I Love Bug at The (iarage.

ll).31)pm 3am, £4 (£3). Weekly. Insanely busy night ol' party tunes l'or students and youngsters.

I Cadillac tit Betty .\ l.-\l'cli;ios). l lprn 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Break out yntrr leather hoas. ludicrous llares. platl'nrm boots and Alro wigs and groove to classic disco and sexy lunk. courtesy (it D] Shalt.

I The Shack at Shack (lorrrrcrly The Temple). ll).3()pm 3am. £5 (£4). (‘heesy chart tunes.

I Shag at May .Murry ‘s. l lprrr 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Drunken party tunes l'rnm .Mark and James (i. "No one l'orgets their lirst Shag'. they assure tis. I Strawberry Fields at Straw berry l’ields. ()pin 3am. £(i belnre I Ipm; £7 alter. Weekly. A party —trp set taking in danccl‘loor' l'aves from the (ills to the present day.

Glasgow Saturdays


I Buff Club at Brel. 0pm midnight. Free. Weekly. l’ut ol‘l~ by all those youngsters at l)iv'irie'.' Solid l'unk and soul selection tor the mature posse.

I The Corinthian at The ('oriirthiati. 0pm late. liree. Weekly. Wayne l)ixon takes care (it the main bar in this mega leisurecomplex with at selection ot classic soul and disco and contemporary ‘groove‘ (ie proper) RLYB.

I Cul De Sac at The (’ul l)e Sac. ()pm midnight. l-‘ree. Weekly. Jim lltitchison l‘rom Sonia with lunked-tip techno and deep house.

I Dirty Wriggles at The Variety Bar. ‘)pin midnight. lirec. Weekly. A techno ‘n‘ electro pre-club set l'rom l)irty Wriggles ol‘ .My stec Beatl.

I Fourward Thinking at liour (‘at‘e Bar (('('A). 9pm riiidriiglit. l‘t'ec. Weekly. l’r'e-club with an emphasis on breaks and beats.

I Kenny H at Russell's ('al'e Bar. 0pm midnight. Free. Weekly. l’unky house. with a smattering ol' soul.

I Nico’s at Nieo‘s. 9pm» midnight. l’rcc. Weekly. (iavin Somcr‘ville with a pungent blend ol' cheesy house.

I Nomad at Nomad.

7.30pm midnight. l-‘rec. Weekly. linjoy some quality house from Kris Keegan. Ian Thompson and A]. (UNI ynti can capture those cheeky grins with the l‘ree camera hire ol'l'er.

I Sam Wallace at tiai Drink .Mari Woman. 8pm midnight. l’ree. Weekly. Across-tlie-board house sounds to get you ready for a night out.

I Spy at Spy Bar. 9pm late. Free. Weekly. (‘nlin l)avie and Lawrence lltighes do alternate Saturdays. bntli providing quality house grooves.

I Walker 8. Hughes at The Living Room. 0pm midnight. liree. Weekly. The ch‘Pest ol’ house from ('olin and Lawrence one of the best ways to gear tip l‘or the night otit proper.

I The Works at Bar l().

9pm midnight. l-‘ree. Weekly. (iraham Wilson with soul. hip hop and house.


I Archaos at Archaos. l Ipm 4am. £8. Weekly. A.J. rocks the main room with house and garage. Ian Thompson whacks otit the best in underground garage and dance classics in Betty's. while members in the Sky Bar are treated tn quality grooves l‘rom (‘nlin Davie and Laurence llughes. In addition. the .At'clitios catst of performers bring a touch ol‘ the circus to clubland with lire-eaters. stilt-walkers and daredevil trapc/e artistry.

I Bennet’s at Bennet's.

l 1.30pm 3am. £5. Weekly. Shaun with a commercial dance set and Annie with a blend of 70s and 80s hits at the city's oldest gay club. Not in terms of the clientele. of course.

I Bugged Out! at Queen Margaret l'nion. Next date l2 May with special guest Andrew Weatherall.

I The Cathouse at The (‘athouse ll)..‘~()pm 3am. £3.51) (£2.50) bel’ore 1 1.30pm: £4 alter. Weekly. Indie. rock. grunge and beats across three lloors. I Club 69 at Rocksy 's Basement. lllpm - 2.30am (midnight ctll'ch ). £(i (members only ). Weekly. The team behind the Rub-A-Dtrb record shop with the deepest underground sounds and the best guest l)Js. l’or merrrbership details. call Rub-A-Dub on 401) (No? I Clubsole at MAS. llprii 3am. Next date 2| Apr. I COIOUI‘S (it The Arches. Ne\t dates H c& l5 Apr l‘or an liastcr' extravagan/a. I Divine at (ilasgow School (it Art (downstairs). ltlpm 3am. £5 (£4): £3.50 (ESA students. Weekly. Andrew l)iv inc and lltisli Puppy get on with the next ten years (it iiioogy noodling. Northern stomp and other l'titure-retro sounds in the \'ic Bar. .Meanw hile. in the l’rorit room. l‘reakmenoover types l)ema and .Mr Nice show olT their hip hop turntable skills. I Fluid at Alaska. Next date 2| Apr. I Freefall (It The Arches. l lpm 3.30am. £10. 7 Apr. l‘reel'all returns to its original residents-only l'ormat this month. so expect the linest in glamourous hard house lrom Alan Belshaw and Simon l‘oy. I Freeform at The Hih Note ('lub (both liloors). 9pm 3am. l-‘ree bel‘orc l().3()pm; £5 (£4) alter. Weekly. All sorts ol tunes l‘rom Steven and Paul Watt. taking in hip hop. jau. disco and Latin. augmented by Ray Su/uki’s lel't- oll-cetttt‘e projections. I Freelance Science at Alaska. ltpm 3am. £l() (£8). 7 Apr. Monthly. You know what happens here. Stuart a ()rde titttclx‘ about on decks. ellchs Lttltl suchlike and the crowd go utterly bonkers l‘or lour hours. It sells otit every week without liail. so turning tip late isn’t advised. I Fruitfly at The Arches. Next date 2| Apr. I The Funk Room at The Arches. Next date 2() Apr. I Fusion on The Renl‘revv l-‘erry. Next date 2| Apr. I Gain at Alaska. llpm 3am. £lt) (£8). l4 Apr. Monthly. l’ei'ey .\"s residency contiues apace. and this time the X-man welcomes ()liver llo l‘oi‘ another dose ol techno-meets-house. Next month. Samuel L. Sessions makes the trip lrom Sweden. I Groovejet at Trash. 1 lpiii 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Brothers .Matt and Pete knock out quality house and garage in the main room. while l’atil N‘Jie spins R&B in room two. I Haptic at Riverside (‘lub. Midnight- 3.30am. £7 (£5). l4 Apr. Monthly. (‘olin Shields skips across the Irish Sea from the inl‘ainous livolution in Belfast to drive trs into a techno l‘ren/y. Support comes from the residents Polanski and (iianni. I Havana Esperito at ('anvas. (.7. Weekly. DJ Jazz brings his Latino box ol‘ tricks to the Merchant (‘ity's new est venue. Canvas. where there’s no dedicated dancel‘lonr. btit there is classy service and an elegant. sophisticated vibe for those who've had enough ol~ sweat with their salsa. I High at Mas. llprii 3am. £8. Weekly. The Saturday nighter at the new venue with Lawrence Hughes. Homebass at Alaska. l lpm 3am. £|() (£8). 3l Mar. Monthly. The Jengaheads' breakbeat/house/break— beat-house monster continues to be a hit with the kids. This time. they 're

joined by headliner Tim Simenon

(once of Bomb The Bass) in the main room. In the downstairs bar. for one night only. it’s l'ltragroove aka (iai‘eth Somervtlle and ('olin (‘ook. See llitlist.

I Home Cookin’ at Baba/a. (ipiri~.‘sziiii (DJs from I Ipm). l-‘ree bel‘ore l lpm: £5 al'ter. Weekly. Naeem is joined by Stuart .Mc(‘allum. regular

guest at the likes ol l‘tc\lt ‘n' l‘tlttlx} and Rotation down in the Big Smoke. who w ill be My rng tip each and every

w eck to spin his trademark Rth w ith a dash ol classic disco and lurrk

I Infusion at \ang. llprrr 3am. l'r’ee bel'ore midnight; £5 alter: Weekly. .Makrrrg lull use ol \arrg‘s three rooms. you can catch (‘olin ( iale and lh'rbbler' iii the rriarn room with disco. New \oi‘k garage and house. \ridy \otirrg and Nick l’cacock do their latin ia// thing w rtlr live percussion liorir ( ice in room two and. last but not least. Scott l'er'guson and Rhonarriok man the decks iii the upstairs liar.

I Inside Out at The .\r'chcs, ll).3llpm ~lain. £l-l. il .Mar. Monthly. Residents Simon l'oy. \lan Bclshaw tilttl sttlrlc ltlolvc citllk‘tl .ltltlglt‘ .lttlcs are

joined by the lrarikly div inc lineup ol

l'ei'gic. Lisa Loud. Sister Bliss. .lohn ‘llll' l'leming and John Johnson. .\s you may be able to guess lrom that list ol names. they mostly play hard house. See \Vttt'tl l 5p lttl' tlclttllS or] tree llv‘lsels. I Jamboree at Reds. Ilprti iatri, £5 (£5). Weekly. .lohn Lyons and Martin llesketh ol \elvet Rooms lame mix tip a blend ol coiiririei'cial Rth and soul. I Knucklehead Present My Machines at The (ilasgow School ol- Art (tipstairsi. l()pm late. £~l (£3.5t)i. Weekly. Wilkes and llatch hammer ottt cool. deadly ltlltlsL‘tl up techno and hard as nails house to a seriously appreciative crowd. By which we mean drunk.

0 Let’s Go Back, Way Back at The Riverside ('hib. Midnight 3.30am. UN. 7 Apr. Monthly. The retro house night geared towards giv ing its a valu able lesson in dance music circa l‘)87 to 10‘): w elcomcs special guests Shades ()l' Rhythm. Arrive early to guarantee entry. See Panel and llitlist. I Life at l.il'e. lllpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Andy l'nger' presents a selection ol soul.

Glasgow Clubs

ltrrrk and disco augmented w rtli original samples and loops to guarantee a new take on lamilrar sounds

I Lush at The l’olo l otrrrge.

I” 1“put zarrr £5 Weekly leatiir’rng .\iidy in the lrophy Room with hits tr‘oin the (ills to the Mk w hile Torn prov ides an uptront dance selection in the rnarn room at the city 's prettiest gay club

I Media at Media llpm lam £5

(U ). Weekly Step back in time to revel in the tunes ot the fills and .\Hs

I Minisole at \d l rli llprri late. £5 .\pr'. Monthly Soleinusrc present another wing to then ever expanding crrrprre. this time w rtlr residents l'\\.rlt Kelly (aka Magic loiichi and Mrltorr Jackson. who w ill he adding a hit or lrve studio expei rrrientation to the quality house mix

I Mish Mash at llre Riv ersrde (‘ltrb .Mrdnrght iam. L") il Mar, Monthly. ()scar and the gang blend reggae. soul. Latin and the deepest ol house records

w ith live percussion and top w hack lti.i\llllf_'.

I Miss Moneypenny’s at (ti.

lllltrn i. illam. £ l .‘ (L lll) Weekl}. The Br‘uriimre superclub touches down in (ilasgow With a reptrlatrori lot glarrrorous antics that stretches liorn Britain to llii/a and then some. expect beautrlul punters. exotic dancers and seriously luriky daricelloor action thanks to the Money penny 's lv‘\ltlt'ltt\.

I Rumba Te Tumba at Havana Bart 0pm 3am. l'r’ee. Weekly. .\ w rld mix ol Latin and Spanish selections hour the Salsa Sabr‘osa crew.

I Shake The Disease at .\(I l.ll). llpiti 3am. £8 (£5) Isl .\pr‘. Monthly. l'pli'ont house and techno w rtlr that mart about town l).l Bosco.

I Solution at (J. 5pm 3am this hour llpini. l'ree beloi‘e llprii; £5 alter. Weekly. .\r‘chaos' Ryan Keri takes over l'r'om Stev ic Middleton. on a vocal house tip.

) )

Salsa S@abrosa

'c.’4”.«~/’/'/’ gm //-, “*//i////’/

2nd & last Friday of every month after the ceilidh 11.30pm til 3am (Doors close 23m)

Friday 30th March & Friday 13th April

.L', y I, C /’/l/.; V Fox Street, Glasgow

£5l£3 concl£4 members

Check out our classes every Tuesday 8 - 10 Details? 0141 222 2266/0141 339 4193

_ _ V at (dog/lure)

arednesday sights


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