CLASSIFIED 1 saw you


V I saw you possible aye llltll‘tlcl'ct'. LlL'lllIIlC lease? Poly) :4 March. l.e1t tne hot and most delinitely hungry (incl. heartless and hell ol a turn on? (iirls on top .-\pril‘.’ Yours in anticipation . . . whoey er you want me to be. \yy Boy .\'o 1741 1/5‘).

0 I saw you at Pure 124/31 1 bottght yott a beer with my ill .‘JUltcn gains? You were cool? 11 you are tip for going clubbing i the 1'uture please get in touch? XXX Boy No 1741 1/011.

0 I saw you tray c1 on ('athcart circle wearing a ring llCI-I lIaIItl single?) and l-lL‘CCL‘ tllealthland 1 think). lanned been on holiday'.’ .‘yle tall bloke doesn't tell you much but get in touch to lind out more. Boy No17411/01.

O I saw you l’rcd kissing me under the stars. My number's in .‘our' bhone switch tiom ‘sim‘ to 'phone‘ memory and use it. .S.\ lit)\ No 17411/02.

O I saw you llorny bag?? Buchanan (ialleries. Your delightlul behind snug in l.e\is. Red ('ampers caused my head to turn. My Little Miss Sunshine?? Box No 17411/03.

V I saw you with your w hitc hair and gorgeous beard at the ('alcdonian 1'niyersity. Boy .\'o 17411/04.

9 I saw you last l’riday 31) March. l oyerheard your cony'ersation about selling your flat and your knickers? Box .\'o 1741 1/05.

0 I saw you Timmy. you may be 31). but ney et' too old lot" Simpsons. .-\11 my loyc 1)emo Special 'l'rim? Boy .\'o 1741 1/00. 9 I saw you .~\ya with the lovely hair at the Bar Brel?? Boy .\'o 17411/07.

9 I saw you on Saturn. 1/4/(11 or was it a ('al-.\lac Ferry? Wine and a bath'.’ (‘ome and play . . . Boy .\'o 17411/08. V I saw you looking manky and wearing .\1r Kipling pants. (‘onte show me yer pout. D'arcy's boy ?? Box No 17411/0‘).

V I saw you sad delinquent iii Bar Brel. brush your hair. you scrul‘l' bag. Boy No17411/71).

134 THE LIST 1.? 26 Apr 2001

. I saw you alone at Borders (Kile. u wear pink top with light blue cardigan w ritin' some stutt'.’ .\1e. sitting close to you. and attracted to yotl?? .-\ L‘UI‘IL'C together.’ BU\ \1) 1741 l/. l.

0 I saw you in Borders. your tiery locks. your 'lom (‘ruise eyes. Looking cute eyen while moy ing that amp? Yoti lel't before 1 had a chance to giye you a bit o1 romance? Boy .\'o 1741 1/73.

0 I saw you ‘1 lluttct'. I stutter. 1 am in the gutter?‘ llar. llar? ('an 11 guess w bo’.’ l-rm Kimmo :1 Boy .\'o 17411/73.

O I saw you in Schuh with your sct'ttlly hair and slack trousers. l.o\e your cute indie boy sty 1C. [)0 you work on commission'.’ Boy .\'o1'/411/74. V I saw you 1.i//ie in the Polo lounge around 7pm at the window. me sitting at the bar with two triends. lelt just al'tcr 7pm. \Yould one to nteet tip sometime. Box No 17411/75. V I saw you 111 Slea/y 's. Yoti Bell'ast Beauty. .\ly pal reckons you are a natural ginger. (‘are to proye him w rong'.’ Hm \o 1741 1/70. V I saw you across my desk this interesting signal is at green. you can audit my assets anytime? Box .\'o 17411/77. 0 I saw you at it (a the Honey comb. Jungle Jane with water. me. ('hris just sayin' alright. Hos .\'o17411/78. V I saw you on Monday 1‘). in Borders at the back. You hay e an Asian look and you were writing a letter to a 1'riend. 1 was sitting inlront o1 you. your eyes were on the paper btit mine were on you. Then 1 saw you working in l)a Yinci on my way home. Boy Nt)1'/411/7‘).

O I saw you the latino loyerat in The Shack. l'riday 17 lieb. .\lli: drunk. blond. gagging 4 it. You: Needing Nookie?? ('oming back for seconds Raimundo‘.’ Boy .\'o 17411/811.

V I saw you ya seyy blond beast dancing in the window? .\le garage bouncer . . . l'ancy a trip to the stall room‘.’ Box No 1741 1/81.

V I saw you on Friday night with your mates. you had a Blue shirt on and you hay e blonde hair. you were sitting at the window just the two ot‘ you. Please be mine. Box No

1741 1/82.

0 I saw you lellow Neuroscientist lillie. \\Ith kindest soul to cross my path in

a long time. sitting in 'l'inderboy.

w ailing t'or someone to write an ‘1 saw you. dedicated to you 101‘ 1’or me to say something interesting ? ?1 Hm \017411/33. 0 We saw you our dear .yrm woman the girl that speaks the truth the only truth. with a cockncy charm. Sharon ('. ney er change?? l.oye .-\isha and Holly. Box \ol7411/S4. V I saw you Nina and Sitnon drinking in 'l‘ennents all the time thanks 1'or all the money/ 1‘01VC/I‘ilgS/lIL‘L‘I/L‘llylkllL‘Sl 1 low yott? Boy .\'o 17411/85. V I saw you dreaded headed baby laced barman in Slea/y's. l w a/ the hetroseyual dungareed woman. 1 know you saw me too??? Box No 17411/80. . I saw you Beanscenc. Sat 24 Mar. 4pm. (iirl with child who sat at window and smiled (iy'cl'. 0111‘ C} Cs kept IIIL‘L‘tllIg. Boy with blue shirt would like to see you again. Boy No 1741 1/87.

V I saw you at Superlly'. 34 March at the \Yoodside. I smiled at you + you smiled at me . . . + then it was the end of the night + you lel't tw ith a (girl) 1riend'.’) Box No 17411/88.

V I saw you Mel’erran and had a lantastic weekend. Lets do it again some time soon. Need to see you again. be my babe. Keith. Box No 17411/8‘). U I saw you on 28 March and my heart skipped a beat. You: pretty psychology student with pink jumper and plenty questions. .\Ie: ney er the same since. Want to flirt some more'.’ Box No 17411/91).

V I saw you llillhead 1'ndergrotmd. \Yed 28/3/01. You guy with camel jacket. Me Starbucks guy. 1-‘ancy a drink'.’ Box No 17411/91.


O I saw you in lguana tor the yery tirst time planning a snowboarding trip. Bryan R drinking lloegaarden. what a handsome brother you haye. .\1y snowboarding buttocks will IICL‘tl arnical Bo\ N1117411’l. O I saw you Jenny + .'\1111\ being so uncultured you uncouth youth I desery e better than you + I'm going to find it. Boy No 1741172.

0 I saw you rather e\cited about the Shea Segcr bill you didn't turn tip. Big slaps tor you my boy. l.oye Wayne and l'o\. Bo\ No 17411/3.

9 I saw you in your 11111 on 1’\'(' outlit. (iot‘geous blonde in Snatch. showing your chebs to the crowd? Again ty Again. l’ls. Box No 17411/4. 0 I saw you two Ross llllllk‘s lleay'en'.’ (‘ould be. Box .\'o 1741 1/0. 0 I saw you the most arrogant man 1 know. 1 know two naughty nurses w ho can teach you a thing or two. See it

you can handle its . . . xxx Fancy a *(il’ Box No 1741 1/7.

0 I saw you the night you left the big Y. good luck my dear. this is the beginning? Love you loads. low from your bear. Box No 1741 l/b'.

V I saw you .‘s'ieky '1‘ looking l‘urtiye on the High Street. Box No 17411/9.

9 I saw you in a beautiliul green dress at the Iigg 31/3. You dug Suede & 'l’he ('lain and

gay e me a heart? I stood you up and want to make tip Ior it. Are you‘.’ Box No 17411/11.

9| saw you or should I say 1 smelt you. you stinky. seyy sweaty man? You were dripping with sweat. 1t totally tttrned me on. Boy .\'o 17411/12.

9 I saw you girl with the silyer bangles. :\nd that rugged brow n hair. Take me and lose the dude? Box No 1741 1/13.

V I saw you you wacky photographer you were taking pictures o1 my golden anniyersary when 1' started stripping Douglas R. 11.-\ 11.-\ Il:\ Il.-\ 1' sL‘\_\ lk‘astl lio\ No 1741 1/14.

. I saw you tril/y haired wacky. grooyy chick with the pink shrug at the audition Ior Cambridge. 1 think ur name is (111131“ No 17411/15.

O I saw you the cute girl with the light blue jeans + a gt‘ooy'y top. in the liilmhouse. Run to me u skatier toy wool? (Foxes don't go miaow). Box .\'o 1741 1/10.

0 I saw you in 1-‘orrest Road. You were about 45. I'm much younger btit go for older guys. Look for the girl in blue. Box No 17411/17.

. I saw you that gorgeous guy at Bristo Square with the red hoodie. You are hot? Box No 1741 1/18.

V I saw you in the green hoodie at Bristo Square. 1' were skating. You were with a small guy with ginger hair. Box No 1741 1/1‘).

0 I saw you with the light blue cap + beige trotrsers. 1 think you're called Silas‘.’ Box No 17411/21).

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