Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, star rating, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Miles Fielder

The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle it) 0.. (Des McAntill. l'S. ZlNll l Robert De Ntl’o. Rene Rttsso. Jancatie (iarofalo. ‘ll mitts. A hilartotisl} ironic opening sequence to this update of the (ills cartoon. that sees the epon} iiiotis ll} iiig squirrel and hcst pal moose ll\ ing in all animated world suffering from recession. sets the film's pla} l'til post-modern tone. And when the animated animals' nemeses. lead by De Niro’s Fearless Leader. cross over into the ‘real' world the film moves into the live action/animation territory of Who Framed Roger Ruhhilf’. And like that film. its dialogue is packed with cultural references that will have adults laughing harder than the kids. (iencral release. American Movie t IS; .000 ((‘hris Smith. LS. 3000) I04 iiiins. Smith and producer Sarah Price's documentation of oddhall Wisconsin filmmaker Mark Borchardt‘s efforts to get his (ireat American Movie made is amusing and fascinating. Borchardt is more lid Wood than Orson Welles, htit American Movies makers admire his tenacity. and their non- iiidgmeiital approach has heen rewarded with a strange and wonderful film. (‘aineo, lidinhurgh.

And The Band Played On t 12)

0.. (Roger Spottiswoode. l'S. l‘)‘)3) Matthew Modine. Alan Alda. Patrick Bauchau. Ml mins. (‘otintless cameos from Richard (iere. Aiijelica Huston. Phil ('ollins. Steve Martin and others add a hit of lip to this somewhat overlong and lecttire-ish account of the race to discover the AIDS virus. Played as a medical detective stor_v. it

has a good strong lead in Modiiic and certainly points a few political lingers. hut its mainstream potential is limited. l‘(i('. lidiiihurgh.

Armageddon l I2» 0000 Michael Bay. l‘S. l‘lSls'i Bruce “lllh. Bill} Hoh 'l‘horntoii. Steve Btisccmi. 14-1 mins, Billed as The I)irl\ [hire/i in space. this sci-ii

mov ie delivers w hat other event movies only promise: SIZS million worth ol relentless. retiiia-scorching. liigh-tcstostcriiiie .tL‘lIHll. Willis leads a team ol roughiieck oil drillers who must save the world from an asteroid the si/c of 'l‘csas tliat\ on a collision course with liarth. We are not talktiig l’ettlll} here. we are talking superior loriiitila lilm» making. l’(i('. lzdinhui‘gh.

Bamboozled t IS» 000 islnkt- l.ec. l'S. 200l t Damon \\';i_\;iiis. Jada Pinkett Smith. Mos Def. I35 mins. Lee taps into his vast reservoir ofcreative energy and educated anger with this searing account of a black scriptwriter's attempts to create a TV show that will appeal to the American mainstream. What he comes tip with is a New Millennitiiii Minstrel Show in which the Afro-American performers hecoiiie the crude racial stereotypes of yesteryear. Lo and behold. the show is a sensation and )‘estei‘y ear proves itself to he as present as ever. The lilm almost goes hell} up towards the end when all the characters slide into insanity. hut [tum/modal is a satire and justifiath demands some suspension of disbelief. Show case ('iiieiiia. (ilasgow; l'(i(’. lidiiihurgh.

Best In Show t Ill 0000

((‘hristopliei' (iiiest_ IS. 200] ) (‘hristophci' (iiicst. Parker Pose). Michael McKean. 90 mins. Directed. co-w ritten h_v and starring ('hristophcr ( itiest thettei' known as Nigel 'l‘itfiiel the rock guitarist w hose amp goes tip to elevett iti T/m ls Spinal 'Iii/tt. lies! In Show adheres to the spoof docuiiicntarv format of 'Iii/i. 'l'he largely improvised action revolves around a hunch of dog-loving oddhalls who dream of their canines

w inning the prestigious Ma} flower Dog Show. Iii-s! In Show is hilarious hccatisc it play s the humour straight. No patise for laughter. this is coined) without the punchline. and it's tlL‘llltllel) the hetter lot it. ()deon At The Qua). (ilasgow; Pavilion. (ialashiels.

Best Of New British Animation it‘i (letll ). Selection of new animated shot'l films from some of Britain's top studios. playing as part of the Puppet And Animation Festival. l"iliiihoiisc‘. lidinhurgh.

Billy Elliott 15) O... tStephcii

l)aldi'_v. l'K. 2000) Jamie llell. Julie \‘t'altei's.

From Bridget Jones’s Diary: Exposure huge, kudos high, comparisons with

original book very favourable (vg)

(iar) l.ewis. Ill iiiiiis, Hill} tsiipeih

new comer llelll lllttls release ll'ttltt ltleis tlttll} drudgery. and ultimately self fulfilment. through hallet dancing. As unlikely a leisure pursuit as that might he for a teenage ho) grow iiig tip iii the recession -hit Yorkshire ol the Sits iand that's the poiiitl. it hecoiiies _\oung Hill) 's ticket otit of hard times. Making his liliii dehttt. theatre director l)aldi'_\ handles the political hackdi'op and dramatic loi'egrouiid with equal assurance. The dance routines provide much ol the film's humour and quite overwhelming fcelgood lactoi', ()dcoii.

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A total of 77 films were received for this year’s Jim Poole Award, now in its second year. A short-list of ten films has been drawn up and will be shown before the presentation to the wining filmmaker who receives a cheque for £1,000 and a distribution deal through Oasis Cinemas in Edinburgh and London.

The panel Actor Gary Lewis, Producer Angus Lamont, Dan Macrae from the Film Council, Gennie Poole, daughter of the Cameo’s founder, the late Jim Poole, Clare Binns and Carol Miller from 200 Cinema Exhibition Ltd and Diane Henderson from the Cameo.



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Short-Listed Films Watching by Mark Ash The Green Man on Knowledge by Rachel Bevan Baker The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Callum MacDonald Drive of a Lifetime by John MacKenzie

Reflections upon the Origin of the Pineapple by Huw Davies and Nigel Atkinson

Rice Paper Stars by Andy Goddard Quickstep by Lesley Halliday Sex and Death by Cat McKiernan Scotty Dogs and Shortbread by Project Ability, Glasgow My Job II by Joern Utkilen


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