Screamadelic: Steven Clark on Andrew Weatherall

A There can be l‘ew more pioneering ligures in "u ' modern dance music than Andrew Weatherall. From his early l‘)‘)()s inadvertent invention of ‘indie-dance‘ via his timeless remix of My Bloody Valentine's ‘Soon' to his most recent / electronic smut outlit. 'l‘wo Lone Swordsmen. he W still commands respect from all mUsical corners. Most discerning record collections will contain at least one example ol‘ the Weatherall touch. most likely his production work on Primal Scrcam‘s St'reumude/it'u. the delinitive snapshot ol‘ the early ()(ls. His contribution here cannot be underestimated. it being well documented that the Scream were a struggling cod-rock act until they employed \N’eatherall to inject life into “I'm Losing More Than l‘ll liver llave‘. provoking a caterpillar to butterfly-like transl'ormation that resulted in the classic ‘Loaded'.

Weatherall's own musical output had been sporadic until Sabres ol’

Paradise in [993. He had been involved in Bocca Juniors with 'l‘eny Farley but alter hooking up with Jag/ Kooner and (iary Burns. the .S'ubresonie and Haunted I)(UI(‘(’/l(l// albums became the pre—club sound ol' the mid-90s. Weatherall continues to switch intisical styles with the keenness of a twitchy channel surfer. and the dubby soundtrack vibe of the Sabres has given way to the raw elcctro-l‘unk of Two Lone Swordsmen. his collaboration with Keith 'l‘enniswtxxl. and the superb 'Iinv lx’emim/ers' album. In addition. Weatherall's nascent Rotters (ioll' (‘lub imprint brings us the twisted brain—wrongs from the scul/iest corners of electro. while his DJ work produced the Nine ()'( 'lm'k Drop compilation. showcasing the genesis of punk-funk. Returning to Scotland. he will spin platters at Lee Perry‘s dub session before an evening of funky techno at My Machines. proof that his genre blending tastes have never left him.

Andrew Weatherall plays the Forum, Aberdeen, Fri 27 Apr, Glasgow School of Art, Sat 28 Weaésggl‘: Apr and La Belle Angele, invemor 0; Edinburgh, Sun 29 Apr Steven indie-dance

Clark plays guitar in Bis.

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