FUNNY BUSINESS Re: Future Laughs Of Scotland (issue 410) Yet another letter gets to The List complaining about piss-poor comedy coverage. If you published as many comedy pieces as letters you've received on the subject. you would have had . . . ooh . . . about four comedy features this year. Which would still be more than your actual output. Pretty much every other section in the magazine from film to music to clubs to theatre has a regular news column, a hitlist. and between four and ten preViews/reViews. at least one of which is a full page feature. Why is comedy still not afforded the same treatment? On a more Positive note. good to see that the listings are more accurate and informed and the quality of writing in the blink-and-you‘II-miss-it comedy featurette has improved. Brian Donaldson at least sounds as if he knows what he's talking about. Couple of good pieces on Tiernan and Shuttlewonh; both stalwarts of the Scottish circuit. of course. Hmm . . . Jason Hall via e-mai/


Re: A lunatic asylum policy (issue 410) l was delighted to read Mark Brown's article on asylum. I teach a number of refugee children. They are experiencing great poverty and hardship; hardly something their parents would have exposed them to. unless they were in fear of their lives.

Some people say Britain is a soft touch, but only this week the British government and press were criticised by the Council Of Europe for racism ‘which is quite acute' against asylum seekers and refugees. The European Commission Against Racism And Intolerance also condemned the government for racism targeted against asylum seekers and refugees. and the media for its “xenophobic and intolerant coverage'.

Many politicians are playing the race card in the run-up to the election. despite signing an agreement that they w0uld not do this. Unfortunately. Labour and the Tories, in their different ways. are making life as difficult as possible for asylum seekers. Jack Straw is organising so-called snatch

(fitz) Henry, 19 Shore Place. Leith

Simon Somme/ier

The deCOr lS beautiful I like the classical look With the modern t0uches. Alan Morrison can really make this work.

squads and building and refurbishing prisons for aSylum seekers. William Hague has accused Virtually all aSylum seekers of being bogus and is trying to appeal to the worst prejudice to scrape together a few votes.

Refugees and immigrants have played a major part in the growth of this c0untry over the centuries. We need this to continue. We should welcome refugees and immigrants both out of basic humanity and because we're going to need their skills and hard work. Politioans and the media should not give suppOrt and encouragement to those who commit racist attacks. but rather give support to the huge number of Scottish people who are very welcoming to refugees. Name and address supplied


Re: Rough Cuts (issue 410) I wish to express my deep concern over what I believe to be the completely incorrect translation of the title of a current French film. The film is titled Baise Moi and it appears to be translated as Rape Me.

This is incorrect. offensive and dangerous and I would appreciate an explanation if possible. I will admit that l have not seen this partiCular film but I would be surprised if the title is in context.

As a linguist. with a background in translating and interpreting. I can assure you that the correct translation of ‘Baise Moi is 'F—- Me' or ‘Screw Me'. and equally the correct translation of “Rape Me' is ‘Viole Moi'. Could you please look in to this matter as I am sure you can appreciate my concern.

J.G. Murphy

via e-mail

(You’re right. The director Virgin/he Despentes chose Rape Me because, according to a recent interview, she felt Screw Me ‘sounded too much /ike a come- on’. - Ed)

AMBUSH BUSH Re: President Bush and Kyoto Protocol More than 50.000

angry citizens


Textile Student It's lust so tucked away from everything else and love the candlelit atmosphere.

from all over the world have flooded the White House With emails. as a part of a Friends of the Earth protest over Bush's climbdown on the UN climate treaty ithe Kyoto Protocoli. The number of protest mails is now running at over 10000 a day. The action is stretching the Friends of the Earth e-mail server to breaking pOint iFoE receives copies of all messages) and the White House server has reportedly' Crashed IWICG Since Saturday. unable to process the world-Wide protest. At peak times. every second an e—protest is sent.

Since the start of the action on 20 March. more than 50.000 people from all continents have partiCIpated, including representatives from industry. governments. churches. parliaments and NGOs. People from the European Commission were among the protesters as well. and even employees of BP and Shell. using their office computers.

Messages came from every corner of the world. from Patagonia to Portugal. from Tasmania to Texas. from China to Costa Rica. The protest has been translated into French. German. Spanish. Russian. Japanese. More than 2000 US citizens even sent a fax to the White House.

To flood Bush on-line go to wwwfoe-scotlandorguk Lang Banks Friends of the Earth Scotland 72 Newhaven Road Edinburgh

Graeme FinanCia/ P/anning Manager

haven't eaten can imagine it

being pretty atmospheric.

It looks terrific. I

here before but I

Noma Dumezweni put the case for asylum seekers in The Bogus Woman at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre.


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