What do Stanley Kubrick, Ozzy Osbourne and Roald Dahl have in common?

Answer: they are

inextricably linked to Glasgow guitar abusers

Braithwaite said Deacon Blue and Runrig were a ‘nafional disgrace’, 2001

MOGWAI, to some a quintet

of drunken Kappa-wearing eejits, to us the last great hope for civilisation. In an exercise of ‘six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ proportions, we illustrate how everyone in the world is connected to

them. Words: Mark Robertson Additional research: Victoria Gooch, Jason Cranwell, Jane Hamilton



Headlined T in the Park Evening Session Stage,

1 999

Supported Manic Street Preachers and Stereophonics, 1997

Said Blur were

shite and made T-shirts to say so. Blur were



Pavement and Super Furry Animals put in bulk orders for the T-shirts

Rock Action contains collaborations with Remote Viewer,

David Pajo and

First major tour with Urusei Yatsura who are named after a Japanese comic

Were once called Dead Cat Motorbike and Rancid Monkey

And like Bute, where Mogwai play

Rothsay Pavilion on

Sat 14 April 2001

Japan is an island, like Iceland, where Mogwai recently played

Debut gig with Trout at 13th Note 1995

Posed on

front cover of programme dressed as


Curated All

Tomorrow’s Parties

festival 1999

Super Furry Animals

Chino Moreno Of Super Furry Anima's played Deftones to collaborate on track ‘Cortez’ from Rock Action TONY [30093n sessions part-recorded the new Mogwai album Rock Who is part of Rock Action, out on 30 Mercury Rev Action, like April on CODY was Southpaw

produced by

Dave Fridmann

The album almost got called Exorcist III, Public Notice: Unattended Children Will Be Sold As Slaves and Pardon Our Dust As We Grow To Serve You Better

Have recorded at Chem19 where The

Delgados’ The

Great Eastern

founded Chemikal

Underground who released the Mogwai

Young Team and Come On Die Young

rumours, the are all

The Delgados



still pals

was made


Played keyboards on various Arab Strap


wrote ‘Waltz For Aidan’ for him

Arab Strap remixed a track for Mogwai’s Kicking A Dead Pig remix LP released on Eye-q Records

Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap sung on ‘R U Still In 2 It?’ on MYT

As did u-ziq, Kid Loco, Surgeon, Klute, Third Eye Foundation, Tundra and Kevin Shields

Alec Empire, Max

20 THE LIST 12—26 Apr 2001