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If your morning of the Sabbath routine is chewing on last night’s pizza then

stop, for here’s your chance to Win Everything but the Kitchen Sink.

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Winning is easy. Simply answer the question below to win one of the following funky prizes. Highlight the number that corresponds with the item you most desire on the postcard and we’ll try our best to get you what you want.

Q: The kitchenware department in both

the Edinburgh and Glasgow stores is on the same floor. Which one is it?

All answers on a postcard stating your name, address and daytime telephone number to:

Gadget Competition —.._

The List Ltd jOHN LEWIS

“High Street Department Stores Witfi'n’3-EH Edinburgh a w w

\L L.1--\\‘[\J I .1 l \t ,. ' _‘\,/ I .1 [""‘[¥\"-'\/-\I‘u“ ' "2"” \ ‘3 V. rival-‘1' s'xi‘w' l\' w" - » .. . :-.

All winners will be notified by post and prizes should be delivered within 28 days. All entries must be received by Thursday 26 April.