Top ten

The thins ou simpl have to do this fortnight

DEAD BY DAWN Film This annual weekend of terror includes gore and giggles from

Japan. USA and Europe as well as some of the finest home-grown horror. See preview, page 27. Fi/mhouse, Edinburgh.

Q . a l' ,. TOMMY .5“ . . v TIERNAH .. M g“ Comedy The'1998 . Perrier winner returns with fantastically

funny stuff about donkeys, jazz. brain haemorrhages and the Fanta-tilled youth of Ireland. Honest. See feature. * page 24. MacRobert. Stirling; Queen's Hall. Edinburgh.


Music Damon Albarn gets as far away City Life/Film The man behind

from Blur as he possibly can with some i the soundtracks of Rob Roy

cartoon hip hop antics. See review, . (belowl, Being John Ma/kovich and

page 98. Par/phone. ._ ; Hudsucker Proxy talks about the ’- 4 relationship between sound and

film. See preview, page 88. RSAMD, Glasgow.


Books Hotel World is a wonderful tale of life. love and death from a writer performing at her peak. See review, page 95. Hamish Hamilton.

0 BROTHER ' "'C" “V5

a Music The antipodean WHERE ART . - crooner returns with No THOU? More Shall We Part. Video The Coen brothers' twelve more slabs of Homeric adaptation sees maudlin magic. See George Clooney in ~ review, page 93. Mute. staggering form as the lacquered convict on the run. See review, page 102. Momentum.

RUBY DAVE ANGEL Music Lesley Rankine takes to the road Clubs He hails from with tracks from Short-staffed At The Clapham and his heroes Gene Pool, her first album in six ' are Charlie Parker and . : years. See preview, page ' Miles Davis yet he's the * TRACEY 45. 73th Note, king of Detroit techno. . MOFFATT G/aSgow' see preV/ew’ page 64' Art The Australian 590' Edmburgh' film/video/photography ' artist exhibits her visions inspired by popular culture. Goya and ghost stories. See preview, page 76. Fru/tmarket, Edinburgh

29 Mar-12 Apr 2001 THE LIST 3