I Name erzre Barrass.

Occupation Partner.

On Edinburgh Architectural Salvage Yard We started In 1988 In drfferent premrses and then came here In ‘89. Some of our younger customers do use It In a very modern way A lot of them are usrng cast Iron radIatOrs but the; ’re blastrng them and then rust lat‘IIuerIng them On top of the bare metal. People come for eventhrng, "on a kethule cover to columns. but a lot come In Iookrng for the mrssr'g door. You can come here and get all yOur Qtllr‘kt, srxes.

Celebrity patrons We have had a lot. although It's not sonrethrng we've ever promoted.

On Leith It‘s an excellent place. It's changed vastly to the better. for us. because there's so many places to eat: peeple some down at weekends and walk arOund, they'll go and have a coffee or a meal. It's great. I can't say I agree WIth all of the Improvements down at the dock: It's a shame that It's not gurte as elegant as It could he.

Trivia tit-bit We have done gurte a lot of frlm sets SIM/ow Grave. The Wmter Guest. The House Of Mum and Mary Rel/II old ranges and everythrng. That happens gurte often.

EASY, Unit 6, Couper Street, off Coburg Street, 0131 554 7077.



- Name Lachlan McKinnes. it. - . Occupation Front of h

house warter. .

EA.“ “‘3 On Fishers We're going Into our

tenth year. We're busy all the time

because of the product we sell:

It's really top of the range. All

walks of life come here. whether

they're just having the fishcakes

or the mussels to the top range

of wines.

Celebrity patrons Yes. but we . " a

Yo U C H 00$ E ! try and play that ‘down, If peOple I ~ .g y. . J I come here there 5 no extra fuss ,‘

made over them. they‘re not

treated as stars and that's what

they l:ke.

On Leith It‘s got its own

character. There's more people In

48/52 CONSTITUTION STREET. the area. and It's growing. getting . .‘

LEITH. EDINBURGH EH6 6RS better and better. ' . - Trivia tit-bit It was built In 1686 ' '“

as a windmrll.




TA M T1 1. LATE.

TEL: 0131 467 7527 FAX: 0131 467 7528 WEB: www.JAVA-BEOANDBREAKFAST.COM

Fishers, 1 The Shore, 0131 554 5666.

108 THE LIST 29 Mar—12 Apr 2001