V I saw you all at The Arches on Friday night for my leaving party. Thank you all for coming and for the gifts. they were great. just like all of you. Thank you again and I'll miss you all btit never forget any of you. (ixxx. Box .\'o [7410/48. 0 I saw you ll.\l\' (Sauchiehalll guy. You cropped fair hair 5'10ish. Sometimes baggy cords or jeans. You served me Mon 12/03/01 (lunchtime). Did you notice tne. Me - short gtiy. shirt/tie. Fancy a pint'.’ Box No [.7410/46.

V I saw you Bennets March 15th. Yoti tall woman. cream polo-neck. Me tall. black polo- neck. You tried to pick me up. I said 1 was straight. Fancy persuading tne otherwise'.’ I'm interested! Box No [7410/47. V I saw you Happy Jack. older tnan in shabby Burberry coat. lt's not Saint Patrick's day anymore - lose the bunnet...['ntil the next first Monday of the month. Your favourite girls. Box No ['/410/4‘).

0 I saw you the lace of Little Italy". You're dark featured with a sexy glance. beautiful man...with the navy blue pants! I'll miss your warm service over Faster darling. Box .\'o [7410/50.

V I saw you far too long ago. Fiona J. Rumour has it you're in (llasgow now'.’ (let in touch with real phone ntnnber! - Bronwen and Carole. Box No [7410/51.

9 I saw you blue eyes. eyebrow ring. Smudge of chocolate on your face. Me - curly hair. red scarf. 1'11 wipe that chocolate from your lips. 'l'inderbox. Byres Rd. Saturday. Box No [WHO/52.

V I saw you Cttl de Sac West lind - 'Staying .-\live' you're 'More than a Woman' to me. Let's 'l)isco inferno'. Foxy French chic. .lx. Box .\'o [7410/53.

0 I saw you tall blonde latte tnan with your choc cake and red baseball cap in Starbucks (0‘ 2pm on Thurs. .\'ext time let me take a bite of your big... Box .\'o [7410/54.

V I saw you girl behind the bar (0‘ Ctil de Sac. 1 know £5 looks like £1. but hey I'm honest. I'd do the same for you at McPhabbs. Box .\'o L7410/55.

V I saw you cocking up the lottery machine in McColls you ginger stud. xxxx Francis. Box No L7410/56.

V I saw you Cailean. in my bed. of all places! Please stay there! Lots of love. Ali x. Box No [7410/57.

126 THE LIST 29 Mar—12 Apr 2001

O I saw you in the Arches cafe bar. You pulled my pint. Why don't you pull me next time. you FOXY boy. Box No L7410/58.

O I saw you every week at Cheesy Pop. You have spiky green hair and are very lovely. Think you Used to work at Schuh. but 1 may be wrong! Like the Hawaiian shirt! Box No L'/410/48.

V I saw you David. most Fridays at Cheesy Pop. 'You're my favourite”. Love. the Little One. Box No [.7410/5‘).

V I saw you Donald at the wine tasting. Fri 9th tnarch. You wouldn't leave me alone. but I liked it (and your whites) xx. Box No L7410/60.

v I saw you LOGL'M - looking good on the 'air' keyboard! When will we see Billy again'.’ Your choice. Snarfette. Brel‘.’ Snarf that! Box No L7410/61.

V I saw you sexy chick in black. Brel on 16th March. Me sexy dude in black. want more than Brel'.’ Box No L7410/62. V I saw you 6'4" Bar Brel. leatherjacket. 40ish. dark hair. gorgeous smile. Box No [I/410/63.

V I saw you in Bar Brel (Fri 16.03.01 ). You have dark hair and a denim jacket and looked sexy! Box No L'/410/64.

V I saw you blond bartnan at Cul de Sac. I hear you are tee- total. maybe I can tempt you with a shandy and an early night! Hope it's Wood by name and by nature! Box No L7410/65.

V I saw you Chickapee. Lots of yod is good. Smile you sexy lady cos 1 am. Box .\'o [.7410/66.

V I saw you old. fat. ugly bloke. Kicking the pants of 30 I guess. Blackfriars. Mon 19 March. Dirty bitch wants you. Box No [7410/67.

V I saw you toy boy @‘ The Tron. Let me ride your scooter - you can play with my lego anyday. Box No L'/4l()/68.

V I saw you in Tron bar. You had on a black leather skirt and black cardigan. They matched your mood. Box No L7410/69. 0 I saw you To the blonde haired girl who has a face like a cat and a body of a super model. 1 love your style and like your Yorkshire accent. You're such a fox. you should smoke less! Box .\'o L'/41()/70. V I saw you hey. Austin R. You've got to get out of Murano Street. more so 1 can see you shaek your thing and admire you front a distance. Dump the girl! Box No L’/41()/71.

V I saw you ear-lieker - are you still boarding somewhere or can we meet up and boogie again sometime soon? Love kinky afro. Box No L7410/72.

C I saw you at Mishmash - foxy guy who got me the loo roll. You made my night - please come again this month and shake your ass beside mine on the dance floor... Box No L7410/73.

9 I saw you at polo Lounge. Wee imp in the corridor. We chatted. Love the tan. Where have you been? Will share some Paddy soul. Box No L7410/74.

V I saw you OFT (4th March). Blond chocolate boy, Art School student of beauty. This lover to he needs his david. Box No L7410/75.

V I saw you at Brel. Dark. curly hair with glasses. You French Canadian stud with flawless complexion. ljust want to lick you silly. Box No L’/410/76.

V I saw you cool red 'up' t- shirt boy at the Art School. Your fiery hair excites me. you look like fun. 1 can give you more attention than the dark haired girl...let's have fun together. l'll rock you American world. Box No L’/4l()/77.

0 I saw you Gordon - in Garnethill - we didn't Hook up in December for a Chartreuse - lost your number - please call Dragon. Box No L'/410/78.

V I saw you long flatning locks - a lad in shine on panto time - let's hook up - tne white

hiated witch - without crystal balls. Box No L'/410/79.

V I saw you upstairs in Fopp on Union Street. You. dark hair and amazing blue eyes. Me. girl buying lemon jelly CD. You turned my intojelly! Box No L7410/80.

V I saw you Campbell at the Havana bar on 17 March. You tried to dance salsa and did OK. Remember the girl with the black dress. Box No U/410/8l. 0 I saw you beautiful chinese girl waiting for the train at the Queens Park station around 9am.Will you go out for dinner with me'.’ Box No L7410/82.

O I saw you Bar 10 Monday 19th march..u gorgeous guy. dark hair. with girl. i served you

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Sidekicks. i kept looking. were you looking back'.".".’let me know.. . Box No L7410/83.

V I saw you just the other day Brown Eyed Girl from Limerick. Me

tall latte guy / Insomniac. You .. and your banana bread .. are gorgeous!! Box No L7410/84. 0 I saw you From the moment 1 first met you I knew that 1 had found my Ernie. Love you more than a cat loves to MEOW. Bert. Box No U/41()/85.

V I saw you on underground travelling from Kelvinbridge to Buchanan Street around

1 1.00am on Wed. 14th March. You: Tall dark hair. grey trousers. blue bag. Nike Trainers. dark jacket. Me: Leatherjacket playing with Palm Pilot. Get in touch . . . Box No U/410/86.

V I saw you Claire the perfect RabHa's hostess with your lovely smile & great taste in musicStay as wonderful as you areFrom a shy admirer x. Box No L7410/87.


V I saw you leaning on the lustre of a Fiat 500 - 17/03/01. The sun was shining but I wasn't brave enough to admire it openly! Box No L'/410/1A. 0 I saw you Emma. sexy eyes. before we go any further. do you love me. will you love me forever. do you need me. Reach for the stars. From your dancing partner. Box No. U/410/1

V I saw you syllables. lets be planks together. Box No. L7410/2

V I saw you wearing skimpy green swimming trunks. jumping off the diving board at the Royal Commonwealth Pool on March 10th. ljuntped after. wearing a yellow polka-dot bikini. Box No. [.7410/3

O I saw you on bus 35.

l l/03/01 around 9.30pm. You were wearing a dark green jacket with a hoddy. l atn the girl with blue jeans and a grey cardigan. 1 want 2 see [7 again/ Sweden. Box No. [,'/410/4

V I saw you beautiful blonde boy in green top. Charlie Miller. Frederick Street. 1 was the boy in blue who walked past the window three times! Fancy giving me a blow - dry?! Box No. U/410/5

V I saw you your gorgeous green Irish eyes and your incredible fake-farting talent. I miss you already! Box No. L7410/6

V I saw you Cosy Powell- wannabe. baking bread in somebody else‘s tins. did you drum up some good recipe ideas'.".’ Box No. U/410/7

V I saw you counting pine weavels in the forest. in your orange jeans. Can you sort me out a stuffed weavel'.’ Box No. L7410/8

0 I saw you all drunk as the preverbal skunk after 5 years of torturous labour. Well done aw'bdy. Love Anna. Box No. L7410/9

9 I saw you Louise Anderson in five places at once in the Traverse. Please God leave the building love 20 E (Stig) Box No. [J/410/10

V I saw you but you didn't see me. Donna McGlynn. Where have you been? Box No. U/410/1 1

V I saw you and l thought to myself- what mischief can 1 cause today"? Well boit we will have to wait and see! Box No. U/41()/l2