Kishimoto. Reii ()sugi. 103 mins. Kitano. a iiiega-star in Japan. returns to the director‘s seat for Ilium-Iii. in w hich he stars as a cop suffering bouts of guilt. Ilts wife is dying in hospital. his partner has been paralysed during a stakeout and he‘s so far in debt to the Yaku/a that he's contemplating robbing a batik. The title. in Japanese. means ‘Iircvytirks', but this film (Iticsnd e\pl()tlc like 'lakcslii's earlier films. l’in/t'nr (ii/t and Sonar/nix Instead. a more subdued atmosphere floats ()\ er a work that skilfully draws together its v isual and emotional plains. ('amco. lidiiiburgh,

Hannibal ( 18).... (Ritllcy Scott. ('8. 30m ) Anthony Hopkins. Julianne Moore. (iary' ()ldnian. I3] mins. The follow-up to I‘NI ‘s The Silent (I ()f 'l'lit'lumlis places I)r Hannibal l.ccter ( Hopkins gleefully reprisiiig his ()scar-w inning role) centre stage and makes the predator the prey as the ‘retired' cannibal killer is hunted down in Florence by his only surviving bttt hideously disfigured victim. the millionaire Mason \crger (a siiperb.uiicredited and unrecogiiisable ()ldnian). \'crgcr's manhunt alerts ('larice Starling (Moore replacitig Jodie Foster). whose FBI career continues to be hampered by male prejudice. to l.ccter's whereabouts. Though there are detours from the novel. most notably the extraordinary ending. here made more palatable for cinema audiences. the performances. pacing and cinematography are fiawlcss. And though it's a conventional thriller rather than a chiller. it's still a hearty slice of modern (iothic. (ieneral release.

High Fidelity ( I5) 0... (Stephen l‘i'ears. IS 2000) John (‘usack. Ibcn lliejle.

Jack Black. I13 mins. Nick llornby‘s story of

a vinyl junkie who's more interested in his music collection than his relationships with women is practically a British institution. Yet. (‘usack atid co-writer/producer pals l).\'. I)c\'inccntis and Steve I’ink - have drawn on their own pasts to make a film that's as funny and profound as the hook. Btit the great script. cast and music wouldn't have meant a thing without a filmmaker of Frears‘ calibre taking charge. (‘ameo. lidiiiburgh.

The Hi-Lo Country ( IS) 00.

(Stephen Frears. IS. 1999) Woody llarrelson. Billy (‘rudup. I’atricia Arquctte. I I4 inins. llav ing successfully mastered the American crtiiie movie with (iriflt'rs. Stephen Frcars tries his hand at the Western. l'nfortuiiately. his latest film fails to transcend the cliches that litter a genre in which there now seems little new to say. The drama. solidly elegiac in tone. is set in the post-World War Two New Mexico community of lIi-I.o. where two cattlemen defend the traditional ways of the cowboy in the face ofencroaching mass commercialisation. lidinburgh Film (itiild at l-'ilmhouse. lidinhurgh.

Himalaya (PG) 0.. (liric Valli. l-‘rance/Swit/erland/I.'K/Nepal. 2000) 'l‘hilcn l.hoiidup. (itirgon Kyap. l.hapka 'I‘sanichoe. 104 mins. In the high mountains of the lliitialayas. a village prepares for the annual yak caravan to market. However. the young chieftain has beet) killed aitd the old clan head. refuses to recognise the hot-headed Karma as his successor. A worthy insight into the lives of a hardy people. the landscape is breathtakingly shot. and the attention to local detail feels authentic. The plot has less going for it. being at heart a fairly hackneycd story of an heir to the throne having to prove he is worthy of the crown. MaeRobcrt. Stirling. The Horrible Dr Hichcock (L’Orible Segreto del Dr Hichcock) ( Ix) (Riccardo Freda. Italy. 1902) Sh iitiiis. (‘reepy horror classic starring scream queen Barbara Steele as a woman whose husband has a very sinister past. Part of Dead By Dawn. The Lumiere. iidinburgh.

How To Make A Martini (Come si ta un Martini) ( 12) (Kiko Stella. Italy. 2000) ()8 mins. A number of short interwoven stories all set in or around a fashionable Milanese restaurant one summer‘s eve. Part of the Italian Film Festival. See preview. GI’I". Glasgow; Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

The Hundred Steps (I cento passl) (l5) (Marco Tullio (iiordana. Italy. 2000) 104 mins. One of a number of new Italian films engaging with the legacy of Mafia corruption. this Best Foreign Film ()scar

nominated film concerns a young Sicilian man who turns his back oit the Mafia values that infest his village. Willi unsurprisineg dire consequences. (SI-T. (ilasgow. Hypnosis ( IS) (.\Iasayuki ()chiai. Japan. 1999) l 10 mins. A sudden rash of bi/arrc suicides is plaguing 'I'okyo. bill the last words spoken by each victim refer to ‘grecn monkey s‘, Part of Dead By l)aw n l‘ilmhouse. lidiiiburgli.

l Prefer The Sound Of The Sea (Preterisco il rumore del mare) ( 15) (.‘yfimmo (’alopresti. Italy. 2000) ()0 IIIIII\. Story of two teenagers from southern Italy

w Iio cotttc frottl different sides of the tracks. Part of the ltaliaii Film Festival. See prc\ iew (il’l'. (ilasgovs; Filmhouse. lidinburgh.

In The Mood For Love (PG) .0000 (Wong Kar-Wai. llong Kong. 2000) Maggie ('heung. 'fong l.cung. 97 mins. In Kar-Wai's new film. set in ()(is Ilotig Kong. an adulterous romance is happening elscw here - between the husband of secretary ('heuiig atid the wife of l.cung’s _|(illl‘ll;ll|\l. Kar-Wai's interest lies with the cuckolded. and the way that something ev en more intense. personal and fortuitous develops out of their shared 'adulteree' status. With Nat King (‘ole on the soundtrack. regular ('hris Doyle behind the camera and beguiling wardrobe design. K;II'~ Wai offers a seductive surface texture that‘s undercut by the director's trademark emphasis of the accidental over the clearly intentional. Stibtly' stunning filmtnaking. (il’f. (ilasgow.

Johnny The Partisan (II partigiano Johnny) ( l5) l(illl(l() ('hiesa. Italy. 2000) I35 mins. Iipic account of an intellectual whojoins the partisans for ideological reasons. Part of the Italian Film Festival. See preview. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; l’ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Lacapagira ( IS) (Alessandro l’iva. Italy. I999) 75 mins. Set in Bari at the end of a cold winter. this is the story of a group of small time crooks who scour the city searching for a mysterious package en route from the balkans. Part of the Italian Film Festival. See preview. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; Filmhouse. lidinburgh.

0 Last Resort ( is) 0000 (I’awel l’awlikowski. ['K. 200i ) Dina Kor/un. I’addy (‘onsidine 70 mins. In a rundown seaside resort on lingland‘s south coast that resem- bles a Siberian concentration camp. refugees seeking shelter in Britain are held at the (iovernment's pleasure. facing interminable imprisonment or eventual deportation. Itito this sliaiiieful xenophobic mess blunders Tanya. a young woman arriving from Moscow with her ten—year—old son. This is tough. politiciscd cinema. reminiscent of waking nightmares ()rwcll and Kafta. I’olish writer-director l’aw Iikow ski effectiver draws on his documentary background. while the main players are superb, particularly ('onsidine making only his second appear- ance after his extraordinary debut in A Room For Romeo Brass. Cameo. lidinburgh. Lawrence Of Arabia (PG) .0000 (David Lean. l'K. I902) Peter O‘Toole. Alec (iuiniiess. Jack llaw kills. ()mar Sharif. 222 mitts. I.ean‘s mammoth desert epic. restored to its director‘s original cut and the big screen. where film-making on this scale belongs. ()"I‘oole‘s debut as the enigmatic adventurer still impresses. but apart from the majestic action sequences. it‘s the disturbing sense of clinical and cold-blooded violence hanging over the highly literate characterisation that today scents especially striking. ()deon. lidinburgh.

Les destinées sentimentales ( 12) 0... (()liver Assay'as. France. 2000) (‘harles Berling. liinmanuelle Beart. Isabelle Huppert. 180 mins. Assay'as seems one of the most contemporary of French filmmakers. odd choice then this turn of the century period drama about the rise and fall. life and love of impulsive Jean Barnery. Barnery separates from his wife (lluppcrt) and devotes himself to (iod. then gives tip the cloth for a family business after falling for Bean. The film explores this epic life lived however confusedly'. rather than the intimist rigour of earlier Assayas films with their shorter time spans and sparer narratives. .‘sfacRobert. Stirling; Adam Smith.

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