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Top five examples of direct action chosen by stand-up ROBERT NEWMAN, playing at George Square Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Apr.

1 Seattle, 1999 The thing that struck me was the diversrty. Blocking the same road you got grannies and Quakers and doctors and dockers.

2 Cable Street riots, 1936 That was orthodox Hassidic Jews alongside Catholic dockers and Italian anarchists all on the same barricades.

3 Boadicea’s anti-Roman roads campaign, A060 That was Quite good.

4 City of London, 18 June 1999 That was an extraordinary thing that inspired lots of people around the world.

5 The Rosa Parks bus boycott, Southern Alabama, 1955 That was very important.

Top five film soundtracks chosen by CARTER BURWELL, the Coen brothers’ favourite composer its...

1 Psycho Music by Bernard . Herrmann and Danny Elfman. I don‘t have any fixed list. so it'll be different every day. but this is usually on it.

2 Planet Of The Apes Music by Jerry Goldsmith. I really love scores from sci-fi B-movies. That was a magnificent genre that's been completely destroyed by the success of Star Wars.

3 The Day The Earth Stood Still Music by Bernard Herrmann.

4 Forbidden Planet Music by Bebe Barron and Louis Barron the first ever electronic soundtrack.

5 Blood Simple Music by Carter Burwell. Ha. I think it‘s my favourite of my own. My first one.

Eat, drink and be wary

Before you complain about bad service give a thought to bad customers.

Words: Rachel Richardson

have often thought about wearing a

message T-Shirt that reads. ‘I am a

human being‘ or. 'Yes. i do have a brain’. Both phrases regularly run through my mind on a Friday night working in a busy Glasgow bar.

A regular weekend grafting can include a visit from the police. a couple of screaming matches with disgruntled customers. some abuse from colleagues. getting knee-deep in beer and cleaning sick tip from the toilets. All this glamour for a mere £4 an hour. Who on earth would work in the catering trade‘.’

It is my humble opinion and of course this is only a suggestion. as i would not ever wish to offend or even think about telling you what i really think about the punters who grace the many food and beverage establishments of Scotland that bad customers are more prevalent than bad service.

In my three years of customer service. I have witnessed customers who scream at staff. slag off their appearance. physically attack

It is my humble opinion that bad customers are more prevalant than bad service.

them or are at best just down right rude. I have never seen any member of staff do any of the above to a customer.

[I will be appreciated by anyone who has

travelled outside the UK that the standard of

service in bars and restaurants can be hideous. laughable and often surreal. But what needs to be understood is that bad service has become endemic in the industry because anyone who has any semblance of professionalism is unwilling to work in such an awful environment.

For a pittance plus tips. which rarely amount to much. waiting staff are treated with contempt by a good number of customers. The nice punters. the ones who appreciate that they

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Take inspiration from this issue‘s guide, but mind your manners

cannot be served instantly when the bar is packed to the rafters. are like shining stars. These understanding little gems. in my experience. get the best service.

The worst customers are those on some strange power trip. who seem to seek out problems and are clearly surprised if everything goes swimmingly. Those with this attitude who do receive good service. rarely show their appreciation. I return any tips given in coppers. as well as those from people who have not had what I think is decent service.

The lack of any union or professional status for service staff clearly worsens the problem. The industry is filled with students and part-time workers who are often mistreated by employers, work long hours and are paid shockingly low wages. What does the public expect from a body of workers treated like this?

So the next time that you visit one of the fabulous restaurants featured in this issue’s Eating And Drinking Guide. think about those poor souls who work their socks off to get you drunk and feed you well. Remember that even if they don‘t wear the T-shirt. they are human beings.

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