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EDINBURGH'S BOROUGH BAR AND restaurant. |.'l a boutique hotel of the same name. '.’.lH be launched slightly later than anticipated. A press lunch has been rescheduled for Friday 20 April. With interiors by Ben Kelly DeSrgn, responsible for the seminal HaCrenda in Manchester and Glasgow's influential Bar 10. Causewayside's latest new venture wrll feature the cooking of head chef Mark Abbott. formerly of the capital's Pompadour in the Caledonian Hotel.

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Bar 38’s fare

EDINBURGH-BASED BAR 38 HAS been awarded ‘Menu of the Year 2001’ by Pub Food magazine. “The feedback we've received about the menu here at Bar 38 in Edinburgh since we opened in February 1999 has been really positive,’ says Mark

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Frazer, manager of the George Street branch. ‘We’re very pleased that it’s gained industry recognition.’

THE FORMER CENTRE GALLERY ON Sauchrehall Street has Decor“: Ca“;- Centro. Under the san‘ie o\.'.'r‘,er<"iy‘: o" the print and framing shop. which has moved to George Street. the cafe serves pastries. coffees and teas. as well as a variety of reas0nably priced sandwiches and SOups Monday-iirrdar, 7am—7pm and Saturday 8am—6pm. Caffe Centro. ~150a Sauchrehall Street. Glasgow. 0141 332 8880.

IN A NICE PIECE OF EXPLOITING the countryside’s problems, Bass Leisure Retail is promoting pub walks in Edinburgh and Glasgow as an alternative to outdoor hikes suspended thanks to the foot and mouth outbreak. In a move not likely to repair schisms between rural and urban communities, Bass public relations informs us that ‘due to the current foot and mouth crisis, with many parts of the countryside closed to walkers, leisure pursuits in and around the cities are increasingly the only alternative’. We suppose that after hitting Greyfriars Bobby, The Kenilworth and Conan Doyle amongst others - for a few drams, the farmers’ plight won’t seem so pressing.

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‘.'.’rtl‘i the a \ \ ° ' a season's ‘astim‘. 'a'tgtx ’vh'wl 5 Spencer has raurx‘t‘mi tn»..- trrst o‘ a iret‘q. was". .'.'!l‘:? 'artge

Kaituna Hills ' Sauvignon Blanc 2000 rNev.’ Zealanu. 85.98% New Zealand makes truk orld« class Sauvignon Blancs and this rs no exception, This vintage was also one of the best the countn, has hit“? enjoyed - put the two together and yOLr come out 3*.ch something ‘.(3r\ special. This rs classic Kiwi rurce. loaded wrth typical gooseherm fresh aromas but slightly lighter on the palate than some others. Not that this is a bad thing. as some peor>le find the tart crispness of this style a touch full on.

Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 1999 (Vin de pays. France. 525.98% I've seen grown men cower in fear when shown a barrel-fermented Chardonnay. By being fermented in oak. rt picks up a much richer, more buttery. woody character than those just aged in oak. This can give rise to layers of toffeed. fudgey buttery fruit. which can be a bit ovenvhelmrng to some. However. this diSplays all the characteristics of this style but applied relatively lightly. As such you can enjoy

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. ,, chAteau du parc Chateau Du Parc .. .W a..- Organic1999 - r ~ 83:" ES “t ' 'I t , V‘: I r '7 l "r names "mt-a " Liftittr'ilx‘ tl'Qti‘r‘N. 1 fix.l"r‘?\1to: Li. TK o ' o |.'lr"" St‘W'T‘S ° {'2' . ."r.i"l\.‘ll’.‘. 7"..f1 't“--"‘T ' "‘1' H‘rrtll' if r" ."r} ' t' .i 1"‘3‘ 'j‘i‘ { 'l n V' t' I »~' arr‘tagrrurtri'r. f loamy:

trtirlrtc-rrzrlHathantw t;‘.'.:i" t r-ri 1.1" l the pertrwirir‘t'su \tl T." 517.1; var; " through u". the r‘ luv {‘.‘.‘.'..rt' '2 r a soft rtherr‘, T'.t'.o;.'r .'.‘tl‘ r': in- .;

and a hint of tnf‘tw. M&S Australian Shiraz 1999 :Sr‘utt‘r Australia. $13.99: Marlw h\. the Aussie grants. irriderriarts. thrt; is; textbook Shrra.’ for a fryer. A touch t)? h|a(:kttur'rant fit: a background o. spirit». lire paint»! .3. big and fruity '.‘.'llil()lli hurrrg lmutr. With a strong backbone of ti taut, oak Get sortie of this for a titi'll'lllr'l harhegue and you went git; tar ‘_-.r m; (Gordon Haggartyr

I All wrrr 2:; (nu/usive to [lurks ‘; Spencer.

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