19 Jeffrey Street, .9310» 557 3622

Mingle With great food, excellent ".‘JIIIC‘ and terrific ambiente and of course Stills Gallery.

60fo 00“! I 23 Cockurn St.

225 1333 deliciously simple French home-cooking. Choc'odile. illy coffee. Wine. [JE'lIISEX-BTIC, c'est si bon! Tues—Sat. 10am—5pm

Café Odile at Stills

Cuba Norte

192 Morrison Street. 221 1430 Bienvenidos! Welcome to the authentic premier palador. Dance. Wine and dine in Cuba Norte Sunshine.

Elephants & Bagels Nicolson Square. 668 4404.

Even more elephants and

Scotland's only source of true bagels nutritious. filling, non-fattening, inex- pensive 8 utterly deIiCiOus!

The Elephant House 21 George IV Bridge. 220 5355.

Hundreds of elephants. the best cappuccmo in town. Great pizzas. original home of J K Rowling. and fully licensed!

Filmhouse F‘iLMHOUSE

88 Lothian Road.

229 5932.

Relaxed. atmOSpheric cafe bar. serVing great value snacks. salads. specials and brilliant cappuccmos 10am till late.

Isabel’s Cafe

83 Clerk Street. 662 4014.

Stone walled smoke-free basement oasis. sewing homemade

veggie. vegan food - fresh. deIiCious and cheap.

Scotland's original and best

healthy eating experience.

Salad table restaurant. bistro bar. deli/shop. Eat better. live better.

Henderson’s 94 Hanover Street. 225 2131 .

Advertismg feature

Wok Bar 28—13"; pf/Ii<;i‘9.'.’ 667 859-1 Fresth cooked. coiittwtiitg fla‘.rours of the Far East. inclutling the tastiest dishes from Thailand. Japan. China and I/lalaysia and the best range of Asiai‘. beers.

'Ol * IAI

GLASGOW Café Antipasti 337 8;. res Road. 01-11 337 2737 8. 305 Sauchiehall Street. 0141 332 9002 ‘.‘.".‘.’\.‘.’.alliIpaSII.(JO.UK


80 Glassford Street 572 0080

Globe trotting menu served 12—7pm everyday plus speCial Sunday brunch menu. Football. DJs. private parties 10 Mitchell Lane

and drinks promotions. 'V W '4 i I 572 1448 “*4

Contemporaiy food. Wide range of vegetarian dishes. Live Jazz Sundays afternoons. DJs and drinks promos.



86 Millers Street 221 1568 Interesting. well-balanced and adventurous (staff and menul. Restaurant food at bar prices. served 12—7 daily (Thu/Fri till 9pm). WWW.fixx—



Mao Cafe Bar

84 BrunSWick Street Merchant City. 564 5161 Simple. quick and healthy Far Eastern cuisine. Eating out made eaSy.

1901 9 1534 Rollokshaws Road a 6320161. "

Bar 1 145—1 1pm 112 Fri Sat; lunch

1 1.40—2.50pm. dinner 5—9.30pm. Traditional bar bistro. est 1901. Southside's original and best drinking den.

Pancho Villas

26 Bell Street. Merchant City.

552 7737. Mexican born owner of Rancho Villas Mayra Nunez hopes to bring some of the real Mexico to Scotland. Buen provecho.


Le Sept

7 Old Fishnmrket Close Edinburgh

Lunch and Dinner. Monday to 'I‘hursda}: Friday. Saturday and Sunday open all day

telephone 0131 225 5428

Food & Drink


ALCOPOPS ‘3."‘035‘ “1:17‘1'8 OI‘It‘I'ftIiI‘II‘it’JI‘iI.

DO you "e'iie'htje" a time ‘.'.ithot.t

them? There .'.as a time without the'i‘. Red Square Reloaded when the altei'nati‘. e to beer as a 37' 1.49 A take on the exei nodka and 80:18. In our sophisticated ponulai mdka Red But: concoction societtv hat e created pO‘.‘.OI’1LIi This is mdka with a touch of tequila. elixirs of exen, flamui. from the just to spice things up .1 hit. and a dot ridiculous to the so-called sublime. of ginseng and caffeine. Tastes like stra'.‘.'heiiit=s .inii caiar'tel. and IllSl

makes \ou to st.i\ out and party

suaez-zte' an.) ess tangy but a for. 01

fittest" 1 10.1.1 to the t‘etiini‘inqs of a

oi‘ti V


g \h ti

3 I, t.

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f t. ‘\

g .i z;


." {'7‘ Smirnoff Ice (5.5%. 275ml. $31.40) g t ' One of the most popular out there. it's 3 g

I M I!


baSicaIIy vodka and lemon. Nothing too complicated. but it's one of the best With a real lemon tanginess and Without that Sickly sweetness that

WKD Alcoholic lrn Bru 15.3%.. 330ml. 81 .391 Probably needs no explanation. Vodka and Irn Bru. It tastes exactly like that, but a little less aCidic and a slight penumed mineralness on the afterpalate. Dangerous. Watch it.

often hampers this kind of drink.

Red Square (5.5%. 700ml. £2.99) This Wine bottle-Sized drink is along similar lines to Smirnoff Ice. slightly

Metz Black (5.40%). 275ml, €1.39) Based on schnapps. this one. And it smells of a bag of sweeties I got when l was five. Jelly teddy bears and cola. Very drinkable if you dOn't mind the sweetness. It's hard to imagine it's not a children's drink. (Gordon Haggartyi


180 Argyle St, Glasgow 0141 248 1632

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