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jEdInburgh International Film Festival



Applicants will have a vision, proven expertise in programming. leadership qualities. an academic knowledge of. and a passion for. film.

Interested parties should refer to the full info pack available from

d"'"”'% the address below.


Dept. D. EIFF Ltd. 88 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH3 982


ruin-d by it. City of Erllbum Cami

Closing date 17 April 2001 Interviews will be held in late May

§\\\\\‘n -; néty I'I'IEEIIE scntland

\ one Administrator (Part time)

New Media Scotland is an agency supporting artistic research and development in new media. With Scottish Arts Council funding. we operate nationally to expand the audiences for digital artworks. We are looking for a dynamic individual who can make an important contribution to the running of the organisation.

You will be responsible for general administration. financial administration and payroll duties. You will need to be able to demonstrate prior practical experience within a busy office environment. You must be computer literate. well organised with excellent communication skills. With a positive attitude you should be able to work under your own initiative and as part of a small. highly motivated team. An interest in art. and new technologies is desirable.

This position is offered initially as a fixed term appointment until 31 March 2002.

Salary: £12,000 to £14,000 pro-rata (15 hours per week). Salary dependent on experience.

For a full job description and details of how to apply. please consult our web site: www.mediascotorg/jobs Alternatively e-mail jobs@mediascot.org or send an A4 SAE to:

Administrator Post

New Media Scotland

P.O. Box 25065

Glasgow Gt 5YP

Closing date for applications: Friday 20th April 2001.

_:-’ EDINBURGH SCHOOL OF ENGLISH ‘7 Summer Residential Offer

New Media Scotland strives to be an equal opportunities employer.

f \ We are looking for a level-headed. highly organised

a 0‘ person to work as residential officer for our EFL students in A Pollock Halls Residence in July/August.

The officer IS residential and duties include allocating students to rooms. arrivals and departures. organising staff rotas. co-ordinating the excursions and overseeing student welfare. keeping accurate records and assuming responsibility of the overall smooth running of our students in residence. Hours are irregular and include weekend work.

No CVs please. Application forms available. tel 0131 557 9200.

If you would like recruitment details please consult our website: www.cdinburghschool.ac.uk

SUMMER WORK - ACTIVITY LEADERS If you enjoy working with young people and are energetic. enthusiastic. keen on sports and/or are interested in art/crafts/drama. and are over 20. this could be the job for you.

No CVs please. if you would like recruitment details please consult our website: www.cdinburghschool.ac.uk or call us at: EDINBURGH SCHOOL OF ENGLISH,

271 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 880 Tel: 0131 557 9200 Fax: 0131 557 9192


working with and for young people

We will shortly embark on a £5 million capital project to create an arts centre designed for and with young people to share with adults.

Dance Artist in Residence

As part of our dynamic arts team. you will initiate dance projects. which inspire and encourage participation in dance with boys. particularly streetdance. This will include working in schools in Falkirk and Stirling. as well as the development of our Youth Dance Companies based at the macRobert. You will have experience of delivering dance workshops and choreography. as well as having performed professionally. This post is funded by the Scottish Arts Council and Falkirk Council Education Department.

Audience Development Officer

A highly motivated individual is needed to join our busy Audience Development Team. You will have excellent communication. organisational and copywriting skills, with an eye for good design and presentation. This is a temporary post until September 2001

For further information and Job Description. please contact: macRobert. University of Stirling. FK9 4LA. 01786 467155. Closing date. Thur 12 April 2001

- "” \‘ macRobert 8 [DIN THE REVOLUTION . WITH ASSET I.T.

Asset |.T.

HUGE Demand for Web DeSigners.’ Programmes REGISTER NOW FOR WEB COURSES/LIVE PROJECTS: Flash 4. Dreamweaver. HTML. ColdFusi0n. JAVA.Visua| 835ic6. Oracle 8.ASP.VB’IJ8VZISCFIPL SQL Server;Access

OTHER PC Building/Upgrade courses. Photoshop. Illustrator. FreeHand. Scanning Workshops (for Publications and the Web). DeSigning for the Web

° Early registration accepted ° Package Discounts available - ILA Funding available for SOme c0urses CALL for details ° Live Web proiects for your portfolio ' Conditional to elegibility of ILA funding Please enquire CALL: 0| 3| 225 4|3l 226 4056

Email: courses@asset4lT.com |05 Hanover Street, EDINBURGH EH2 ID]

are seeking an experienced

Company Stage Manager

for an extensive British tour of our award-winning production, Decky Does a Bronco. Scottish tour supported by SAC, English tour presented by The Almeida Theatre, London and supported by ACE.

GLR. i .D

“i R0 [1

theatre company

Please send letter and CV to Judith Doherty, Producer, Grid Iron, 85 East Claremont St, Edinburgh EH7 4HU or contact Judith on 0131 558 1879/e:jude@gridiron.org.uk for dates and terms of engagement.

Email: english©edinburghschool.ac.uk


Busy, upmarket barzrestaurant: require Chargehand/Supervisor. Must: have experience in similar environment. and be flexible, responsible

and all round good egg.

Call us on 0141 342 4966.


I 16mm Degree film. i.\.ipici I'niwisil} i nt‘ctls Sound Ix’t‘c‘iii'ihxl. I‘iiithicliiin Ix’nnnci. (linicia .\\\I\I.IIII. (i.lIIt‘l. \I.II\L' I 1‘ \III\I. Iltiiing \IitI \piil. t'iinlacl .\I.iniicl.i \I.III\‘IIII. l“ 8mm“ I\)\‘.I\I. I ihnhiiigh. I-II Ill 5Ii.\. III il -I-II\ M‘s

I Person wanted to iiiiil I’iiiihic‘l placcnicnl, \I‘I‘IIMiI \Iiii“ liii .i dance lllll\lc‘ \ nit-ii. I’.I\’ iii iii.iikt'ling.' \'\[‘\'Il\‘II\\' \\llIII\I In" iist‘liil. Contact |.iin .il S.i\.lI.i\. lIIII IIIH‘IISti \Iiili

“TV” ‘35 IT".

I Part Time Bookkeeper/ .'\tIIIIIII .'\\\I\I.IIII. (II.I\:_‘U\\ Iticliiis compan} sucks L‘\[X‘I'IL‘II\'C\I person to manage \‘iIIIII‘IIIL'I'I\t'\I IIII.III\'I.II icciiiils. lll\i‘lc‘llI:_' .ItIIIIIIII\II.IIl\III Sago \wiilii Iw .iii\.iiil.i;_'ciiii\ ('\ \ Iii: \Iiiiag I).l\l\ I’i‘iipcit} \Ianagcincnl. (it) ’I‘rinil} :\\t‘IIlIL'. (II;I\I_‘U\\ (i5: zIxR

I Actors required for short liliii .\I.ilt'\: -Il)+ Zlii I5i. I't‘innlt'x. Ill» / I 5 + “Hi. I Hi IIII llit'i' inlii: ciinluc‘l I’.iiil .il lII il IV “35" iii' t'lII.III' p;iii|i'_\.in \I\(" IIUIIllilII.\‘HIII.

: ii-Iziilli- uri' \i'i'liint: u

M 0 ll I 8 I H C d I I II l'irlullli'i’r [iir " i iiur (ilusgiiii- iijfit'i'.

I Hi t'IIliIJIIxt' .i Il\I I‘I \IIIII\'\ 2w \\i‘III\I

Iikt’ In Iw \ .IIIICsI will in. liiiIt‘ liiii.ii} \xiiik. ('\L'III\. IlIlll}'. iI.II.lI‘.I\\'. .iiiiI i't'nt'ial .iiIiiiiii \ \‘-I\Ik' writ-Ii I‘I \si-ik \\IIII II.I'-\'I .ith nth \'\I‘\'II\L'\ I‘.II\I II'I lIIl'It' IIIIUIIIMIiI'II .IIIII .iii :iiliiiiii.iI

\II.II I‘I\‘.I\t' iinjs \I.II\II.I I’.iiwn\ on

(I I 4 l -572-II I 25.

I Women in high heels. I’Iiiiliigi‘uph} \IlItIL‘III sucks siih IL'L'I\ IIII‘ I‘L'JI IIIL‘ IthIllull iIiic‘ll iiit-nlui‘} pi‘iiit'cl. .'\I'L‘ _\l)II L'UIIII (IL'III. \ll‘llIIL'. \I_\II\Il. sass}. L'tIg} '.’ II. \ii CtiII “7970 7—13 Ull‘),

I Spanish tuition Ii} illl L‘\|it‘l'lt‘llc't'tI Il;lII\L‘ IL'ilL‘IlL‘I‘. .'\II IL‘\L‘I\. Adults illItI children. .'\I\U ciinwrsutiiin. (‘:ilI “min (in lil3| 55(17434 ill IIIL‘L‘\C\. I Feel great vibrations! (ilusgim jiiin‘nc} inlii \illIIIkI \iiic‘c “inkshiip Sullli'iIti} RIB/(II. Rc'siinunl tuning; for chairing: and healing. \ istiulimr tiiin. chanting. i‘h_\thin :iniI IIIII. Join in? Spiritual \lIlIII(I\\l)I'I\\ IIIRI 44!» ()llTI Iiii' tIc'luiIs.

Actors/actresses wanted. .-\i't' _\llll intuit-stud in (IL“- ising sour imn ingilcriul‘.’ I)ii )iiu haw :icliiig/Iixnning cwci'icncc .’ Would )iiu like In L'lIIIilITUI'iIIL' will like- IIIIIItIL‘tI pcnplc in run \tiii'kxhiips iIIItI cl‘t'ulc‘ PIL'CL'\ iil’ lhcull'c .’

If the answer is yes phone 07890 693 242.

I Spanish Tuition ‘l‘uiiiiiii I1} L'\pL‘l'ICllL'L'tI. IIIL'IILII}. pl‘ii» I'c'ssiiinul. IIilII\L‘ Spanish teacher". Children and adults. Beginners. l'L‘-IL'ilI'lIL'l'\ and tiihunccil students (III \‘iL‘IL'UIIlL'.

'I'L'I llIJI 420 375I lzisk Iiii' I’iIil

’/ ,‘ T.‘i.:i' .z' T.‘ THE LIST 117