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CDMED r BRING IT ON (12) 94 mins .00.

Kirsten Dunst plays the captain of the Toros cheerleading team and the pressures on for the current champions to retain their crown. Then. horror of horrors, they find out their award Winning routine has been stolen from inner-city squad the Clovers. And if you can accept a film about the most frivolous of subjects that never takes itself too seriously. you Will find that this is ()ll() ()f lllf) liresst l()(3ll comedies of recent years. Undeniany frothy. light. feelgood and fun. (Universal rental)

(Henry Northmore)

lHRllllER FOLLOWING (15) 69 mins oooo

This astonishingly clever film marked the debut of director Christopher Nolan, who then went on to make the astonishingly clever Memento. The similarities are apparent: an ingenious plot and playing with time combined with skilful directing. This low- budget. London-set film noir follows a writer. Bill. who gathers material by followmg strangers. Things take a sinister turn when he starts shadowing the mysterious Cobb and is

drawn into his voyeuristic world. Fol/owrng leaves you pug/led right up to the end » and then y0u'll want to watch it again. (Momentum Pictures F1599) (Victoria Gooch)



(18) 87 mins 00

Goorlfe/las set in Liverpool. This is basically every underworld myth you Will hear in a dirty Toxteth pub from a pissed-up self-z.iggrz.indising Scally, put onto film and it makes tepid viewing. There are. however. compensations - Bernard Hill puts in a great cameo as an old Jailbird. comedians Peter Kay and Stan Boardman make their quirky movie debuts and the two leads. Neil Fitzmaurice and Dominic Carter. manage to transcend the weak script with strong convincing performances. But Liverpool deserves better. (Entertainment rental) (Paul Dale)


(15) 94 mins 0....

Adorned with a perm that would please Kevin Keegan. Ewen Bremner plays the title role, a paranoid schizophrenic based on wunderkind filmmaker Harmony Korine's uncle Eddie. Even when constrained by the Dogme 95 rules. Korine‘s narrative deconschnon manages to out avant garde the most talked about film movement of the last decade. With Jul/en Donkey-Boy Korine attempts to get



(PG) 104 mins 00...

In Boogie Nights, Burt Reynolds fictional porn filmmaker Jack Horner rather modestly calls himself a director of “exotic motion pictures’. In The Mood For Love gives real filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai the right to call himself the same; he might also justly call himself a director of an ‘erotic motion picture’, and there’s not a breast, butt, pecker, nor cum shot in sight. Unrequited love is what In The Mood For Love is about, and as we all know those heart, gut and soul-wrenching yearnings are what defines eroticism. The lovers in question are two neighbours in 605 Hong Kong, played by gorgeous Maggie Cheung and gorgeous Tony Leung. Off screen, their respective husband and wife are having a full-blown affair, which leaves the cuckolded pair with time on each others hands. Thus a series of awkward encounters - in corridors, alleyways, stairwells - becomes a romantic but never physical liaison. The resulting sensual tension is unbearable and


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Wong Kar-Wai turns up the heat

Kar-Wai’s no stranger to unrequited love; Leung played a love-lorn policeman in his earlier film Chungking Express. Here, the Asian auteur turn up the heat with rich, saturated colours, a seductive old-school exotica soundtrack and stylish fashion. Not since Audrey Hepburn had coffee and Danish outside a famous New York jewellery store has a lady been so impossibly stylish - as for slick ‘n’ groomed Leung, he blows square old George Peppard out of the water. What it all comes back to is restraint, which is what informs the leads’ faultless performances for a director who’s in complete and utter control of his craft. (Miles Fielder)

I Available to buy on DVD E 79. 99 and widescreen video £15.99 from Momentum Pictures from Mon to Apr.

to the essence of the back-to-basics movement by dispensing with a script and using spy cameras to gauge the general public's ‘real reactions' to staged situations. A genius. though perhaps not to everyone's taste. (Metro Tartan $15.99: $319.99 on DVD)

(Alan Smithee)



um: again: It"


«ill iii Ill}!

Ilru- :-

Directed by Mark Herman (Brassed Off. Little Voice). this film has

two young Geordie lads. Gerry and Sewell, determined to find money for the outrageously-priced season tickets to Newcastle United. and engaging in every scam in the book. with

impressive nonchalance.

to do so.

With lively lead performances from new actors Chris Beattie and Gary McLane. there are

plenty of very funny moments (not least

concerning Alan Shearer's musical tastes). and the film says much about the demise of family. community and the welfare state. But it tries to cram too much

in, struggling to

successfully combine its

humour and grit. Maybe

there have just been too

§ many films about

underclass northerners chasing their dreams. but Pure/y Be/fer falls just slightly flat. (FilmFour

rental; $19.99 on DVD)

(Kate Eden)



(15) 125 mins 00.

1 Well, if you‘re gOing to

shit yourself, it might as well be in the kharsi. This convenience is offered in the convenience of

1 Michelle Pfeiffer and

Harrison Ford's country pile. where a rather

gorgeous willowy blond

makes a succession of

sudden. startling appearances in reflected

bathwater. bathroom mirrors. and so forth. Robert Zemeckis plunders the Hitchcockian box of

tricks both visually and musically for this

watchable ghost story.

and the usual

succession of

accusations of madness

and false trails to dark

secrets accrue around

Pfeiffer's startled wifey. There's even a spot of possession thrown in

before the predictable revelation of a more earthly evil at the end.

Actually. not much at all lies beneath this schmaltzy entertainment. but it passes its slightly overlong time competently. (l ox Pathe rental) (Steve Craiiier)

ALSO RELEASED Anatomy (Columbia Tristar rental; $19.99 on DVD) German stalk 'n' slash thriller With Run 1 e/a Ron's Franke Potente Coyote Ugly (Bllcl‘a Vista rental; $19.99 on DVD) Showgirls s yle sleaze with gorgeous babes working in a New York bar

L'Ennui (Artificial Lye $319.99 on DVD) Highly- praised. arty erotic drama from France

Rosetta (Artificial lye $19.99 on DVD) Double DVD release of the Cannes Palme d'Or Winning hard- hitting Belgian drama

Une Liaison Pornographique (Momentum $15.99; Not porn, but a beautifully acted French love story

The Sopranos

Justifiably acclaimed Mafia drama series comes to DVD across 6 separate DVD’s and a box set no extras of note but who cares with such quality and award winning


Graphic German horror film involving medical students and cadavers DVD features

include director's commentary. photo galleries. music videos and trailers

New Order - 3 16

First New Order DVD contains: live in New York 81. the Reading Festival 98 and the In Conversation with Miranda Sawyer features include slick on screen menus


Thriller set in the UK club scene. in a Human Traffic style includes director and producer commentary. deleted

scenes, cast & crew interviews and music videos

Purely Belter

Quality Newcastle based football fan feature, from the director of Little Voice - disc extras include cast 8 crew interviews and behind the scenes features

City Hunter

Cult classic Jackie Chan movie taken from a popular Manga strip - DVD extras include behind the scenes footage. Outtakes. gallery and theatrical trailers

Cypress Hill - Still Smokin’

Quality music DVD release from the stoned rappers includes a 30 minute TV special of So You Wanna Be A Superstar hosted by Cheo Coker

Madonna - What It Feels Like For A Girl

Released 2 after the single release - DVD contains the extremely controversial music video directed by Guy Ritchie and an additional 2 audio remixes of the track

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