King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 21 Mar.

Glass live up to their shiny, if not substantial moniker


There’s something a bit untoward about a 4:1 boy-girl pop band ratio. Especially when the solitary lady is your typical power dressing Icelandic she-vixen, shaking her ass like King Tuts has finally found his Queen. But there’s a feeling that Gloss singer Heidrun-Anna has just been roped in to give funny pronunciations like ‘My haar-i-t belongs to you’ over the stale melody makers destined to spend the rest of their days as the background of press photos. Think of the Cardigans with blonder

hair and real leather; you'll find it much more satisfying than listening to Gloss.

Like Big Brother having a really bad tantrum, Glasgow all-boy group Regency Buck were locked in their bedroom for a year making some salacious hard-driving pop on their PC, and subsequently earned themselves a trans-Atlantic record deal with Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks label. At times they masquerade as great big demons of rock, but they leave the best to last with the dyno-funk of ‘Monkey Girl’ which is even more fun than flying a kite in a tornado.

So who goes to a Gay Dad gig then? Homosexuals and fathers appear a little scarce here, but then no one said you had to be shortsighted to qualify as a Blur fan. Still, little has changed in their two-

“Think the Cardigans with blonder hair and real leather; much more satisfying

than listening to Gloss.”

(Jason Cranwell)

Book now that annOunced'_ ;.f-;::’_. Ocean Colour Scene

Corn Exchange. Edinburgh.

l3 Apr.

Mogwai Rothesay Pavilion. Bute. I4 Apr. Northern Soul Night Barrowland. Glasgow. I-l Apr.

Autechre Venue. Edinburgh. l5 Apr. Steve Malkmus Garage. Glasgow. l5 Apr. Fear Factory Garage. Glasgow. 16 Apr. Napalm Death King Tut‘s. Glasgow. 20 Apr. Neil Finn Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow. 23 Apr. Gary Moore Barrowland. Glasgow. 24 Apr.

The Soft Boys Garage. Glasgow. 24 Apr.

Anti Product Cathouse. Glasgow. 25 Apr.

Elbow Venue. Edinburgh. 25 Apr.

year hiatus. Peroxide prat Cliff Jones spends the whole time moaning about so- called technical problems, bassist Nigel

Hoyle’s contribution is some dodgy harmonies, a tiger-striped shirt and a chronic 80$ hairdo, and drummer Baz Crowe comes across like Quasimodo in the middle of an anxiety attack. As for the songs, well ‘Oh Jim’ - not the ode to Mr Davidson we once hoped for - is as flaccid as ever, while newie ‘Now, Always And Forever’ has shit single written all over it. Gay Dad are good at what they do, and what they do is suck. Where I come from they bury the dead.



King Tut‘s, Glasgow. Mon 19 Mar

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DEFTONES SECC, Glasgow, Thu 21 Mar.

8 some old bird once said. unions rs a tour—letter word and rt ‘.'.«'oulrl appear that Chino Moreno and his cohorts need another tour letter =.'./or(l: rest. Touring solidly tor the last year to promote their spectacular the White Pony album. Dettones need a break.

The energy is there. the openrnn halt-(lo/en songs blou‘: their teeny nu metal support acts llll() little pieces. but mostly this is an llllt|(i\/ unsatisfying affair. In a set strangely donunated by tracks from their scu/f/ punk debut Ar/r'err.'r///re. things too Often descend Into ambient teerlback meanders and overly extended outr‘os. The dynamic metal edge is ever present but a lack of focus smacks of unfulfilled potential. llvlark Robertson;

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Glasgow: Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 332 4400 - Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 287 5:31 1 a Way Ahead: aria 8:68.”) Edinburgh: Virgin - Princes Street. 220 3234 o Ripping Records Sooth Bridge. 226 7010 - Way Ahead 01.21 530 are?)

Elbow King Tut's.

Glasgow. 26 Apr.

Shed Seven QM L'. Glasgow, 25 Apr.

Nick Harper Venue. Edinburgh. 26 Apr. tfipTych Various venues. Glasgow and Edinburgh. 27-29 Apr.

Cosmic Rough Riders Garage. Glasgow. 27 Apr.

Wheatus QML‘. Glasgow. 29 Apr.

* One Minute Silence Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 29 Apr.

The Ataris Cathouse. Glasgow. 2‘) Apr. Napalm Death Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 29 Apr. Lionel Richie SECC. Glasgow. 30 Apr.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Barrowland. Glasgow. I May.

AFI and Stampin’ Ground King Tut's. Glasgow. 1 May.

* King Adora Venue. Edinburgh. I May.

Fish Garage. Glasgow 3 May.

Spooks Garage. Glasgow,

4 May.

Ash QMl'. Glasgow. 5 Slay.

* The Shirehorses Garage. Glasgow. 7 May. Orbital (‘orn lixehange. Edinburgh. ll) May; Barrowland. Glasgow, l I May.

Clive Gegson and Boo Hewerdine Pleasanee Cabaret Bar. Edinburgh. I2 May.

Average White Band Liquid Room. Edinburgh. l8 & 1‘) May. Motorhead Barrowland. Glasgow. l8 May.

Glenn Tilbrook Garage.

Glasgow. 1‘) May.

Alice Cooper Playhouse. Edinburgh. 2| May.

Ozric Tentacles Liquid

Room. lidinburgh. 2-1 May:

Renl‘rew' l-‘erry. Glasgow. 25 May.

Echo And The Bunnymen Garage. Glasgow. 25 May. Deacon Blue Playhouse. lidinburgh. 25 May.

Deacon Blue ('ly'de Auditorium. Glasgow. 26 Slay;

* Deconstruction l‘eat Snuff, Pennywise, Lagwaggon Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 26 May. Gordon Giltrap Pleasanee ('abaret Bar. Edinburgh. 26 May.

The Donnas Garage. Glasgow. 27 May.

Everclear Barrow land. Glasgow. 28 May.

Papa Roach Barrowland. Glasgow. 3i) May. S()l.l) ()l'l

Mary Chapin Carpenter Royal (‘oneert Hall. Glasgow. 30 May.

Incubus Barrowland. Glasgow. 7 Jun.

Tool Barrowland. Glasgow 8 Jun.

* Neil Young Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. lllJun. Semisonic (‘lydc .-\uditorium. Glasgow. l l Jun

Reel Big Fish Garage. Glasgow. ll Jun.

Limp Bizkit Sli('(‘. Glasgow. ll Jun. S()l.l) ()l'l

Roxy Music Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. ll Jun.

Guns ‘N’ Roses Sli(‘('. Glasgow. l2 Jun.

2‘} Mar

_ ‘I/ :«(l’

Judas Priest liarr‘owland. Glasgow. 1‘ Jun.

Goldfrapp Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. l7 Jun. Suzanne Vega liquid

Room. lidinhurgh. 27 Jun.

Suzanne Vega ls’uig 'l‘ul's. Glasgow. 23 Jun. Vonda Shepard Royal ('oneert llilll. Glasgow. 3 Jul.

BB King l’l'lllt‘es Streel Gardens. lzdinhurgh. ts' Jul. T in the Park Kllll’oss. Balado. 7 k 3 Jul. Beach Boys and Status Quo lidinburgh ('aslle. l‘) Jul.

Mark Knopfler (‘lyde .-\uditoriuru. Glasgow. 20 Jul.

Tom Jones lidinhurgh ('astle. lidinburgh. 2t) (& 2| Jul.

Robbie Williams Hampden Park Glasgow 3 ck 4 Aug. S()l.l) ()l "l

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