FASHION STEP BACK IN TIME Where to find that 805 gear Taking a walk around Glasgow city centre the other day, I found myself wondering whether some things aren't best left forgotten. Like the whole of the 808. for example. As far as fashion is concerned. the 80s were an explosion in a puffball skirt factOry that would be better off consigned to the histOry books. But the windows of the shops in your average high street reflect a different view. Mind you. we have revived every other decade of the 20th century so I suppose a return to those shoulder-padded. leg-warmered days was inevitable. if a little frightening.

So, with resignation, we decided to take a look around to see who's managing to bring the 803 to the noughties rather than just trying to flog us a direct copy of what Kylie Minogue wore in her / Should Be So Lucky video.

Asymmetry certainly seems to be everywhere at the moment, from floaty dresses with plunging necklines to tight little tops with all-over prints (try Miss Selfridge and Mango for these). Shoes that look like the ones my mum used to wear are everywhere. And while I'm quite sure there's nothing as comfortable as a beige sling-back. I think I'll reserve judgement on that for the moment (Office and Faith are good for that kind of stuff just now). If you want to be really up to the minute. you could invest in a ‘Carrie Bradshaw Flower'(available at Topshop), just like the ones Sarah Jessica Parker wears in Sex And The City. Ideal for eightying up any boring old outfit.

Vintage gear is a different way to go if


NIPPY sweenes Scooters invade Scotland London‘s stars can't get enough of them. Whether it's Chris Evans. the Gallagher brothers or that cheeky young chef-about- town Jamie Oliver, it seems that scooters have usurped limos as the vehicles of choice for the rich and famous. Here in Scotland. the main thing that seems to have stood in the way of a scooter revolution is the weather. While hip young things in the centre of Rome eye up the talent from their two-wheelers. the picture doesn't quite transfer across to a grey George Square.

But one man is trying to change all that. ‘I know the weather is a problem. but if you live in Scotland you've got to put up with it.’ says Adam Clark. the man behind Glasgow's Nippy Sweeties operation.

On a trip to Thailand two years ago, Clark hired a scooter to get around and was impressed by the ease and low running costs. Aware of the vehicles' popularity on the continent and the growing popularity in London, Clark wondered about a potential Scottish market. ‘l thought. “Why not Glasgow? We're usually a trendy city. why are we not bothering about this?".'

Part of the Arnold Clark group. the operation specialises in Peugeot scooters. the best-selling brand in Europe. as well as being the type on which Geri and Robbie were photographed racing around on holiday. Prices range from around £1300 to £2500

Redicover the allure of Iegwarmers

you're looking for a really authentic look. Charity and second-hand shops are a treasure-trove of 80s goodies and if you have enough of a rummage, you might come up with a really convincing wrap-around Fame top.

I still don't know if I‘m convinced though. I doubt there's anything in the world that could persuade me into a suede court shoe. Actually. those beige sling-backs are beginning to sound pretty good . . . (Eleanor MCGlynn)

I Thanks to Topshop. Buchanan St, G/asgow, for permission to take the photographs.

depending on the model, and if you've already got a driving license you're automatically qualified to ride a 5000 model. If you’re looking for a bit more speed the 100—12500 models go up to 65mph, though you'll need to undertake a day-long safety course to get the license.

If the idea appeals but the price is a stumbling block, the company has three-year finance deals on offer for under £10 a week. ‘If you're just looking for something to run around town. a car's not the best thing.’ says Clark. ‘A scooter is just so much cheaper if you're living in the city.’

So whether you choose the Jamie Oliver look or fancy yourself as a new mod. if you don't mind the rain you can get the scooter habit in Glasgow. (Louisa Pearson)

I Nippy Sweet/es, Arno/d Clark, 0747 332 2626

' Shoptalk

Spend, spend, spend. . . AS GLASGOW'S SHOPPING scene continues to flourish, Edinburgh's Princes Street is looking less than inspiring with several retail units unoccupied. Out at Fort Kinnaird, things seem to be better as Borders Books prepares to open its first Edinburgh branch this spring, after two years’ success in the west.

IF INTERIOR DESIGN IS your thing. check out the Bright Ideas show at the SECC (Thursday 5—Sunday 8 April. 0870 040 4000. 1 tam—9pm. £5.50 (C4)). Celebrity deSIgners giving advice include Laurence LIewelyn-Bowen and Graham Wynne. and there'll be plenty of products and displays to inspire yOu. For the truly dedicated, there'll be demonstrations in topics as varied as contemporary photo frames and antique effects.

DEMOLITION WORK HAS begun in Glasgow’s Queen Street through to Miller Street (hence Flip’s departure, as reported recently), but fear not, the planned development is for a nine-storey building consisting of luxury flats and new retail


units. At this stage. retailers haven‘t been confirmed, but the site should be completed next summer. CHANGES Al Xltt Edinburgh's \‘(aw' 0‘. Centre are due IltllOdUCllO" .a was. Diesel section " t'w SIOIe selling it; trademark <’:..>t".".; NAILS INC IS to open an outlet in Glasgow's House of Fraser (Buchanan Street, 0141 221 3880), offering a variety of manicure services. including its famed ‘Fifteen Minute Special' and the ‘Everlasting Polish', which aims to keep your nails chip-free for at least two weeks. OAZZLE JEWLLI IRY EXHIBITION '.‘.IH t‘t- located at Mtnu'mnt Sgtiare in Glasqt 1’)“ April (Monday 0 April—Saturday {5 Ma. ‘. selling thousands of hand-made watches. necklaces. earrings. Cufflinks and other jewellery. from I(:Eiflllit_’l deSlgnerS Such (18 Show McDonald and Ml(;ll£lt:' Bolton. Famous shoppers at previous exhibitions have incriirngl Dame Judi Deucl'i anrl Whoopi Goldberg: you can get further details;

Bright ideas for your home at SECC

v'~ '4" . the“ .

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