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I Glasgow, Thu 5

I Scottish Socialist Party Benefit show Nic‘e‘ii'Slc'ziI}. Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)637. ‘)pm. £7. Memberx oi Teenage l'anclub and Belle 6; Sebastian are among the lolkx getting together to raise \(ilile cash for depoxitx l'or prospectiie election candidates lor parliament at the next (ieneral lilection.

I Alabama 3 King 'l‘ut's Wah \Vah llut. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £8 plux booking lee. (impel dance testil‘) in' “0100118 collectne with a cast ol- thousandx. all bearing the surname Love. I Escobar, Nevermind and Erratix Fury Murryx. Maxwell Street. 221 6511. ‘)pm. £4. including entr} to post-gig club. I Overhaul, The Pedestrians and Johnny’s First Breakdown Strawberry Fields. ()swald Street. 221 7871. 7.30pm. £4.

I Tina & Cher Tribute Bourbon Street. (ieorge Street. 5520141. 7pm. £5 (£14.50 with dinner).

I Finlay McDonald Me('huill\. High Street. 552 2135. 10pm. Free.

I Real Easy Samuel Dow'x. Nithxdale Road. 423 (11(17. 8.30pm. l-‘ree.


I Jimmy Nail Playhouse. 18-22 (ireenxide Place, 0870 6063424. 7.30pm. £20. ()ld droopy chops promotes his latest album of cover \'L‘f\l()11.\. ‘modextly' titled 'Ii'n (in'uI Songs And An ()K Voice.


I Barenaked Ladies Barrowland. (iallowgate. 552 4601. 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()l'l. No age rextriclion on this show. Jocular (‘anadianx who have been known to generate dangeroux levels ol‘ irritation in previously reasonable people.

I The Living End and [spunge] 'l‘he

(iarage. Sauchieliall Street. 332 l 120. 7.30pm. £8 plux booking tee. .\'o age restriction on this \how .\lorer .»\u\tralian\ tbix week with thix trio hanging out in the \cuuier end (pardon the pum of tow n dixpenxing \ka eo\ er punk rock lil\L‘llll\.

I Gretchen Peters King Turk \Vah \Vah llut. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £7 plux booking tee.

I Dog Toffee '1‘he l3th Note (me. King Street. 553 1638. 8pm. £4. (harming.

I Mose, Diego and R Cain

Straw berr} Fields. ()\\\Llltl Street. 221 7871. 7.30pm. £4.

I Tina & Cher Tribute Bourbon Street. (ieorge Street. 552 0141. 7pm. £5 (£16.50 with dinner).

I Open Stage The Halt Bar. Woodlandx Road. 564 1527.4 8pm. l‘ree. \k'eekl} session lor local muxicianx.

I Caucasian Male The llalt Bar. \Voodlandx Road. 564 1527. 8.30pm. Free. I Pretzel Logic Samuel l)ow\. Nithsdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. l‘i'ce. I Gaga Motherwell ('oncert llall. 016‘)8 267 515. 8pm. l£l0.50 (£8.50). Queen \(itindallkes who don't bother with all that spandex malarke}: Doesn't that kind of take the lun out of it though or ix that just me‘.’


I Alteration, Sundancer and Far From Out The Mereat. 28 West Slaitland Street. 225 3861. 7.30pm. £2.50. (irangemouth indie rockerx Alteration \littl’L‘ the bill with the singer-\ongw riter known tix Sundancer and lidmburgh rockers l-‘ar l-"rom ()ut.


I Gaga - Serious Queen Motherw ell ('oncert llall. (‘iVic ('entre. Windmillhill Street. 01698 267515. 8pm. £10.50 (£8.50). Queen tribute band who‘ve been on the circuit for almost a decade and have received recognition from Queen gtiitari\t. Brian Ma):

“a: as-» s-.u(-._.‘,pu-n.cruus--x


' Block Gucd Pcos

'r ' Edinburgh Venue Tuesdau 3rd Hpril

g, Baranaha


Glasgow Garage Monday

2nd April


/"\ /'5‘«ii " ("3

d l + THE LlLHC TIME Thu! 05 .flpril Edinburgh Corn Eschonge . . ' Fri.06 april flbcrdecn Music Noll

. :. Sdt'losgow Borrowlond Sun Oe-flpril Glasgow Borrowlond


/TE—l==l'_ll;—-N & the melts


o Telstan Ponies

Glasgow GMU - Sunday 15th April


B/O: Ol4l

353 8000

L {$1100

+ Alex Lloyd Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Monday 23rd April

Tetets i'om Venue 80x Ottices ‘Ji'gin 1.1ega510re (Giasgoii. 8 Edmhurgni. Grouchos (Dundeei. Go-drush (Parthi 24hr TICKET HOTLINE: 0141 339 8383 (Way Ahead)

52 THE LIST 29 Mar—12 Apr 2001

The Living End play the Garage, Glasgow, Sat 7 Apr

East Kilbride

I Single Point Of Light liaxt Kilhride .»\rt\('entre.()1d(‘oach Road. 01355 261000. 8pm. £6 (£4). The (ilaxgow -ba\ed tour-piece continue to demonstrate their atiiimpheric guitar led rock alter their rexidenc} laxt month at the 13111 .\'ote.


I Barenaked Ladies Bari‘owlaiid. (iallowgatc. 5524601. 7.30pm. £15 plux booking lee. .\'o age rextriction on thix \how. See Sat 7.

I Jimmy Nail (ilmgow Ro)al (‘oncert llall. Saueliieliall Street. 287 551 1. 7.30pm. £20/£l7.50 plux booking lee. See l’ri 6.

I Babies 3, Crash and Ultimo Dragon The 13th .\'ote (’ate. King Street. 553 1638.8piii. £4.

I The Cobramatics The Scotia. Stockwell Street. 552 8681. 4pm. Free. Fortnightl} i‘exidenc).


I Annie Christian, Calvin and Jimson Trance The Venue. 17 21 (‘altoii Road. 557 3(173. 8pm. £5. Local indie 1‘a\ourite\ Annie ('hrixtiaii headline tlll\ triple hill.


I Feeder, My Vitriol and Utah Saints Barrow land. (iallowgatc. 5524601. 7.30pm. £10 plus booking tee. .\'o age restriction on this xhow. l‘t‘c‘tlc‘t‘ embod} the poppier end 01 metal and prepare lor the releaxe ol their lie/in I’urk album with their biggext Scottixh \how to date with \upport lrom indie lltilSL‘lllk\ .\l} Vitriol and xampledelie duo o1 _\oi‘e t'tah Saints.

I Big Dog King ’l'ui‘x \Vah Wah llut. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £5 pll1\ booking lee. li‘ttlllflllg Kermit. erxtwhile

reprobate member o1 Black (irape.

I Degrassi, Dangerfields and Poplar The 13th .\'ote('a1'e. King Street. 553 1638. 8pm. £3. l)L"_'r;1\\l continue their month-long rexidenc) at the Note.

I Acoustic Jam \ic‘e'ii'SleziI). Sauehichall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. \Veekl)

iam \exxion with tree liquor tor participant»


I Cosmic Rough Riders The Venue. I7 21 (‘altoii Road. 557 3073. 8pm. the. Signed to .-\lan .\lc(iec'\ l’optonex label. the ('oxmic Rough Riderx continue to gain popularin with their tangl} guitar xound alter their support datex w ith ()cean (‘oloui' Scene.

I Drop The Box The Bongo ('Iub. 14 New Street. 558 7604. ‘)pm. 'l'hexe tolk popxterx irom Shetland launch their third album.

I August81, stillife and The Fuse The Venue. I7 21 ('alton Road. 557 3073. 8pm. £3. Local triple hill.

Tuesday 1 0

I The Daze, Everlone, Felix Fly and Snib Glider King ’l‘ut'x \Vah \k'ali Hill. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £3.50 (adxancei. £4 (doori.

I Cayto, Pentothal and Skappa Flo The 1311i Note (ale. King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £2.50. ('a_\to indulge both \ide\ o1 their character - the mellow acoustic side and the punk} experimental side with two \et\ hookending the eiening.

I Live Music (ilor} Box. ('urlerx. Hires Road. 338 651 1. 8.30pm. Free. Weekl) \howcaxe tor local bandx.


I The Bush, The Tree And Me The Venue. 1721 (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 8pm £4. All girl poxterx w lime new ‘.\'o Buer lip w ax produced by Smith\/ Blur man Stephen Street.


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