Edinburgh International Science Festival

Fri 6—Tue l 7 Apr. Various venues Listed below are highlights from the Science Festival Family programme. Events are listed by venue. For a copy of the programme, call 09067 303001. To book tickets for all events or for further information call 0131 473


SCIENCE©ASSEMBLY Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. 0131 473 2070. Mon 9—Sun 15 Apr. daily 10am—6pm. £3.90 (£2.50; children under 3 free); after 3pm £3 (£1.90; children under 3 free). Examples of drop-in activities include:

Become A Grand Prix Racer Could you be the next David Coulthard'.’ Find out at this exhibition where you can check your fitness and co-ordination skills before taking pan in a simulation. Mission Impossible Ages over 8. Using the latest spy technologies. crack codes to undercover hidden messages. all the time avoiding the double agents intent on foiling your progress.

E-mail Postcards Ages over 5. Send friends an unusual image of yourself with the help of some amazing human body photos and a blue screen.

Examples of timetabled workshops include:

Up Yer Hooter [Dam—4.30pm. £1. Ages over 5. Take a trip into a human nose to learn more about the air we breathe before being sneezed out onto a human hankie. Performances at half- hourly intervals.

ER Surgery . . . It’s Serious 10.15am. 1 1.45am. 1.30pm. 2.45pm & 4pm. £1. Ages over 8. Stitch a wound. saw through bones or use an endoscope to look inside the human body.

Show Me What You’re Made Of 10.30am & I 1.30am. Ages over 6. Find out what the human body is made of. follow food through the body and work out how lungs hold onto air.

Bottled Planet 2.30pm & 4pm. £1. Ages over 7. Cultivate shrimp eggs using sand. salt and brine. and take the bottle home and watch them hatch and grow. Bubble Magic 2.30pm & 3.30pm. Tom Noddy demonstrates his bubble wizardry with some awe-inspiring bubble creations.

Slime Show 4.30pm. Ages over 3. Make your own gooey slime and then experiment with it.

Science In A Sporran Thu 12—Sun 15 Apr. lOam—lpm. Ages over 6. Glasgow Science Centre's roving science buskers entertain with party tricks. puzzles and surprises.

Dr Doolittle Thu 12 Apr. 2pm. 3pm & 4pm. Ages 3—6. Learn how to talk to the animals with some knowledge from the resident animal expert. TECHNOPOLIS Adam House. 3 Chambers Street. 0131 473 2070. Fri

6—Thu 12 Apr. l0am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. £2 entry. All activities suitable for children over I 1. A range of hands-on drop-in activities and workshops programmed throughout the day. Timetabled workshops include: Fireworks, Fashion And Luminous Food 10.30am moi Sum. noon. 2pm 61; 3pm. Free with ticket. Experiment with fireworks. llll’llllltms food dye and bizarre fashions. Bungee-Jumping Eggs 1 1.30am (not Sun). 3.45pm. £2 for team of up to four people. Design a harness to create an e ,g bungee.

Who Killed Kenny? I 1.30am (not Sun). Sun 8 Apr. 3.30pm. £2. l'nearth the South Park serial killer using DNA fingerprinting.

Wacky Races 2pm. £4 per team of up to four people. Build a racing buggy and then enter it into a mini grand prix. Tornado To Go 2.45pm. Free with ticket. Whip up a storm with this home tornado-building demonstration.

OUR DYNAMIC EARTH llolyrood Road. 0131 473 2070.

Bubble Magic Sat 7—Sun 15 Apr. 10—1 1am. £3 (£1.50). Tom Noddy demonstrates his bubble wizardry with some awe-inspiring bubble creations. T-Rex Sat 7 Apr. 10—1 1.30am. 12.30—2pm & 3—4.30pm. £1. Ages 6—12. Create a T-Rex mask and see the world through the eyes of a ferociotis predator. Show Me What You’re Made Of Sat 7—Sun 15 Apr. 1—1.30pm. £2 (£1). Ages over 6. Find out what the human body is made of. follow food on a journey through the body and work out how lungs hold onto air.

Science In A Sporran Thu l2—Sun 15 Apr. 1~5.30pm. Free. Ages over 6. Glasgow Science Centre‘s roving science buskers entertain with party tricks. puzzles and surprises.

SCIENCE IS AMAZING©THE BOTANICS Royal Botanic Garden. lnverleith Row. 473 2070. Tue 10—Mon 16 Apr. 10am—5pm. Prices for events vary. An explosion of science activities. shows and workshops in the Botanics. Charlotte’s Web Free. Tips on web- spinning and fly-catching courtesy of Charlotte the friendly spider.

Vampire Worms Free. Come face-to- face with the unfriendly worms who thrive in the stomachs of sheep and cows. Science Alive Show 2.30pm. £3 (£2.50). Adam Senior explores the amazing world of natural science. Winkle, Ninkle Little Bat Tue 10—Wed & 1 1 Apr. 10am—5pm. 50p. Animals grow in the dark in Dr Darwin's tent. so find out how scientists use this ability in medicine.

Flower Power Thu 12—Sun 15 Apr. 1pm & 4pm. £2.50 (£2); family of four £7.50. Discover how plants help humans breathe and make a ‘eco-trope' spinning machine.

ROYAL MUSEUM 2 Chambers Street. 473 2070.

Living Insect Show Sat 7—Fri 13 Apr. Mon—Sat I 1.30am. 1.30pm & 2.30pm; Sun 1.30pm 8; 2.30pm. Free. but

Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic


x" 4..

E-mail postcards, Science©Assembly, Mon 9-Sun 15 Apr

ticketed. A chance to see and touch insects from Edinburgh Butterfly And Insect World.

Little Giants Mon ‘)—-Sun 15 Apr. noon. 1.30pm & 3pm; Sun 1.30pm & 3pm. Free. Ages over 5. After meeting a human-sized honey-bee. follow his

journey to collect nectar from giant


Other venues

The Great Northern Observation Deck Mon ‘1 s Tue 10 Apr.

10am 12.30pm & 2 4.30pm. £10 for hall day: £15 for full day. ('in Art Centre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3003. Ages m er 10. Laurie Barbour takes you on a whistle stop tour of the cosmos through simple activities and demonstrations.


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Making Myth

Pigs Can Fly!

Sat 31st March 11.00-1.00 £3 age 6-11

explore myth and fantasy in this Birds of Paradise theatre workshop

Sat 7th April 0.00-1.00 £3 age 8-11

Bringing Stories to LIFE

music and movement in this Theatre 0 workshop Sat 14th April 11.00-12.00 £2/£3 age 3-8

puppet show full of fun, music, songs & participation!

Sat 21st April 11.00-12.00 522/513 age 6-11

Taffy’s Tale Coat

choose a story from Tafty’s famous magical coat!

Sat 21st.April 5-6pm 522/513 age 3-93! Bedtime Stories

family fancy dress event - come along in your night- clothes and snuggle up for a real bedtime story treat!

22 039.0

9 charge : at 2‘)

0901 9


kids stuff!

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