I Duracell Bunny, 21 + .\l. seeks funky quirky honey. 30-35 + l" for adyentures in Wonderland. 13o\ No. 407/15 I Shy, unassuming but sell-assured professional 1291. lparl lime nuisiciani working in tuintlhtunhing 11 environment. seeks yoluptuous fun. chirpy hut thoughtful woman for gigs and slotted conyersation. Box No. 4111/1

I When I’m awake 2 find no test. until your head lies on my chest. and when I'm asleep I’m dreaming of. My one. my dear. my own true love... ()plimistic lidinhurgh fellow. it). seeks female soulmate for occasional quiet reflection and more lrequcnl fun times. Box \o 4111/:

I Dark eyed sensual god- dess seeks tall intelligent pro- fessional male for laughter in lied (and out of it? 1. Photo appreciated and long letter guariantces reply. Bo\ No. 110/3

I Youthful female, (42), alll'acliye and fun. seeks male soulmate with (iS()ll to share good times. dining out. music. cinema. tray el and romance. (ilasgow area. lio\ .\'o. 410/4 I Freelance gentleman 408, medium height. slim. lnown eyes. interesting face. l’assionale. cultured. gentle. cicatiye. international outlook - looking at bright wonderful life. Seeking similar woman. l’liotograpli'.’ Bo\ .\'o. 410/5

I Straight female 41 friends all attached seeks simi- lar new friends for socialising. holidays. etc. I enjoy most Listy' things. walking. swim- ming and trayel. (ilasgow based. Box .\'o 410/()

I Tall dark handsome educated tnale seeks mistress to obey. Bo\ .\'o 410/7

I New to Glasgow.

Single. straight. professional female. 35 \\'l.'l‘.\l similar tmale or lemale) for friendship. nights out. and a laugh. Bo\ No. 410/H

I Good-looking, intelli- gent, cultured. early 30s. pro- fessional. lidinhurgh. male seeks similariin female for nights out. drinks and more. Likes pubs. clubs. cinema. art. Audrey llephurn or 1’] Nancy look-a-likes welcome. Bo\ .\'o 410/9

I Attractive intelligent brown eyed Belfast girl. mid 30s. enjoys lilms and good company. Seeking good humoured professional male. not had looking for friendship and possibly more. Bo\ No. 410/10

I Feisty but gentle, attractive. l)/haired woman. 30s. Art School graduate. l.oy'es wild heaches/theatre/pol- illcs/good food. \Vlfl'M n/s cultured guy. stocky/chunky build to hang out with. Photo appreciated. Box .\'o. 410/1 1 I Bridget Jones (29) with a I'ahtilous circle of friends seeks tall soly'enl hlokc will] a good social life httt empty Saturday nights who can live like there‘s no tomorrow and dance like there's no-one watching. Box No. 409/0

I 38yo Glasgow woman. Interests. music. cinema. gar- dening. cookery. politics. travel. Happy and uncomplicated. Seeks similar male. Box .\'o. 409/1 1

I Attractive, indepen- dant, jaH-Iming female (mid- 30sl seeks romantic male to share enjoyment of milsic. the Highlands. good food and all the finer things in life. (ilasgow. Bo\ No. 409/13

I Glasgow professional, 31, seeks non-scene gay /hi guy. llonest. caring. sincere. Likes music. Iilm. nights out or in. You're local/nearby. work- ing/studying. .-\l..~\. Write soonl Box .\'o. 410/50

Sorted gay man, 33 stuck in a rut. \VIII'M someone to bring back the sparkle. Reasonable looks. lit gym toned body. .»\l..-\ with photo. Glasgow/Edinburgh. Box No. 410/51

I Guy-next-door, 26, slim. dark hair. gay. shy. Into Indie/Pop. nights in and out. haying a laugh and tnuch more. Wlfl'fyl similar. llidinhurgh). Bin No. 410/53

I Free-spirited, creative, easy-going. independant woman (early 30s) well trayelled. enjoys good food. culture. con- versation and laughter. Hoping to meet fun. independant. strong-minded. outgoing. ele- quent woman with depth and "(iet-up and Go" to see wherev- er Iife's journey takes us. Box No. «110/53

I Glasgow gay guy 33 into fitness. food. cinema. Non- smoker. shy. told handsome. Seeks similar straight acting looking guy for friendship maybe more. .\'ot into skinny feminine guys. Box No. 410/54

I Bi-sexual woman would like to meet woman with open mind and creatiye outlook on life and self. Free to haye a relationship. Interested in tray -

el/films .’w inc/nature/non scene.

Bo\ .\'o 410/55.

I Attractive, gay profes- sional female. 32. seeks simi- lar quirky female for a hit of fun and foreign intrigue. Bo\ NU 4111/50.

I Businessman (36) on gay successful broad-shoul- dercd tanned and fun seeks soulmate (31-381 for good times. dining out. tray cl.

romance and making life worth-

while. (ilasgow/lidinhurgh. .-\I..-\ with photo. 13m No. 406/59

Bisexual? Bicurious? Confused? (‘hamel (‘luh is a new a fun way to meet hise\-

ual men and women. parties.

monthly socials etc. I" Batchen Street. lilgin. l\'30 11311.

The Cal1)re Project l-ree courses for people who hay e caring responsibilities.

learn about the arts. therapies. history etc.. get support and socialise?

For info - 0131 446




Lothian Gay & Lesbian Switchboard

Advice on Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS and all matters relating to the Gay and Lesbian Community


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LESBIAN LINE 0131 557 0751

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Information - Education -‘ Support

How to reply to a BOX NUMBER

All you have to do is send your letter to:

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE


or at the McLellan Galleries,

Replies will be forwarded once a week.

If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don’t stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

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and we will forward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

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