Hope James Stewart: Recent Explorations National Portrait (iallt-r}. l ()uccn Street. (124 (i200. l2.45pm. I'rcc. Jcannc (‘annix/o from the l'nixcrsit} of Iidinhurgh gi\ cs a talk.

Thursday 1 9

Book events

Ian MacDougall Jaincs thin. 53 St) South Bridge. (122 8222. 7pm. I'i'cc. Ian .\lacl)ougal| introduces his llL‘\\ hook Iii/rm I‘mm lll’l'k (llIt/ llomr’. Itascd on intcr‘x icu s \\ llll \sorking pcoplc in Scotland during thc t\\cnticth ccntur}.


Tour De Force I)_\nantic Iiarth. Holyrood Road. 473 2070. l‘l‘cc. 'l‘hc opening day of this c\hihition from (iltlsgtm Scicncc (‘cntrc lcaturing simulated tornadoes. sound strctchcrs and huthc \Hllls.


Meta-Morphosis Conference - How Work Can Be Meaningful l'nivcrsit) ()l’ Iidinhurgh. I)a\'id llumc 'l'oxier. («)8 2232. 0.30am 5.45pm. £40 (£20). 'I'hc conl'crcncc titltlt‘csscs issues such as \ll'css. dissatisfaction and ahscntccism associated u itli unpleasant working conditions and considers ways to imprm c the situation for companies and indiViduals.


Charity Fashion Show Iigo. i4 l’icard)‘ I’lacc. 478 7434. 7pm. £7 (£5); children tree. A fundraiser for I’hah. a charity supporting people with disahilitics. this show Icaturcs I‘ashions from leading high street names and music Irom The Soul (‘ollccti\'c. ’l’ickcts ayailahlc It‘om the Assembly Rooms. (icorgc Strcct. 0| 3| 22() 434‘).


A Women In Bed by Rembrandt National (iallct‘) of Scotland. 'l'hc Mound. (124 (>200. l2.45pm. l'i'cc. ('atriona Black discusses this paittting h)- Rctnhrandt.


Meta-Morphosis Conference - l-low Work Can Be Meaningful l'nix-crsit)’ ()l" Iidinhurgh. David Hume Tower. 668 2232. ‘).3()am-5.45pm. £40 (5.20). See Hi 2().

Theatre Of Meaningful Work Italian (‘ultural Institute. 82 .\'icolson Street. 668 2232. (1—8pm. A public meeting to coincide with the Meta- Morphosis conl'ercncc.

EnVironment Rhododendrons Royal Botanic (iardcn. lmcrlcith Row. 248 297‘). ll).3(lam—-noon. £2423. Guided tour around the gardens.

Conferences Meta-Morphosis Conference - How Work Can Be Meaningful I'ni\crsit_\ ()l' Iidinhurgh. I)a\id llumc Tout-r. (>68 2232. 9.30am 5.45pm. £41) (£201. See l-‘ri 2f).


River Clean-up water ()i‘ Lcith Visitor ('cntrc. 24 Lanark Road. 455 73(i7. Ilclp rid thc Watcr ol' I.cith ol' ruhhish as part of thc ‘Just Bin It' campaign.


Words For The Mantelpiece lIlL‘ I)can (iallcr). Bcll‘ord Road. (i24 (i2llll. l2.45pm. lace. 'l'honias .’\. (’lark gncs a pocll‘)‘ reading.

Tuesday 24

Book events

Keith Gray in conversation with Marc Lambert Jamcs 'l‘liiii. (icorgc Strcct. 225 4405. (i.3l)pm. I'ii'cc. Kcith (ira_\‘. hcstsclling author of (‘rt't'pr'rs atid I’mm li/om/ lll'U BI'HI/It’l‘.\ will be talking to Marc Lamhcrt ahotit uriting Ior childrcn toda).

Susan Watkins ()ltl ('ollcgc. I’laylair Lihrar). l'nix'ersit} ol‘ lidinhurgh. South Bridgc. 7pm. L' l. Launch of Stisan \\'atkins' lthisIlI} illustrach new hook. .llury Queen of .S'r'nlx.


Sherbet Spoons From 19th Century Iran Royal Mascum. 2 ('hamhcrs Strcct. 247 421‘). lpm. l-icc. The Iranian artcl‘acts are highlighted iii a talk by l'lrikc Al Khamis.


Through Western Eyes: The Representation Of ‘Exotic’ Cultures In The West Royal Museum. 2 (‘hamhcrs Strcct. 247 42()(i. 6.30 «‘4an U8 (£12). A Visual art study course m‘cl‘ (i weeks examining the West's fascination u ith other cultures.

Wednesday 25

Book events

Jerome Flynn Stockhridgc Lihrar)‘. l l Hamilton Place. 226 7(illl. l‘rcc. Star ol'So/diw: Soldier and But/gm: Flynn will he reading from spiritual tcachcr Andrew ('ohcn's new hook. lint/Murine [It'tll't’ll :lml [furl/i (Moksha I‘oundation £12.95).


H.R.H. Edward Augustus Duke Of Kent And Strathern by Peter Turnerelli National Portrait Gallery. 1 Queen Street. 624 (i2()(). l2.45pm. l-‘rcc. Susanna Kerr discusses 'I‘urncrclli's portrait.

Securing A Future For Gaelic (irc) friars Kirk. (irc) friars I’lacc. Mm 201*). ".3llpm. .-\l|an ('amphcll. ('hicl Ii\ccuti\c ol('omunn na (iaidhlig gixcs thc .-\imual Highland Lecturc.


The Home - Tenement Living .\ltiscuni ol' lidinhurgh. I42 (‘anoiigattz 52‘) 4l43. Illam noon. Iii‘cc. .\ stud) \xorkshop lcd h} llclcn (‘laik kccpci‘ of social histor} at thc ('it} of lzdinhingh ('ouncil.

Book events

Amy Tan .'\\\t‘llll‘I} Rooms. 54 (icoi‘gc Strcct. 22f) 434‘). 7pm. t41L‘3r‘l‘hc author of man} hcstsclling much and childrcn's hooks prcscnls hcr nc\\ no\ cl 'I'lii' li’oni'xi’lli'r'i lliiirg/ili'r l Flamingo £l(i.‘)‘)l.

listings Edinburgh life

Fresh Voices .lamcs Illlll. 5‘ 5" Smith Bridgc. (‘22 5222 ~pm licc \c‘“ talcnt in Scottish fiction liom ll " l’tihlishcis including Shug Il.llll.:l1. l intiu. t‘iackncll. 'l‘om Bruit .iiitl llicu t'aniciozi. :catl horn and discuss thcii \ki‘lk

Bruce Durie taint-s llllll. Iicolgc Slim. 22.5 44"5 “pm licc Budding \xchstlc tlcstgncis should attend llll\ \‘\\lt‘ll \\ llll Brucc lltii'tc \shosc (Us ~ I'\ ). all iii iv / ."i

oltcis thc l‘.l\l\'\ )«iti mud to 52st stailcil


Atoms, Particles And Saturn’s Rings Ilci'iot \\.ill I lll\\‘l\ll\. l tlinhtiigli Husmcss School. lx’iccaiton. 151 1113 (rpm, I-i‘cc l'hc lct'luic \‘llt'\ ci‘llllllll\'\

\\ Ill] .i talk from l’iol lx‘allaclla ( ltonc Blair, Bush and Bombs \l‘l‘lt‘lilll 1mm. I.ccttlrc CI hcalic \o l_ I lint-ism (ll litlmhuigh. (‘richton \ticcl. MM 8145 “sillpm. lii'ucc Kcnl hosts llll\ t ~\ll piihlic niccting on Star \\.ll\


holistic health for people and organisations

° On-site acupressure massage in the workplace and events across Scotland

° therapeutic massage and complementary health therapies for individuals

' training and consultancy



plenty here to send you off on a trip down memory lane. Museum of Edinburgh

142 Canongate. 529 4143. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Free. Packed With historic artefacts. this restored 16th century manSiOn tells the story of Edinburgh's past and its people and hOLises imponant collections of Edinburgh Silver and glass. Scottish pottery and shop Signs.

Newhaven Heritage Museum

Newhaven HarbOur. 551 4165. Daily noon—5pm. Free. Memorabilia and reconstrucred scenes tell the stOry of Newhaven and its sea-gOing heritage. from its origins as a naval dockyard to its continued use as a fishing pon.

Rosslyn Chapel

Boslin, 440 2159. Men—Sat 10am—5pm: Sun 11.45am—445pm. ‘24 £3.50). What yOu get Out of a trip to Rosslyn Chapel may depend on

your familiarin Willi books of the conspiracy theorist genre: a stronghold for the Knights Templai"?: proof of pre-Columhian trans-Atlantic travel’P: or even the final resting place of the Holy Crail’?i’? Royal Botanic Garden Inverleith Flow. 552 7171. Daily 9.30am—7pn1. Free. A sea of tranQLiillity in the hubbub of the City. the Botanic Garden is home to a wealth of flora from around the globe. Royal Museum

2 Chambers Street. 24 4219. Mon-Sat

lOant—Stai‘: Sun noon—:3an Tue 10am—8pm. Free. A 19th centun, museum housmg international collections of natural history. geology. seience. technology and the decorative arts. Royal Yacht Britannia

Ocean Drive. Leith. 5566. Mon—Fri 9.30am—4pm; Sat—Sun 9.30am—ABOpm. 87.75 “23.75—85.95: family ticket C20. The former regal yacht opens its doors after a £25 million refit and members of the

Ulllliil,‘ can have a good nosy mun/1' 3W,- Royais' former quarters.

St Giles’ Cathedral Rc,a' Mlle. 22:3 9-142, Mvam {liltiaiit—‘ipti‘; Suit Mini". Foun’lerl 1"

1w,- $1359. this churci‘.

has '.'.'itr‘t,-sse:,l exer;titio"-s.

riots and celebrations. With spectacular Sféii'lffli grass '.'.wrvlo\.'.'s. ()Vl‘vélll’: stonexiork and gt. tied tours as a good starting point for exploring the Royal Mae.

Water Of Leith Visitor Centre

Lanam Road.

i)“: '

l- ‘.' r

F),' t

’l‘,t,‘l:.‘. '1' ’2 .’}"7', t 51'- Writers’ Museum la", ii i i Stir”, 1’," r ' I/l’,'i S . F’ffl; M . i I" f ’2‘ 2‘,” r r t,‘ "X

‘9" ' F3 ' " Lu: SW: " ' t' s


2'. .9 ' THE LIST 99