn the 603 spoke Out by takrng real rrsks: gettrng beaten. dodgrng the draft. gorng to rart, even berng krlled. Our generatron rs plagued by an apathy that grew from watchrng our parents' struggles go unrewarded. Yes. segregatron has been abolished. genders. races. and classes alt protest together. and there rs the occaSronat vrctOry Such as the premature closing of WTO negotiations in Seattle. but overall. the CyniCrsm rs thrck.

Modern protesters know rust how far to push Wrthout takrng real rrsks. Our protests are out of moral obtrgatron. not survrval. What is fashronable rs not polrtrcal consoousness. but the luxury of berng able to drstract ourselves from rt. Today's dernonstratrons are a band-ard to real rSSues of power. greed. rrresponSrbrtrty and sooat blrndness. Contrary to what Date ctarms. there are hurnungOLrs unrversal rssues to frght. the problem rs. we haven't really woken up yet.

Nancy Rinderle v/a e-mar/

Honeycomb opening Niddry Street. Edinburgh

Cheryl Recru/tment consultant It's the Vaults grown up.

Craig Wilde Pro/noter It's nice to see

begrnnrng to n‘ove along the same Irnes that Glasgow's been on for the tast 1 ten years.

that Edrnburgh rs


Re: New music for tomorrow (issue 407)

rtr‘... .‘Hr 3M! rat. a.

"antes to x :k out S1“: 5:"

an’r‘ ': ‘rurdn't next fem-mt; gca ms t".‘«.'. S’Tf 1‘. st‘ fitneir‘. S"F""‘.:;"ti:1"“.t" (“"8" treated to a srr“ ;ar e o" exrx :1

M'gnt suggest that .ot. :‘o"s»<:er sunnar article o" Scotts" coma). Some of the acts exposure than the, ourrer‘tt, lt‘t‘tfr‘J} from The Ls: :nctude: Paul and Pay. Graeme Thomas. James Ferguson. Bene Lrnchestrkox. JOftt‘. Lrttierohn. Be" Darcy. Brandon Reed. Coirn Sit‘lt)t;r)f‘._ Mriei; Jupp. George Nesb.t. Des Clarke. Crag Hrll. Brendan Moohan. Frank Or.- nn. Martrn Furby. John Gordo". Nzck Frrit:t'ia‘,. Frn McArthur. Mane McAv’ttxrr. Siecn Drck. John Srnclarr. Paut tv‘rcNer. and ‘ast. and probably least. my self.

Thrs trst does not even take rntc account the current ‘elder statesn:en' of Scottrsh comedy :rke Allan tvtrrier, Frankre Beyle. Sandy Nelson, Joe Heenan. Peg Anderson. Brll Dewar. Raymond Mearns. John Grltrck. Colrn Ramone.

Thrs rs by no means an exhaustrve !rst of the current talent to be found on the crrcort so apologres to anyone whose name I've mrssed out or rnrsspetted. Ross Craig vra e-mar/

",rt't“, of

Jane Student Innk the

Elder comedy statesman Raymond Mearns


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