Art galleries and museums

Glasgow galleries continued


28 King Street. 552 48 l 3. Tue Sat llam 5pm.

Dub’I-inTROODer l'ntil Sat 31 Mar. (‘ollalmration is the theme of this group show of work by w ell-know )1 artist duos lrotn Scotland. London. Atistria and the [SA l‘eatured artists include the exhibition curators. .lolm Beagles and Graham Ramsay: Austrian duo Markus Muntean and Adi Rtlsc‘llllltlllll works by the 70s dttt) Bob and Bob (now defunct); and Dav id Burrow s and Bob and Roberta Smith show documentation of their art school ‘I flicole dc Burrow et Bob Smith. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


Further information and a detailed itinerary can be obtained by phoning 0|3l 529 3930/529 3682.

Wish I Was Here l'ntil Sat 2 Jun. l‘irst seen at tlte National Portrait Gallery. the 'l’ravelling Gallery goes on tour with an exhibition of portraits commissioned from six Scottish photographers. of the 25 poets w ho have contributed to a new pocket book anthology. The gallery will be stopping off at the following venues: Drtnnchapel Pool (Thu 29 Mar. l0am 5pm); Art Gallery & Mitseuni. Kelvingrove (Sat 31 Mar. Illam 5pm): Pollock Leisure l’ool (Mon 2 Apr. l0am 5pm); Botanic Gardens Visitor ('entre (Wed 4 Apr. l0am 5pm); and Kwik Saye car park. (iorbals Market tl-‘ri 6 Apr. l0am -5pm).


l8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon -l"ri

|0am 5pm.

Canine Fantasies l‘ri 30 Mar l‘ri 20 Apr. Recent paintings by 'l‘rongate

Studios member. .lulie Boyce.


()n-line Gallery.

w w

Mr Tayto & Mr Tayto, Hayley 8: Sue Tompkins and Katie Exley l'ntil Sat 3l Mar. This new on-line gallery showcases the work of three young Scottish artists each month. See preview.

Ruth MacPherson, Duncan Macquarrie and Maggie McLachlan Sun I Mon 30 Apr. Recent work.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow City Life, page 88.


Argyle Street. Kelyittgroye. 287 269‘), Mon Thu ts Sat 10am 5pm; l-‘ri ts Sun l lain 5pm. ('afc. l'ree.

Hubble’s Universe l'ntil Stilt I Apr. At) exhibition of the striking images captured by the Hubble Telescope which has been in orbit over 300 miles above the liarth.

Sebastiao Salgado t'ntil Sun t Apr. Drawn from Glasgow Mtiseums' collection. photographs by one of the world's leading photojournalists. Bra/ilian-born Salgado. who made a major impact on the world of images in I993 with llbrkcrs. a dramatic documentation of manual labour. Glasgow In The 18405 by William Simpson Tue l0 Apr Mon 28 May. ()yet' 50 wttlet'colottt's of Glasgow by William ‘('rimean’ Simpson l I823 I899) who made his name through illustrations which documented the war with Rttssitt of l85-l (l.

Art For Change: Pollok Creates l'ntil Wed 18 Apr. An exhibition of community art created by people of Pollok. including painting. carving and wood carved storytelling chairs by youths. adtilts and elderly people of l.eithland (‘ommunity (‘entre.


Lie Of The Land t'ntil Sat 28 Apr. After a major Lottery refurbishment. the Mtiseum presents paintings of local views by various artists.


2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. Mon Thu & Sat l0am -5pm; Fri & Stilt l lam 5pm.

Ancient Egypt: Digging For Dreams l'ntil Stin 30 Sep. ()ver I00 rarely seen treasures frotn the collection of William Matthew l-‘linders Petrie. described as the ‘Victorian Indiana Jones'. The exhibition includes a look at the origins of the mttmmy‘s curse: the idea of alien help in the building of the Pyramids at Gi/a; and Ancient ligyptian views of the afterlife.

Andy Warhol’s Marilyn at the Glasgow Print Studio

80 THE LIST 2:) Mat—12 Apr 2001

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. l0 Dumbreck Road. 35.3 4773. Daily 10am 75pm. £3.50 t£2.50).

Scottish Artists L'ntil Mon 30 Apr. A selection of work by contemporary Scottish artists on loan from ('y ril Gerber l‘ine Art.


l'niyersity Avenue. 330 422l. Mon Sat 9.30am-r5pm.

Walking With Dinosaurs t'ntil Sun 29 Apr. An exhibition of the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals models which featured in the BBC TV series of the same name. Along with the models. are genuine dinosaur remains. full-scale reconstructions. a chance to learn about Scotland's dinosaur heritage and find out what the skulls of a TyrannosaurUs Rex looked like close up.


Kelvin Hall. I Burnhouse Road. 287 2720. Mon Thu & Sat l0am~5pmz l-ri A: Sun I lam~5pm. l’ree.

Canadian National Parks t'ntil Fri 20 Apr. A temporary exhibition on loan from the (‘anadian High Commission. featuring murals representing scenes from the provincial and national parks of Canada. The works were commissioned for the famous (‘anadian Pacific trains by members of the Royal (‘anadian Academy


High Street. 889 3l5 l. Tue—Sat

l0am- 5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Free.

Old Friends And New Acquaintances L'ntil Mon l6 Apr. A new display introducing recent acquisitions or recently restored works. The show includes donated works frotn the (‘harles Saatchi collection and floral paintings by Mary Armour ( l902— 2000). The Etiquette Of Dress Sat 3| Mar-Sun 24 Jun. An exhibition of dresses from the Victorian and lidwardian

Paisley: Aspects And Attitudes Art Exhibition Sat 3| Mar—Sun l0 Jun. Students of Reid Kerr College exhibit recent work in two and three dimensions inspired by their home town Paisley.


2 (‘astle Street. 553 2557. Mon—Thu & Sat l0am--5pm; Fri 8; Sun I lam—5pm. Free.

Man Walks Among Us Until Sun 22 Apr. To mark the millennium. Kenny Hunter's specially commissioned life size sculpture of Jesus goes on display. Hunter won the Jesus 2000 (‘ommission from a shortlist of leading artists.


l()0 Stobcross Road. 339 063 I. Daily l0am—-5pm. £3.50 (£2.95): accompanied children free.

Sails L'ntil Sun l3 May. A photography exhibition by Marc Turner of images of the sea and sailing. projected onto sails. The centrepiece of the show is the Glasgow (‘lipper’s Millennium voyage to Havana. (‘uba.

Five Thousand Days At Sea An exhibition on board the only Clydebuilt sailing ship still afloat in the UK. documenting her adventures on the high seas between I897 and I9l9.

Story In The Stones (Pumphouse Main Gallery). An exhibition looking at the impact of the industrial ages on Glasgow harbour.

Morse And More t Pumphouse Lower Gallery l. A hands-on exhibition. aimed at children. looking at the world of communication. You can operate a state- of-the-art optical telegraph used in the Napoleonic wars. try out the foe-needle telegraph and crank up World War ll field telephones.

Edinburgh Galleries


l9 Brandon Terrace. 556 l 175. Wed ts Fri—Sun noon ~6pm; Thu noon -9pm. Functional Art t'ntil Mon 30 Apr. Rentart's new gallery located in Edinburgh's New Town opens its door with a mixed exhibition of modern art by Scottish and international artists. with many of the works available for rent and for sale.


(formerly Malcolm lnnes Gallery l. 4 Dundas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon- l‘ri l0am6pm; Sat 1 Ian): lpm. Opening Exhibition t'ntil Thu l2 Apr. To mark the takeoyer of the Malcolm lnnes Gallery by Anthony Woodd. an opening exhibition of Victorian oils. watercolours and prints. with prices starting from around £200 for prints. l‘eatured artists include Mary Armour. David l-‘arquharson. Robert Gemmell Hutchinson. George llotistot) and William Miller lira/er.


26 Bridge Street. 665 8473. Sat -\\’cd

I lam~5pm.

Diverse Visions Mon 2 Sun l5 Apr. liight artists who all studied at the ()pen ('ollege of Arts in Newcastle. present an exhibition of paintings. collage and driftwood sculptures.


29b Dundas Street. 467 3937. Tue lit

1 1am 7pm; Sat l lam -2pm. Politicians Make Strange Bedfellows Mon 9y-Sat 2! Apr. In the run up to the general election. an exhibition of political cartoons featuring the work of Frank Boyle (lit-mine News) and Martin Rtm'son (The

St ‘UM‘HIUN ).


6 Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon~l5ri l()am»-6pm; Sat l lam—2pm.

Scottish Paintings l'ntil Mon 30 Apr. A selection of paintings by Scottish artists including Anne Redpath. John Knox and John Duncan.


l0 Royal Terrace. 556 I010. Mon l‘ri l0am~6pm; Sat by appointment. Mixed Exhibition Until Mon 30 Apr. Paintings from stock including works by George Houston. J.D. Fergusson. Maclauchlan Milne and PW. Adam.


77 Clerk Street. 622 7236. Mon~Sat noon— I am: Sun l2.30pm— lam. Mixed Exhibition A changing exhibition of gothic art including sculpture. drawing. photography and paintings by local artists.


2 Market Street. 529 3993. Mon—vSat 10am—5pm. liree.

RSA Annual Exhibition Sat 7 Apr—Sat 2 Jun. The Royal Scottish Academy‘s annual exhibition moves to the (‘ity Art (‘entre this year as plans are underway for the Playfair Project which aims to link the RSA with the National Gallery of Scotland. The show features the best of Scotland’s painters. sculptors and architects who are both Academy members. as well as selected works by non-members. NEW SHOW. COLLECTIVE GALLERY

22—28 Cockburn Street. 220 I260. Wed—Sat l lam—6pm; Sun l—Spm. Henry Vlll’s Wives: The Fear Of Death Until Sun 8 Apr. Collaborative group Henry Vlll‘s Wives. founded in l997. show new work created for the gallery space including a portrait of Che Guevara made out of coffee beans and a lentil landscape installed in the glass frontage of the gallery.