energy. rexourcelulnexx and conxuiiiniate problem \oly mg Selected relcaxc. Cecil B Demented 4 l3} .0. tJohii Waterx. IS. 3000) Melanie (iritfith. Stephen Dorll. Alicia Witt. SH ltlll1\.'liltc \eteranot traxh filmmaking xhootx doyyn the film induxtry both Hollywood and independent in a re-enactment ot the l’atty llearxt xtory, llearxt tyyltt) hax a cameo role in the filmi ix supplanted with film star lloney Whitlock (the game (irilfithi. \yho ix kidnapped by the epony mous renegade auteur tl)ortt‘i and toiced to appear in one ol lll\ trashy filmx. Btit belore Demented can yell 'cut and “rap xhe xidex yy ith her director. fighting for the independent cauxe, Waters employ s the xcattergun approach. pepperiiig the film yy ith in lokex. xome ol yyhich raise laughx. xome ol yyhich lall lame, ('aiiieo. lidmhurgh. The Cell t 13).. t'l‘arsem Singh. l'S. 2000i Jeiiniler l.ope/. Vince Vaughn. Vincent l)'()noli‘io. I08 iiiiiix. A serial killer ll)'()ntilt‘lo) ltttx lapxctl into a coma \\ itlioul reyealmg the yyhereaboutx ol lll\ latext liemale captiy e \y ho reiiiainx imprixoned in a booby - trapped cell. As a laxt resort tlte l‘Bl i‘equext a pxychologixt (Lope/i. \yho hax been e\pcriiiientmg yyith a radical neyy therapy t'neurological \y ntactic transl’er xyxtem' i. to delye into ('arl‘s dixordered mind. A sadistic and deriyatiy e film. cobbled together lrom countless earlier serial killer outings and \ ii’tual reality extrayagan/as. Ul'lt't'lllg no real xuxpenxc and the xlenderext ol' cliaracterixationx. ('aiiieo. lidinburgh. Chocolat t lb 0. tl.axxe llallxtrom. l'S. 300l ) Juliette Binoche. Johnny Depp. Judi Deiich. l2l mmx. Adapted lrom Joanne llarrix'x noyei. (‘lim‘n/ut untoldx ‘once upon a tune in a tranquil lirench \ illage \yhere xe\y unwed xingle mother V'ianne tBinoche) openx up a chocolatei‘ie during l,ent. ller magical confections are soon hay mg a liberating el'l'ect on \tll‘lttlIN Iocalx. tliotigli her action\ incur the yyrath oi the reigning count (Alfred Molinai. \y ho learx that the traditional order may be irreyocably damaged. l’iil'ortuiiately. llallxtroni'x t'I'lit' (ll/(7' Home Ruin) leelgood l‘aii'ytale reliex on itx calculatedly coxmopolitaii caxt and gloxxy production y‘aluex to (lixgttixc‘ itx lack ol’ substance. (ieneral release. The Criminal t I5» 000 tJuliaii Simpxon. l'K. 3000) Steven Mackiiitoxh. Bernard llill. liddie l/Iard. minx. The strength ol' Julian Siinpxon'x promising debut leature. a contemporary urban thriller \y ith film noir oyei'tonex. liex primarily in the confident \y thing. as L‘XL‘litlililiL‘tl by itx daring opening scene in \yhich Mackintoxh‘s titusician ix \edticed. bedded and finally arrexted for her murder. Later released. Mackintoin yyanderx the streets in search of clues. \hadoyy ed by jaded detectiye Hill. A \eci'etiye organisation called Shackleton ix mentioned by a shady figure in a peep-show. btit ax the bodies pile tip. Mackiiitoxh loxex the plot completely. Adam Smith Theatre. Kii'kcaldy. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon t ll) OWL-Mtg (‘hiiia/l‘S. 2000) Michelle Yeoh. ('hoyy Yun-l‘at. '/.hang '/.iy i. ('hang ('hen. l30 niinx. Jane Austen meetx Bruce Lee iii :\ng ‘S‘t'iixt' .‘illtl .S'wiyi‘liili'rr'\ astonixhing martial artx period drama. In a fictionalixed yerxion of early l‘)th century (him. a \yorltl ol‘ heroic \yarriorx and deep philoxophical \aluex. seamlessly interyy eay ex the xtoriex of two .xets ol~ Io\ Us. and a reyenge tale \y ith a leniinixt [\y'lxl. The fight scenes are groundbreaking, as choretigraphed by e\pert Yuen \\'o Ping. .»\t once breathtaking and beautiful. (‘ruuc/iiiieliet'r'x also a cinematic landmark: its l'uxion ot' the best elements from liast and West cinema has created xoinething \y holly neyy. (ieiieral release. Cutting Edge Short Film Competition t lb'i (Varioux. . 300] i minx. The horror film textiyal‘x xhort filmx \hoyycaxe. l’art ot' Dead By Dayy n. The Lumiere. lidinburgh. Quark Days 1 15) 0000 (Marc Singer. l'S. 300l i 82 minx. l-‘ilined oy'er tyyo years in the labyrinthine underground tunnelx ol‘ .\'eyy York (‘ity. thing a creyy coinprixed entirely ol~ homeless people struggling to \ur- y i\ e there. young Britixh director Singer's debut markx a neyy xtandard ot' e\cellence

and integrity in documentary filmmaking. \Visesaxx humour 1\ iuxtapoxed yy ith tragic anecdotes iii thix deeply human portrait of xubterranean people; it giyex dignity to a xec- tioii ot xociety pre\iou\ly denied it. l‘inally. DJ Shadoyy \ soundtrack l\ xuperb. (Limeo. Tzdmburgh.

The Dark Evil (ll male oscuro) t ISi t.\lario .\lonicelh. Italy. [993i l10 iiimx .-\ yyannabc noy elixt finds liix yyritmg block broken \y hen he meet\ and marriex a beautitul younger \yoman txurprixe. \lll‘pl'hL'l. btit lll\ problemx are fair trom oy er. l’art ot the Italian l'lllll l'c\II\ttl. See preyieyy. (ii’l'. (ilaxgoyy: l'llllliltflhL‘. iidinburgh. Daughters Of Darkness t Ix» coo tllarry Kumel. Belgiuin/la‘ance/(iermany/ltaly. 1*)70i Delphine Sey rig. Daniele ()uiiiiet. John Karlen. ()0 mins. l'nuxual yampire film. xet in a deserted ()xtend seafront. \y ith Sey rig magnificent as the chic. tlfhltk‘l’tlllc ('ountesx Bathory. litiro arty: ie. it looks great and has crap dialogue. The l.uiiiiere. lidinburgli. David’s Summer (L’estate di Davide) t IS) t('arlo .\1a//acurati. ltaly. WOW ()2 minx. Belore starting college a young man y ixitx hix relatiyex in the country. yyhere he become\ embroiled in the liy ex ol' the locals. l’art ol' the ltaliaii l'ilm l‘extiyal. See prey ieyy. (il’l‘. (ilaxgoyy; l‘illlilttmxc. lidinburgh.

0 Dead By Dawn All Nighter l Its) t\'ariou\. Various. \m-muxi mins. The horror film lextiyal'x inlaiiioux all night xcreening session which includex xome films old. xome films neyy. some filiiix xhort and many filmx yyith an extremely hiin gore content and \yeird-out lactor. lixtreme cinema at itx best. l‘ilnihouxe. lidiiiburgh.

Dearest Relatives (Parenti serpenti) t l5) (Mario .\lottlcclll. Italy. 1992i “)5 iiiiiix. The joy ol~ a tamily ('lii'ixtmax ix shattered by the grandparentx' announcement of their intention to move in mm their children. l’art ol' the ltalian l’ilm l‘extiyal. See preyieyy. (il-‘l‘. (ilaxgoyy; l‘ilnihouxe. lidinburgh.

Digital Monsters: Digimon The Movie tl’(ii 0.. t'l‘ak‘aak‘i Yamashita. llixhaxhi Nakataina. Maxaxhiro Ai/ayy-a. Japan/l 'S. 200] i 83 minx. Digimoiix are not relatiy ex ol' l’okemonx but do share xome traits. being odd-looking and fighting when requexted by pre-teen lilthlt‘h. lisxentially Hie/innit ol‘l'erx a beginners guide in three partx. lt explainx hoyy the little monsterx came about (they 're from the digital yyorid). describes a \yorld- or “eh-threatening ady'enture and littl\ltC\ with the perxonal \toi‘y‘ of one boy and his Digimon gone rogue. All iii glorioux Japanexe animation

yy ith loud rock muxic and a battle ey'ery fifteen minutes. Adult brain'\ are kept aliye with asidex like. ‘Maybe we should call Bill (iatex'. and email account-holding. mobile phone-wielding under I0‘x will be in their element. (ieneral releaxe.

Dirty Linen (I panni sporchi) t IS) (Mario .\lonicelli. Italy. 1998) IN) minx. 'l‘he quiet country life of a small pharmaceutieal tactory ix disturbed by the death of the aged oyyner. And it's a comedy. Part of the Italian l’ilm l‘extiyal. See prey'ieyy'. (il’l’. (ilaxgoyy; l-‘ilinhouxe. lidinburgh.

Donald Cammell’s Wild Side t IS) .0. (Donald ('ammell. l'S. HMS/2000) .-\nne lleche. ('hrixtopher Walken. Joan ('hen. 1 l3 mins. ln MUS li'i‘ltlSi't/tk producers re-cut the film against ('ammell'x yy ixhex. lii .-\pril 19% he .xhot himxell‘. .\'ou the Performance co-director's last moyie xeex the light ot' day in the form he intended. 'l’hix pxy'choxexual thriller. in \yhich l'our playerx banker. racketeer. estranged yy He and bodyguard l‘uck each other oy er both metaphorically and literally. is an uneyen attair. Ney'ertlielexx. the cast are thoroughly entertaining. and ('ainmell xayx xome interexting things about the sex/potser/money nexux. Cameo. Edinburgh.

A Dream Dreamt In Sicily tPGi (l.l\'ltt (iiuggioli & Marc liyanx. Italy. 2000) 53 minx minx. Documentary about filmmaker (iitixeppe 'l‘ornatore. director of ('i'm'nni I’urtnliw and this year's ll~‘l" entry .llulenu. l’art ol. the Italian Film l-‘extiyal. See prey'ieyy. (il’l‘. (ilaxgoyy; i-‘ilmhouxe.

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