VI saw you Denim skirt. beautiful blonde at Trav. Are you there often'.’ Box No. L'/4l0/l3

V I saw you bored as a fart writing postcards at the Traverse. Then posting them to yourself. Arse. Box No. Lil-llll/l-l

V I saw you enormous. cool glasses. Dig the IPA. Berties Fri. Are you big all over‘.’ Can I measure you'.’ Me. 4ft. Perl & adventurous! We'll always have Fonzie's. Box No. L’/4l()/15

V I saw you Berties (Fri night) you discreet piercing. blonde hair. black roots. R U Scanda'.’ Me short hair. tattooed. northern. sober. Come on Love. You know it makes sense. Xxx Box No. L'/4l0/lo

VI saw you Judas in Blue. You lost your ABBAcrown to an unwilling tnary. Get out your Lederhosen and I might even do Sundays! Box No. U/4l()/l7

V I saw you Helen Baxendale. Warm my cold feet. I've been hurt before. But you I can trust. The will of God. Revelations i.xi. The meek small inherit it all. Filmhousc Sun‘.’ Box .\'o. L'/4l()/l8

V I saw you Tulip Girl @" Trav Saturday night. How are the shoulders? Lore. Woed Boy. Box No. U/4l0/l9

V I saw you sorry to eavesdrop. but is it Mark'.’ Saw lf. dug U talked of L'. Skinhead. tall game for a laugh. Me Weegie and proud. Redhead and proud. Xxx. Box .\'o.

[7/4 l ()/20

V I saw you delicious. Just eaten. but boy I was hungry again. Wannna go Dutch on a bottle of house red‘.’ Ditch the dork attd ride the storm honey. Apartment 22.03.02? Box No. U/4l0/2l

V I saw you Becky sitting in King Kongs w'inkly looking hungry. Let me feed you love gorilla nuts. Box No. L’/4l0/22 VI saw you All Bar One Clydesdale Bank Plaza Sat. l7 March -Long dark hair at the end of table. bemused by your many admirers. Box No. U/4lO/23

V I saw you you have long brown hair and l think your name is Gary. can you include me in your picture? Box No. L'/-1l0/2-1

V I saw you Amber. and I'll see you again. but the 2 months in between will drive me round the bend. Box No. [7410/25

V I saw you bearded man- at the Filmhousc box oflice- treat me mean & keep me keen! Me short. fat also with beard. Box No. L'/4l0/2b

V I saw you my line blonde pair. (a the Filmhousc on Thursday. Can we live 2gether‘.’ Box No. L'/-ll0/27

V I saw you Mr mad red- haired photographer guy watching a film about dog- lovers like yourself— see ya! Box No. L'/-ll()/28

V I saw you .‘s'ikki downstairs at Mr Scruff. If he wasn't your boyfriend. would you reply'.’ Box .\'o. L'/-ll()/2() V I saw you naughty Mel. Love the streak. Would you like to see tnore of you. you bad girl! Saw you at work. Would like to see you at playalSexy Steve) Box No. L'/-ll0/30

V I saw you Lushcious. Lean MEL. With your big brown to die for eyes. Take me to your layer. Love Mr X (sex ple'l'.) Box No. [WHO/3|

V I saw you Mel. The- mittx - love the way you handle the Filmhousc trays. We swapped numbers- would like to swap more.x Box No. L'/-ll()/32

V I saw you plug Doug at "Best in Show" . Friday. You said you take pictures. Get your kit off 'n take some of me. Suntry Susan. Box .\'o. U/410/33

V I saw you my chum Kari with that big cheesy smile! At the end of the bar. With a writing pad of paper. Love Kirstin xxx. Box No. L'/~ll()/3-1 V I saw you Mr Strippy bag hat. Cycling down George St. Take me in your pedi-cab. Love Becky. Box No. L7/4l0/35

V I saw you gorgeous bald obese with that cute snub nose and sort of piggy eyes and a very red face and bigger boobs than me! We were on an outing. CALL ME - LOVELY ONE! Box No. L'/-ll()/3b

V I saw you Bow, wow. woof. woof mad doggy Douglas with shaggy red locks and slavoury smile. Point + hat camera at the dogs. not me. K xxx. Box No. L'/410/37

V I saw you smoky. sultry. sexy shaggy sourcerouss with that liquirice paper to die for. Woof! L'R smoking call me Baby. Box No. L'/-ll()/38

V I saw you my pal calm Kirsten. L' r so cool and any farty see u soon. ( Monday) Box No. L'/410/39

V I saw you in the Harlequin shirt in EH I. You told me your dreams of beauty. Mysticism and wisdom. You re—created my world. Please send me some of your poems. Box No. [7410/40 V I saw you in my wilder dreams - yott ethnic young gentleman. hung like a horse- me. young ck impressionate virgin. waiting to have my red cherry plucked by your masculine charm. Box No. L'/-ll0/-ll

VI saw you in EH 1. It was miserable outside. but you made my groin warm with your colourful eyes. You are art linglish rose. l'tn a dark skinned plierwilling to pluck you!!! Box No. [7410/42

V I saw you wee rcd haired cutie wring ottt of old college'.’ Law books in your hand Your friends called you Rusie. You undressed me with your eyes and amused tne with your smile. Box .\'o. L'/-ll0/-l3

V I saw you doing press-ups in the changing rooms of cult clothing. Will you do that handstand for me‘.’ Box No. L'/-ll()/-l-l

V I saw you down advocates close u r truly yumi. l'm truly urs I'll even buff ur blue suede

shoes...'.’ .\'ext time u visit Elvis.

Take tne with L'. Lx. Box No. L'/-ll0/-15

V I saw you Sexy KeithCa‘ city cafe Mon l9th lookin line. Baby you rock my world. Box No. L'/-1l0/46

V I saw you I” m not used nearly enough yet. you cheeky bee. You'll do for me too if you really know me. Don't be desperate . be literate. and write. Box .\'o. L'/-ll0/47

V I saw you City Cafe. Fri. 2/3 black hair. lovely smile. Putschl'.’) top. Me -black hair. beard. grey top. sitting by the door. Wish I'd say Hi when you left. Box No. L'/410/50

VI saw you Shuggiebugbug you ginger haired. pudgey' forearmed. freckle faced little minx. peeling oranges like there was no tomorrow. Love your little Perky Nana. Box No L'/-ll()/lSl.

V I saw you leaving a valentine card at the Traverse Box Office saying ‘Oh. curly haired beauty of the Trav / My heart and soul are yours to have‘. Who are you'.’ Box No L'/-ll()/152.

V I saw you with your new haircut in BARCODE cafe.

l wanted to tell you how good you look. but I‘m actually quite shy! I wonder what else you do with your time when you‘re not making lanes and dreaming of chocolate from all corners of the globe! Box No L'/-1l()/153.

V I saw you New Town Bar Satl7/3. You wearing grey [- shirt and smoking. Me- leather

jacket. shy and nervous. .\'ow

full of regret for not saying hello. Like to go for coffee sometime"? Box .\'o L'/4l0/lS-l. VI saw you bobalina spunkyfu/Iball. You were eating a banana to make yourself sleepy tit works you knowi. Get in touch. lirom bob spunkyu/lball. Box No L'/-ll()/l55.

V I saw you with your lovely scooter coy er . ljust had to steal it.sorry. Bttt at least you got it hack. Box No [7410/156. V I saw you at ['P! you: on the bouncy castle looking the worse for wear! Me: Admiring frotn a far. Can I make you tea‘.’ Box No l'/-ll0/157.

VI saw you in J.J.B. Sports (‘raigleitlL helping tne track down my f) [/2 liila's. l fancied you at once. but I wonder if the feeling was mutual'.’ Box No [7410/58.

V I saw you Hair bear Mark. be my Care Bear. Speak to me next time I blush in the Traverse. Box No L'/-ll()/15‘).


V I saw you (‘ute little goldfish coffee snob. You brightened up my day. on Sat.l0th March (0 5pm. ill a Queen St coffee shop in Edinburgh. l)‘ya really think coffee is related to bad memory"? Do you remember me'.’ I hope so. col l was the only other person in the shop at the time! How! about we get full of beans some day '.’ Bo\ .\'o L'/~ll0/lh0.

VI saw you Sam. brightening up lguana with your smiley table sery ice. l‘d happily serve Y()l' with a smile! Box No li/Jlll/lhl.

V I saw you Louisa al Rampage. ‘) Mar. You gave me your email address but. it didn't work! See you at the next one'.’ Box .\'ot'/41t)/Io2.

V I saw you in The Postman and The (iift. l' R quite fit. ehhh. . . well done. Love you loads. you sad. sad man. Hillary. Box No L'/~1l()/lb3.

V I saw you tall dark haired girl in essentiltislt) music. Grassmarket. You work Saturdays and have black knickers showing above your trousers. l‘m tall. dark and was placed on earth to make you happy. Box No l'/-llll/l(i-l.

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