Former drummer with PH Family. A band who Mogwai did a split single with in 1997

Braithwaite and

Sampled Iggy Pop interview for ‘Punk Rock’ onCODY

Used to be in Teenage Fanclub, Telstar Ponies and is reputedly still in



Was allegedly sacked for talking though an Arab Strap gig (which Braithwaite was also ejected from)

Aitchison met Ozzy . Osbourne who was Was reS'dent very drunk, he fell DJ at over and when they Death'ehem attempted to assist at .13th.N°_te him declared, ‘don’t With RICh'e worry, I’ve been Dempsey doing this for years’ Did split single R D , with Magoo of a a emon'c Black Sabbath (bass) covers

Covered Spacemen 3’s ‘Honey’ and Guns

n’ Roses’ ‘Don’t Cry’

Have a song

entitled ‘Stanley


Roald Dahl wrote a short story entitled ‘The Gremlins’

Like Joe Dante who directed Gremlins, where a creature called a mogwai appears

Who has presided over many a

Who was a film director

controversial Celtic v Rangers


Have a song called ‘Hugh Dallas’. Named after the football referee

Mogwai hate

Sponsored by


aka The Relic (piano and other noises 1997-98)

Brendan O’Hare

Select folded months later - go figure

Stuart Leslie Braithwaite aka pLasmatroN (guitar, vocals)

Chucked it to be succeeded by John Moore of Black Box


Wrote a column

for Select

Rangers, but love Celtic, especially Henrik Larsson

Played drums for Eska and the Mighty Joe Young Trio

Played solo with David ‘Slint, Papa M’ Pajo, 2001

Guested with Braithwaite on

They love Celtic

almost as much

as they love Joy Division

Covered Papa M song on ‘Travels In Constant’ EP

An EP ‘Papa M Sings’ is released on Rock Action, Mogwai’s label

As was The Zephyrs’ ‘Stargazer’ single

MOGWAI John Jon Snow Cummings Patrol’s aka Cpt Meat forthcoming (guitar) Reindeer Section Martin LP along with Barry Burns Bulloch members of aka St aka bionic Astrid, Belle & Francis Of (drums) Sebastian, Assassin ldlewild and Gill (piano, flute, Mills q guitar) Their manager Got into strife And Colin Hardie while at St used to Aloysius High once dated manage school for. Gm Mills lounge loons bleaching his The Johnny 7 hair. Couldn’t , dye it back As w'" 13 properly forthcoming record by Mogwai contributed a the James remixed Link twenty-minute track Orr For Warp to the forthcoming Comp|ex compilation LP Arthur Baker LP

Mogwai play Rothsay Pavilion on Sat 14 Apr 2001. The new album, Rock Action, is out on Mon 30 Apr. Review next issue.

12—26 Apr 2001 THE LIST 21