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46 QUEEN CHARLOTTE STREET, LEITH [off Constitution Street, oppOSite Police Station} EDINBURGH Tel: 0131 554 7520 Fax: 0131 467 7.447

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7 'i j /'/T T l ‘, i i m“: ) I“ l V c, | - Name Gordon Duffy. Occupation Architect. ( (A) \j a On Leithlofts It goes back to autumn 1997. Due to the industrial nature of many of the buildings. the design is dune gritty. There's / / A x. H i .3 no point in a gritty backwater in Leith domg pretty New Town _ /:i J 9:; recherche bijou apartments. it just doesn't work. x'l / ,

On Leith People are re-inhabiting old buildings which is a good -i

thing. These peOple coming in perhaps aren't welcome. but for me "

it all adds to the rich mix and vitality. It's not as if the community

has been displaced. it‘s not like London Docklands. the community J is still here.

Trivia tit-bit Two main things happened here: it was a whisky bond and also a tobacco bond. The main difference is some of the windows have shutters to stop the tobacco being affected by ultraviolet light. 80 the people in this building benefited in that some of the shutters were re-used.

Duffy & Batt Architects, 8/1 Maritime Street, 0131 467 6500.

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The Pond Bor Gerifidn Beers Cigors , Beruit Beergorden "“’ . £5 off your next visit (Monday - Thursday). 1'; Medusa - Commercial St, Leith I 0131 554 9499


\ LE3.“ 'ICHT ,\ 3,". 2—4 Bath Road, Leith

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