Clubs Glasgow

Glasgow, Saturday Club cont.

OSubculture at Substitute \‘enue (Planet Peach). l lpm-—3am. £10. Weekly. Harri and Domenic crarn an unfeasible number of perfect selections into the time available. The crowd go wild. You know how it goes. lixcept you don't this fort- night. as the Sub's golden boys will both be absent on 3] Mar. and have handed over the reins to Deep (‘ and (‘hris t'doh. ex Warndue Kids. Fabric residents and all round good guys. Then on 7 Apr. Domenic returns and is joined by Daniel Wang. allegedly he's into Moroder disco. so that should be good. See llitlist.

I Syntax at The Renfrew Ferry. Next date L? May.

I Triumph at The Tunnel. l0.30pm—-3.3()am. £9 (£7). Weekly. (‘olin 'l‘evendale and Steven .\lc(‘reery supply the dressed-up glamour kids with progressive house and trance iii the tnain room while Kevin Maci-‘arlane and Stephen Lee mix tip garage. disco and vocal ltouse irt room two. If you're not wearing awfully nice clothes. however. don't expect to get in.

I 2 Tons Of Fun at ('lth Budda.

l lprn ~3am. £6. Weekly. (ieoff Montford arid (‘hris llarris get funky with a bang- up-to-date selection of disco house.

I The Unit For details visit wwwthe-

I Vegas on The Rertfrew Ferry. t).3()ptn~2am. £8 (£6 in fancy dress). 7 Apr. Monthly. Frankie Sumatra. Bttgsy' Seagull. and Dino Martini are joined by the Vegas Showgirls arid The Fabulous Scott Brothers. Fight for your right to lounge.

I Velvet Rooms at The Velvet Roonts. I lprn~3am. £4 before midnight: £8 after. Weekly. Stevie Smith breaks otlt the club classics. garage arid house in the main room while Raymond W’oods cools things down with hip hop and R&B in room two. I Wired at Asylum. (‘aledonian University Union. l()pm— 3am. £tbc. Weekly. Glasgow's longest running alternative indie night with drinks promos aplenty.

Chart & Party

I Bonkers at Bonkers. l lpm-3arn. £4 before midnight; £5 after. Weekly. Hits from the 80s. chart house and cheesy trance.

I Classic FM at Fttry Murrys

l lpm—3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. Dance classics and party tunes. with alternative and rock tunes upstairs in Twister.

I The Garage at The Garage. l()pm-~<3am. £5 (£3) before I lpm; £6 (£4) after. Weekly. Super-commercial party sounds on the main dancefioor and indie classics in The Attic.

I Graduate Club at g2. I lpm—3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Designed to suit those who have always enjoyed a Garage-style night otit. but feel a little long in the tooth when surrounded by fresh-faced. lager- stairred youngsters. Steve Davis provides the party anthems.

I The Shack at Shack (formerly The Temple). l().3()pm—3am. £7 (£5). (‘heesy chart tttnes.

I Seduction at Destiny. l()pm--3am. £6 before I lpm; £7 after. Weekly. Tonight the club would like you to ‘dress to impress‘ while enjoying the ttsual commercial house ‘n' trance pap.

I Strawberry Fields at Strawberry Fields. lt).3()pm~~3am. £5. Weekly. (‘lassic party nonsense from the 60s to last week.

Glasgow Sundays


I Aurall at Bar Soba. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. The residents from the new house party at Mas get you in the mood for some Sunday decadence.

I Bitch School at Nice ‘n' Sleazy. 3pm—7pm. Free. Weekly. The chaps behind Deathlehern (they have a way with names. bless ‘em) bring you four hours of the hard and heavy stuff. frorn ()zzy Osboumc to Slipknot. Moshtastie.

88 THE LIST 29 Mar—1 2 Apr 2001

I Budda at Bar Budda. Spin midnight. Free. Weekly. ('olin Walker ( New York Alliance) playing deep house.

I Descargarana at Havana.

Spin late. Free. Weekly. the faint (an action as DJ (ieorge Martin is joined by resident band (‘he (iuevara Five.

I Divine Intervention at Bret.

‘)prn- midnight. Free. Weekly. Andy Divine and flush Puppy play a selection of soundtracks. soul and ftrnk at this (tow weekly pre-club.

I Fast Forward at liat Drink Man Woman. 4pm midnight. Free before 6pm; £3 after. Weekly. House music and chart anthems. with drinks promos an added borius.

I Fresh at .\lojo. ()pm late. Free. Weekly. Let the l'it‘cslt crew chill yotl ottt before the stress of the week ahead. Resident (iary Lawson is joined by regular guests l’aul llughes (.\lau Sound System) and Barry Johnstone.

I G-Man & Traxx at The l.iv ing Roorit. 4pm midnight. Free. Weekly. ll is now possible to write off tlte Sabbath in its entirety while enjoying some (op—notch tunes. thanks to the l.iv ing Room's dotrble bill. The afternoon sltift is taken care of by (i-Man. with his beats and hip hop. From 9pm. things get a bit livelier thanks to underground house from Simon and Derek. I Harri at (it‘ottclio St Judes.

()pm midnight. Free. S .-\pr .\lar. Fortnightly. The Sub ('lub stalwart brings his high calibre house to (he most stylish of (ilasgow ‘s style bars.

I Hi-T at 'l‘chai—()v na. 4 [0pm. Free. Weekly. A Sunday relaxation session aimed squarely at those after a spot of detoxification. since the venue is a tron- smoking tea shop that looks. conversely. like an opium den. The tunes. courtesy of a huge number of local DJs. are drawn frorn every genre under the sun. as long as they 'r‘e laid-back. Drink obscure teas. play chess. give your body a rest.

I Jengaheads at Repttblic Bier llalle. l()pm late. Free. Weekly. Martyn Jengahead sprints back from the Beat l()6 sttidios to play a house-orientated set.

I Man With No Suitcase at The (iriffiny. Spin midnight. Free. l .-\pr. Monthly. If a pre-club could be compared to Saturday morning kids TV. it would be this. Wacky TV soundtracks fill the air while you exchange your tatty toys in the Swapshop. amuse yourselves with irtane competitions and display your artistic efforts iii the Tony llat't-like ‘(ialler'y'.

I MOIOCO at Moloco. Spin midnight. Free. Weekly. Martin St. John spins slompitF Northern soul. roots. rock arid reggae.

I Nick Peacock at The Variety Bar. Spm midnight. Free. Weekly. Local hero Nick l’eacock selects tlte best ja// grooves. with the occasional foray into house.

I Nico’s at Nieo’s. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Dribbler and Steve with reggae and dub selections.

I Paul Cawley at (iroucho St Jttdes. 9pm midnight. Free. l Apr. Fortnightly. The Fettetik fellow with sortie beats ‘n' breakage.

I R&B at Bar to. 7pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Relax with RkB cuts and take advantage of the generous drinks promos at this city centre style bar.

I Scratch ‘n’ Sniff at .\le(‘huill‘s. ‘Jprn-midnight. Free. New pre-club venture. featuring Danny Barbour playing house. garage and whatever else he fancies.

I The Sunday Social at The Arches. 3pm-l lpm. £5. 1 April. Monthly. Remember when people went to church on a Sun afternoon‘.’ Nope. neither do we. in any case. the Social isjust like going to church. except instead of singing about Jesus and stuff. you get to hear double bass ‘n' decks jazz-hop humourists Fingathing. see video shenanigans from Tapehead. and thrill to the laid-back stylings of resident Sidewinder. ()h. and there’s crepes for sale too. And boo/e. Better. irt many ways. than getting into heaven.

AKISE Night?


The Riverside Club, Glasgow, Sat 7 Apr.

1 ACT'

Nice one. Top one. On one. Sorted. At the height of the acid house scene. how daft were we? With no need to mention the horrors of Smiley culture like dust masks and light sticks, the simple answer to this question is of

course, very.

Stilt, while there‘s no shaking these torturous memories, let‘s look at the positives. Between the years of 1987 and 1992, an influx of house and techno from America resulted in a highly exciting time in music. Granted, ecstasy may have played a part in nurturing this excitement, but a new night at Glasgow’s Riverside Club aims to pay tribute not to the fashions and not to the drugs but to the musical gems that helped found the current

state of dance music.

Mick Stewart (pictured), the promoter of ‘Let’s Go Back, Way Back‘ and its resident jock under the name DJ Bosco, got his inspiration for his retro house night from that most infamous of Scottish venues, the Ayr Pavillion. ‘l’ve been clubbing for years,’ he says. ‘I went to a rave in the Ayr Pavillion in ‘92 and it was a Back to ‘89 night. From then, I just thought it was a really


Formerly at the Soundhaus, the night has already been graced by old- school luminaries such as 808 State, Baby Ford and the Hacienda's Jon Da Silva. It is geared towards being what Stewart describes as a ‘history lesson’ for dance music enthusiasts. ‘I thought clubbing was better then,’ says Stewart. ‘I thought the music was better; it was definitely more varied. You didn’t just hear house, you had house, techno and even hip hop dropped into it. We only play music from the years ‘87 to ‘92. Nothing gets played after ‘92 because I just feel that was the peak time of club culture.’

(Catherine Bromley)


I Aurall at MAS. llpm 3am. £7. Weekly. .-\stoundingly popular garage arid uplifting to hard house weekly w ith those residents of choice: .\lat‘k l’rice. Yogi llattghtori. ('allum Walker and Marco Smith. No neds please.

I Bennet’s at Bennet‘s.

l l.3()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. Tom plays tunes loved by twelve—year—old girls. plus some bangin' handbag. to equally appreciative gay men. Ftrnrty old world. I Bite at The ('athouse. |().3()pm 3am. Free before I l.3()pm: £3 (£l.5()) after. Weekly. .-\ milder mix of indie and rock than you‘ll find at the city 's premier rock venue on Friday or Saturday.

I Club Tropicana at The (iarage (.-\ttic). llprn 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Indie. both classic and contemporary. with a healthy dose of Br‘itpop.

I Dream at Strawberry Fields. lt).3()pm 3am. £l5. Weekly. Fifteett nicker might seem a bit steep for a night down Strawberry Fields. btit iii addition to hanging house anthems and saucy dancing girls. the bar is totally and utterly free. Much like a stomach pump on the NllS.

I Liquid Cool at Baba/a. 0pm 3am. £5. Weekly. .-\.J.. Kris Keegan and Ian Thompson playing top-notch vocal garage and house to a club packed with by per-hedonistic twentysomethirig revellers. all of whom seem to have forgotten that they have work in the morning. If quality tunes and glamorous antics are your bag. Sundays at Baba/a are unmissable.

I Liquid Gold at Q. 5pm » 3am. Free before I lpm; £5 after. Weekly. Funky tunes and club classics from Harry B.. Scott McMillan and Paul Tray nor at this bar-club in association with Baba/a's hedonistic extravagan/a. Liquid ('ool. Not to be confused with the popular ‘room deodoriser' of the same name.

I Li/LO at Reds has now finished. Sec l’honic below.

I Off The Hook at Yang.

l()pm 2.30am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Residents l’olsty le and Nok la Rok spill electro. spiced tip with anything from 30s pop arid good old»fashioned rav c. S Apr is a date for the diary. when the night launches w ith a live appearance from Disco Doom and special guests (tbc). See l’review and llitlist.

I Optimo at Substitute Venue (l’lariet l’each). llprn 3am. £6 (£5). Weekly. Roland. Twitch (k Wilkes hang together the heads of numerous genres. resulting iii a mass nosebleed that sounds like Johnny 'l'hunders trying to score oll everyone who has ever made music in Berlin all at the same tirite. it’s all rather good. then. and everyone has a lovely titne. e\cept for the people w ho think it isn't as good as it used to be. They are. needless to say. wrong. Read all about it at vv w or

w w and keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming ()ptinto 12".

I Phonic at Reds. l lprn 3am. £4 ([3). Weekly. Residents Steven Reilly. (iordon Logan and l)r.Redbe|ly now liosl this tantalising soit'ee where the rnusical emphasis is placed firmly on quality deep house arid quirky live tinkerings.

I Pure Funk at (‘1th Budda.

l lprn 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. There's something funky in the water these day s. as another new funk club opens its doors.

I Sin at Trash. llprn ~3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. llottse. garage and student classics from Jim Da Best. with drinks for U all night.

I Sunday Worship at (’lub Budda. llprrr 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Michael Kilkie arid Sitnon Foy do their uplifting house thing.