digital imaging. painting and drawing by artists and patients at St John's hospital.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. I00 Princes Street. 225 I50]. Daily l0am -6pm.

Indian Summer: Ronald Forbes L'ntil liri ll May. An exhibition of paintings resttlting from l’orbes' first visit to India as winner of the Sir William (iillies Award from the Royal Scottish (iallery.


l6 Dundas Street. 558 I200. Mon l‘ri 10am 6pm; Sat 10am 74pm.

June Redfern Mon 2 Wed 25 Apr. A new body of paintings by one of Scotland‘s leading painters. June Redf'ern. Craig Mitchell Mon 2 Wed 25 Apr. Surreal figttrative ceramics.

Material: Immaterial Mon 2-Wed 25 Apr. A group show of contemporary jewellery including works by Julie Arkell. Lin (‘heung. Dawn limms. Laura (iates. Angela 0' Kelly and Adam Paxon.


5 Barony Street. 478 7440. Tue Sat l0am—-6pm.

Contemporary Scottish Art And Design A gallery and shop featuring a changing selection of hand-woven and embroidered rugs and textiles from the Turkmen. t'zbek. Beluch and Aitnaq tribes of(‘entral Asia. On display dttring March and April is a collection of early prayer rugs.


Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 Darnaway Street. 225 8444. Mon Hi 2- -5pm. Glade L'ntil Fri 30 Mar. Artist Tom (‘lark creates a ‘wooded glade‘ installation for the exhibition space. comprising two painted walls with wall painted script and a bench for visitors to sit upon.

Apophasis Fri 6 Apr-~Wed 2 May. A collaboration between David (‘onnearn and Tim llodgkinson comprising an erased drawing and a sound piece created during the making of the drawing.

THE SOUTHSIDE GALLERY 58 Ratcliffe 'l'errace. 667 l‘)66. Mon ‘)am~-5pm; Tuer—l‘ri ‘)am--6pm: Sat l0am~5pm.

Mixed Show Until Mon 30 Apr. A wide variety of contemporary prints.


23 (‘ockburn Street. 622 6200. Tue~Sat l0am—5pin.

0 Blue Skies t'ntil Sat 28 Apr. A group show of new commissions high- lighting the advances in digital technolo- gy. In I may be some time (‘olin Andrews creates a single channel video work which uses archive film of an arc- tic mapping expedition made in the l‘)30s; (‘atriona (irant‘s (iv/mine Offer (If/"rt'wirlsltip presents the viewer with images of people from Pilton who have been interviewed about their friendships: e(a‘t. aka Jim Hamlyn. Jim Buckley. Sarah Mackenzie Smith. Andy Kennedy and John Pengelly share a meal in real time with a group of artist in the States and Beverley Hood‘s 7i'llll.\'-/U(‘(l/(’ docu- ments a couple tango dancing which has been filmed and dropped into internet chat rooms. See Hitlist.

Kenny Bean and Sophie Scott Until Sat 28‘ Apr. Artists Kenny Bean and Sophie Scott worked with children from (‘raigmuir Primary School to create images inspired by the recent Wendy Iiwald exhibition.


36 Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri

I lam—6pm; Sat 10.30am—4pm. Spring Exhibition Sat 7 Apr—Sat S May. A spring collection of paintings by over 60 gallery artists plus jewellery by Sheana Stephen.


liurther information and a detailed itinerary can be obtained by phoning 52‘) 3‘)30/52‘) 3682.

Wish I Was Here l'ntil Sat 2 Jun. First seen at the National Portrait Gallery. the 'l‘ravelling (iallery' goes on tour with an exhibition of bortrails commissioned from six Scottish photographers. of the 25 poets who have contributed to a new pocket book anthology. See (ilasgow Art listings for current tour dates.


'li‘averse Theatre. 10 (‘ambridge Street. 228 5383. Mon Wed l0.30am—midnight: Thu Sat [0.30am lam: Sun

4pm 7 midnight.

Order l'ntil Sat 3l Mar. Paintings by Louise Anderson inspired by the linear quality of the urban landscape. l‘)50s textiles designs and Japanese architecture.

The Strange Bedfellows Sun

I Sun 2‘) Apr. Art meets science in this photography exhibition which fuses together poetry and physics as scientists at the l'niversity' of Strathclyde hope to increase the public's awareness of the world of physics. The collaboration features photographer Peter liraser. poet lati McDonough and physicists Dino Jaros/ynski and Brian McNeil. Part of the lidinburgh lnternational Science Festival.

Poetry Reading Mon ‘) Apr. 8pm. As part of' the Strange Bedfellows exhibition. lan McDonotigh gives a poetry reading.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh City Life, page 90.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 28 (‘harlotte Square. lidinburgh. 243 ‘)365. Mon Sat l0am-5pm; Sun

noon -5pm. Free. .\'ot only the Head Office for the National Trust for Scotland. 28 (‘harlotte Square also houses a permanent collection of 20th century Scottiin paintings featuring work by Peploe. Hunter arid (‘adelL Displayed in a domestic setting. the works are complemented by a collection of Regency furniture.


42 High Street. 52‘) 4 I42. Mon-Sat l0amv5pm.

Out To Play l'ntil Sat 2 Jttn. This exhibition looks at the changing nature of childhood games from the past to the present day. Peever. bools. tig and diablo are jtist some of the games played before the invention of computer games and television and there will also be some old reproduction games for children to try out.


Newhaven Harbour. 55f 4l65. Mon—Sun noon—5pm.

Hidden Treasures: Volunteer Work Of Newhaven People Past And Present t'ntil Mon 3| Dee. The l'nited .\'ations' Year of the Volunteer is celebrated in this exhibition which looks at the tradition of volunteering in the Newhaven community.

PALACE OF HOLYROODHOUSE Royal Mile. 556 l0‘)6. Daily ‘).30am~l.30pm. £5.50 (£2.70—L'4): family ticket L' l 3.50.

Views Of Germany: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert t'ntil Sat 31 Mar. Sixty watercolours selected from the collection at Windsor (‘astle. illustrating the royal visits to (iermany.


53 High Street. Queensferry. 33] 5545. Mon. Thu. Fri & Sat l0am—lpm 8; 2.15—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. Free. Food For Thought A look at

children's diet and eating habits over the past I50 years.


2 ('hambers Street. 247 42l‘). Mon-—Sat l0am 5pm tTue 8pm); Sun noona5pm. £3 t£l.50t; under l8s free. A l‘)th century museum housing international collections of natural history. geology. science. technology and the decorative arts. plus two permanent exhibitions: Art A'- lmluslry' and The Ivy Hit (Jul/cry: Millennium Clock A chance to view Russian mechanical sculptor liduard Bersudsky 's millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high. The Jackie Stewart Formula l'ntil Stiii 30 Sep 200l. Jackie Stewart ()Bli and the National Mtiseums of Scotland have joined forces for the first time to create this unique recreation of the l‘)‘)‘) Stewart l~'ord Pit (iarage. A must for all (irand Prix fans.

Fired With Colour l'ntil Sun 2‘) Apr. An exhibition highlighting past and present British enameling. Included in the display are a variety of pieces ranging from jewellery and vases to display panels and animated figttres. An enamel plaque by Alexander l‘isher on loan from a private collection and not seen iii public since l8‘)‘) and tnore contemporary pieces by Lisa Rae Hanson and (ieorgina liollett feature in the show.

Silk Roads: Glimpses Of Central Asia l'ntil Sun I Jul. Recently acquired contemporary textiles and crafts from ('entral Asia.

Barley Until Sun 20 May. Duncan Anderson. head of photography at the National Museums portrays the production of barley from its sowing to its end products. in this informative photographic exhibition.

Awesome Insects Sat 7 Apr—Sun 2 Sep. Known to most as creepy crawlies. this exhibition provides a balanced profile of this rich and diverse group of animals.

Tutankhamun’s Wardrobe Sat 3! Mar~Sun l Jul. Since the early l‘)‘)0s. the Stitching Textile Research (‘entre in Leiden with the ligyptian Museum in (aim has been carrying out research on the clothing found in 'l‘utankhamun‘s Tomb. ()n show at the Museum. are replica garments including loincloths. tttnics. gloves and footwear. based on those found. along with original

excavation photographs. NEW SHOW. WRITERS’ MUSEUM 2

Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair's Close. 52‘) 4‘)0l. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm. Free. Inheritance: A Borders Landscape lfniil Sat 31 Mar. Photographs of border life by (iordon Hunter. with poetry by Don Ledingham. Letters Home Sat 7 App-Sat 30 Jun. Poetry and prose by members of the Bethany (‘hristian Trust creative writing group.


I52 Nethergate. 0| 382 606220. 'l‘ue—W’ed. Sat 6’; Sun l0.30am—5.30pm: Thu & liri l0.30am—8pni. Free.

Sophy Rickett: New Work Unit Sun 15 Apr (Gallery 2). New photographic and video works by Royal (‘ollege of Art graduate Sophy Rickett which continues her interest in making photographs at night. For Rickett. who has been resident in Dundee for four months undertaking the second DCA Fellowship. this is her first solo exhibition in a public gallery.

Beyond L'ntil Sun l5 Apr (Gallery l). A group exhibition bringing together the work of artists from Dundee. Glasgow and London. Working in whom mediums including painting. installation. sculpture and video. artists include Lolly Batty. Luke Fowler. Robert ()rchardson. Toby Paterson. (‘lare Stephenson and (‘lare Woods.

galleries and museums Art


2526 Mid Wynd lndustrial listate. 0l382 225982. Thu Stilt l 6pm. Primarin Structural Sat 31

Mar Sun 2‘) Apr. (iraham Domke ctirates an exhibition of wall drawings. sculpture and \ ideo works by Alex l-‘rost. Lucy Harvey. Toby Paterson. Daniel Smernicki and David Wishart. which addresses the geometric architecture of the exhibition space. NEW SHOW


Albert Square. 0l382 32084. Mon Sat l0am 5pm; Stiii l2.30 4pm; Thu

10am 7pm.

Coming To Our Senses in 30 Mar Stiti l7 Jun. The only Scottish showing of this national crafts-based touring exhibition. New works include magnetic gloves. a wall mounted piece made from leather which explores sound through \ ibration. neon sound sculptures and emotional light fittings that respond to you. NEW SHOW.

Outside The Cities

St Andrews


()3 North Street. (H 334 474(illl. Mott Sal l0am 5pm: Stiti 2 5pm.

Judith Burbidge and Liz Skulina l'ntil Sun 6 May. New work by Duncan of Jordanstone litic art graduates. Burbidge travelled to ()rkney to explore themes of fragility and change experienced by the environment and shows sand blasted tablets aitd video demonstrating the destructive relationship between w ind and discarded plastic. Skulina explores her own living room using the methods of an archaeologist which combines archaeological diagrams with textiles. objects and video to create an installation.

Michelle Holmes and Rachel Nelson t'ntil Sun 6 May. Textile artist Michelle Holmes shows new work comprising pictures created from tiny matchstick-like figures Used to cover evening bags. btittoiis and wall hangings. Rachel Nelson's bold ceramics employ subject matter taken from everyday times.

Living And Learning t'niil Sun () May. An exhibition looking at 20th century architecture in St Andrews curated by students from the Museum and (iallery Studies course at the university. featuring architectural plans and drawings. photographs. architectural instruments and memorabilia.



Dumbarton Road. 0l786 47l‘)l7. Tue-Sat l0.30am 5pm; Sun 2 5pm. The Stirling Story tintil Mon 3| Dec. An insight into Stirling's history through objects. paintings. sculpture. poetry and performance.

Masters Of Watercolour t'ntil Sun 6 May. Drawn from the gallery's collection. an exhibition of watercolour paintings by some of the leading British artists of the l‘)th century. l‘eatured artists include Richard Parkes Bonington tl801~ l 828) and James Duffield Harding (l797—1863L

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Katrina Dixon goes to Portmeirion, Travel, page 114

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