SUB-BRIDGET JONES AMY JENKINS Honeymoon (Sceptre £6.99) 0

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Amy Jenkins is money. The creator of classic twentysomething telly drama This Life could have written a health and safety pamphlet and still got the whopping advance that this book garnered. And she might as well have. because Honeymoon is a truly godawful novel, like a schoolgirl's attempt to mix Bridget Jones with Mills and Boon; only much. much worse.

burnt to the ground and Darren‘s mate Ben gets his face slashed. things get a bit hectic. Rosie. however, is too busy gouging holes in Alex's back with her kinky boots to get too bothered. and when tragedy strikes. none of

the trio is prepared.

Freeborn's mix of relationship drama and gangland chronicle often breaks free of cliche. but

rarely amazes. And by

the time it has become

truly affecting. it's a case of too little. too late.

(James Smart)


i Robbers (No Exit Press ' E10)...

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IAN RANKIN The Falls (Orion £16.99) 0...

Growing older and grizzlier but not losmg those razor-sharp detective skills. DI John Rebus makes his twelfth appearance in Ian Rankin's latest novel. To know him is to love him. and despite his faults (healthy respect for

whisky, none for his

superiors) Rebus has firmly lodged himself into the nation‘s conscious-


In this instalment. a

I wealthy student goes

missing and Rebus is

; iOined by y0ung protege DC Siobhan Clarke to find the abductor. While Rebus

concentrates on a trail of mysterious miniature

coffins. DC Clarke ? becomes deeply involved ; in an internet role-playing

game the student was indulging in. Deflecting the attention off Rebus and




Wednesday 4th March at 7pm


'Did Things Get Better?’

A debate featuring, amongst others. Tommy Sheridan MSP and Tim Luckhurst MP. Venue: The Royal Concert Hall. Tickets: £3.



H z:

Friday 6th April at 7pm

Onto Clarke might be

5 Rankin's way of preparing us for his retirement. but for the moment his grey, damaged Edinburgh keeps us turning the pages. (Louisa Pearson)



'The Falls'

Ian Rankin will be discussing his lat— est novel.

Venue: Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Tickets: E5/EA,

The narrator. Honeymoon Holt (arrrrgghhh) is. quelle surprise. in a love triangle with dependable fiance Ed and wild, dreamy hunk Alex. So what? There are cringes ' ‘Damn.’ said Eddie. 'that

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On every page. CliChéS 81 feels 9000- 00W thing Five Quarters Of The available from Waterstone's. Doors every turn. and woefully better'n a good fuck's a ; Orange (Doubleday n t m puerile writing . good piss.‘ This is pretty $312.99) on ope a 6-009 .

Born of a French mother and an English father. 1 Joanne Harris spent her childhood immersed in French village life, folklore and tradition. Because of this. her novels of which the best-selling Choco/at is the most famous competently evoke the sights and sounds of rural France. Her latest novel again

goddam typical of the

language Christopher's Cook's characters spout in Robbers. It's a

‘southern noir' which

pits the above-quoted redneck and his pal Ray Bob against a Texas ranger. the superbly-

named Rule Hooks. a

L Dirty Harry-type lawman who works only by his own code and breaks

throughout. Avoid at all costs. (Doug Johnstone)

Details of all events at Waterstone's can be found in the listings section


EAST END DRAMA CARON FREEBORN Three Blind Mice (Abacus £9.99) 00

i even that. And during 1 the good ‘ol boys

thievin'. rapin', murderin'

sees a mysterious woman arriving in an isolated

: village to charm the locals : with her innate talents in


Ian Rankin

RRP: £16.99 Waterstone's price: £12.99

Spree across Texas. they pick up Della Street (white trash single mother).

Cook's debut may not be particularly auspicious. working as it does with cliched characters and plot (not to mention a forgettable title). but this boy can sure write a page-turner. Robbers motors along at a great pace. but most striking is the book's tacit requirement of the reader to sympathise with its unattractive characters. all of whom are on the road bound for perdition.

(Miles Fielder)

cuisine. Unlike Choco/at where this is done to 1 arouse passion in the staid community the heroine here. Framboise Dartigen. employs her culinary expertise to veil seCrets of a tragic past. Harris weaves a fluid and evocative narrative that flits between the events of her heroine's childhood spent in the village during the German Occupation and her present-day predicament of keeping her identity ; secret. The combination of culinary delights and darker passions will no ; doubt keep ladies of a certain age enthralled. (Catherine Bromley)

Rosie is a sexy working- class girl made good. Darren's her dodgy brother. a man of few words. most of which are ‘cunt’. Alex is the S 8. M-loving social worker who becomes her boyfriend. Together they make not the cast of C4‘s latest 'controversial' soap. but the three blind mice of Eng Lit lecturer Caron Freeborn‘s debut novel. When a rival pub is

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