Izdinhurgh; 'I'hc ('ircuit (‘incma. l.l\ ingston. Breakfast At Tiffany’s i 15: I... tItlakc Izdxsards. ['8. I‘m] 1 Audrc} llcphurn. (icorgc l’cppard. I’atricia \cal. Budd} lihscn. .\1ickc} RoonL‘}. 115 mins. ‘llrm Do I look ." asks original “art Ilcphurn in thc rolc ot' hordcrlinc schi/ophrcnic lloll} (iolightly. 'Vct‘} (iood. I must say I'm ama/cd’ rcplics l’cppard in thc rolc o1 trustratcd \sritcr and part~timc gigolo I’aul Variak. 'I‘hc iconic llcphurn has ncx cr tnatlc ttt'tlt'osis look sogootl,;1nd \shilc thc lilm may hax c numcrous rcdccming I'caturcs tnot lcast thc c\quisitc cmcmattigraph} h} l‘ran/ I: Ham and thc swinging soundtrack h} llcnr} Mancini). it is shc \sho rcmams rcsponsihlc Ior making it such a \\ clI—lmcd classic atlaptcd Irom thc no\cl h} 'Iruman ('apotc. (il’l. (ilttsgtm; l'llltlllthsC. lidinhurgh.

0 Bridget Jones’s Diary 1 ISI 0... tSharon Maguirc. l‘S/I‘K. liltili chcc '/.cl|\scgcr. llugh (irant. (‘olin I‘irth. ‘)(i mins. Brit/gr! .lum's '\ [hum is that rarc thing. an adaptation that \astl} improws on an oscivratcd original. in this casc llclcn l‘iclding's hcst-sclling nc\s spapcr column- cum-hook. Joncs has a rathct' nicc job. and looks rathcr nicc. hut \sorrics a lot about hcr appcarancc and carccr. In hct\s ccn \s'cighing hcrsclt and ranting ahout thc modcrn maIc. shc cntanglcs hcrscII \\ ith nasty boss I)anicl (’lcascr ((irant ). hcl'orc taking up \sith nicc Mark Darcy (I’irth). ()n papcr. Joncs was a snisclling. ncurotic \s‘rcck'. on tilm shc's a snisclling. ncurotic \\ rcck \sho also happcns to hc L'titlslslc‘ltll} liilarious. And /.cll\s cgcr adds a touch o1 warmth to \\ hat is csscntially' a wholly unsympathctic. hrittlc charactcr. Scc rc\ ic\s. (iL'tlL‘t‘ttl rclcasc.

Brookie On The Gold Coast (1'; (21101) .\Iins thc. I)ocumcntar} ahout (ihana‘s soap opcras. I’url of NW (i/iunuiun Arts l't’\ltl'(l/. I‘ilmhousc. Iidinhurgh. Brothert 1M... i’l‘akcshi Kilano. Japan/1'8, 21ml) licat 'Iakcshi. ()mar Iipps. (’laudc .\1aki. 113 mins. Kitano makcs his Iinglish Ianguagc dirccling dchut. arris ing in Ilollytsood \sith this all guns hla/ing talc o1~ organiscd crimc \s'arl'arc. 'I‘akcshi play s an old school Yaku/a gangstcr \\ ho is csilcd to his .-\ngclcs whcn txso ri\al 'I‘oky'o crimc Iamilics makc pcacc. HI'UI/lr’l' is a shockingly \ iolcnt film. but Kitano also introduccs his tradcniark sly humour and iiiccly -ohscr\'cd small momcnts of human drama. lloucvcr. BI'HIIIUI‘ is orin partly .succcsst'ul; it plays Iikc a \satcrcd-dms n \crsion oI Kitano's prc\ ious. award- \sinning tilins. madc palatahlc I‘or \Vcstcrn audicnccs. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; ('amco. Iidinhurgh.

But I’m A Cheerleaderi 151 (Jamic Bahhit. I'S. 2001 i .\'atasha Lyonnc. (‘Ica I)u\'al. .\link Stolc. 92 inins. .\lcgan Williams is an all-.-\mcrican girl. a prctt} chccrlcadcr \s ith a hunk} hoyl‘ricnd. But shc just isn't into hoys. In tact. shc‘s touch} - l'ccly' \s'ith hcr chccrlcadcr I'ricnds. and fills hcr Iockcr “ith picturcs o1. y'cp. girls. .»\II of this gis cs .\Icgan's conscrs atch parcnts causc tor much alarm. so thcy pack hcr oil a school for ‘scxual rcdircction'. Bahhit has asscmhlcd a cult cast for this trash} comcd}: Natasha I.}onnc \sho's caning a carccr tor licrsclt \\ ith olillicat lilms Iikc Slums ()tli’cn'rli' Hills and thc outi‘agcotis I’I‘t't'mn' II.‘ ('mifi'ssions ()I .-l 'l'ri't'k It’d/it thc Ilamhoyant drag quccn Rti Paul and John \Vatcrs Iavouritc pcrl‘ormcr .\link Stolc. Naughty tun. l'(}(‘. lidinhurgh. Cast Away 1 l3) .0. (Rohcrt Zcincckis. l'S. 3000) Tom Hanks. Ilclcn IIunt. ('hristophcr Noth. 1-13 inins. In this solidly told talc ot' a modcrn-day Robinson (‘rtisoc. Ilank‘s' licdlix \}'\lL‘ttt.\ cnginccr (‘huck Noland. a tTag-hcarcr for ['5 capitalism and can-do kinda guy. is inarooncd on a dcscrtcd island in thc South Pacific at‘tcr his (‘hristnias lis'c tTight crashcs during ti t‘crocious storm. At a strokc. hc‘s strippcd of all thc accoutrcmcnts oi modcrn civilisation and rcturncd to thc Stonc .-\gc. But likc [)ct'oc's hcro. ('huck is an lis‘cryman who cmhodics thc \alucs of his agc. hcrc: cncrg)’. rcsourcct‘ulncss and consummatc prohlcm .solVittg. l’l‘ll (‘incma. Falkirk; Showcasc. I’aislcy.

Chicken Run «1'10... «Nick l’ark l’L'lL't‘ l,ord. l'K. :Illlilt \iilc‘cs HI .\lL'l (iihson. Julia Sanalha. Miranda Richardson 35 mins. I'or thcir tirst lcaturc :‘sardman studios ha\ c rc-\s rittcn thc WWII I’.().\\. cspcricncc as an ()rxscllian satirc. alhcit \sith laughs. So. Stalag I" hccomcs a hattcr) Iarm and thc camp commandant tarmcr 'I‘uccd} ‘s dommccring \siic. \shilc in thc hutchcs. (iingcr rallics hcr l'cllou hcns to IT} thcir coop. 'I‘hough thc charactcrs arcn‘t as cstahltshcd as \Vallacc and (iromit and thc tcaturc lcngth running timc slou s thc action. :\ardm.in continuc to uork rcal \sondcrs

\s ith thcii lamiliar l’lasticmc animation ()dcon. l)unl'crmlmc.

Chocolati I3» .0 tl.ttssc llallstrom. I'S. 211111 I .lulicttc Binochc. Johnny l)cpp. Judi [Mich 121 mins. .-\daptcd l'rom Joannc Ilarris's nox cl. (‘liui'o/ul unIoIds ‘oncc upon a timc' in a tranquil l‘rcnch \ illagc \shcrc scsy ums cd singlc mothcr \'iannc tltinochci opcns up a chocolatcric during l,cnt. Ilcr magical conl'cctions arc soon has mg a Iihcrating cI'I‘cct on \arious locals. though hcr actions incur thc \srath o1 thc rcigning count t.'\lt'rcd .\Iolinai. \\ ho Icars that thc traditional ordcr ma} hc irrcxocahly damagcd. I'ntortunatcly. llallstroiii's 1 [hr ('u/cr Houu' Kit/mi l‘cclgood l'ait'}talc rclics on its calctilatch) cosmopolitan cast and gloss} production \alucs to disguisc its lack HI suhstancc. (icltcl'al t't‘lcttsc.

Chori Chori Chupke Chupke «I’m tjlllll l \ltlts lhc. ()tlcon .-\l lhc Qua}. (ilasgms.

The Claim 1 15).... (Michacl \Vintcrhottom. I'K. 2111)] l I’ctcr .\IulIan. .\Iila Josmich. Nastassja Kinski. Sarah l’ollc}. III) mins. 'l‘hc prolilic Michacl \Viiitcrlmttom's t Ht’lt'lllllt' 'Iii Sum/m. llmu/t'rIu/irl) most ambitious dircctorial \cnturc to datc is a post-gold r‘ush drama. which is looscl) inspircd by Thomas

Hardy 's 7714' .lluwr (If (‘mlc'r/n'trlur'. 'I‘hc

principal sctting is thc mining community o1

Kingdom (‘omc. a rcmotc output cllcctiu‘ly o\\ticd and run by Irish immigrant Dillon t.\lullan). \\ ho harhours thc guilticst ol' sccrcts concct'ning his \s'il'c lilcna (Nastassia Kinskii and daughtcr llopc tl’ollcy' ). Anchorcd h)‘ .\Iul|an's typically po“ crl'ul ccntral pcrl’ormancc. this rclcntlcssly' somhrc talc stands proudly in thc tradition of rcx'isionist \Vcstcrns Iikc Rohcrt Altman's .llt'( 'uln' :lml .ll/‘.\ .lIi/lt'r. l-"ilmhousc. Iidinhurgh; .\IacRohcrt. Stirling.

Cold Is The Evening Breeze (Kalt ist der Abendhauch) 1 I5) 0.. tRaincr Kaul'mann. (icrmany'. loom 12-1 mins. In this adaptation otticrman \s'ritcr Ingrid .\'oll's novcl. cigth )cars lias'c passctl sincc (‘harlottc lirsl inct It“ c of hcr IiI‘c Ilugo. In that timc (‘harlottc has

sur\ i\'cd a star. had a family. cvcn hid a body in hcr ccllar. No“ an old woman. shc niccts Ilugo oncc niorc. .\'ol| makcs a pcrsonal appcarancc tor a rcading at thc (iocllic Institut ((1141 332 2555) on Thursday 20 .~\pril. (il’l‘. (ilasgoxs.

The Contender 1 1m .00 (Rod I.uric. I'S. 2110(1) (Ear) ()ldinan. Joan .v\llcn. Jcl‘t Bridgcs. (‘hristian Slatcr. 126 mins. In \sritcr-dircctor I.uric's post-(‘Iinton drcam \crsion ot‘ a Dcmocratic prcsidcncy. .-\|lcn's high-mindcd scnator hccomcs thc suhicct of a scs scandal. Shc is targctcd h} ()ldman‘s right-\s ing congrcssman \shcn I’rcsidcnt Jackson l{\ans tBridgcsi chooscs hcr to sllL‘CL‘L‘tI thc rcccntI} tlL‘L‘L‘ttsCtl \‘icc- prcsidcnt. I.uric. ho\\C\ cr. hasn't found a \sa} o1 making commitch Iihcral drama

\\ ithout dCsccnding into sttliL‘lllTlttn}. .-\cccpt 'I'lit' (Tin/under as a Iaiitas}. though. and it \sorks L‘IiliCCIl\Cl'\ as a political thrillcr. SCL‘ rc\ icu. I‘ilmhousc. lidinhurgh.

The Creature From The Black Lagoon I 1810... (Jack Arnold. t‘S. 19541 Richard ('arlson. Julia Adams. Ricou Browning. 7‘) mins. I'lllle' monstcr moxic classic has a part) of scicntists on an Amazon cxpcdition discos‘cring a strangc ainphihioUs crcaturc. thc gill man. \s ho procccds to thrcatcn thc sat‘ct)‘ of thc cntirc group. lmprcssis c undcrssatcr camcrauork and sonic .s}‘tttp;tllt_\ for thc big grccn t‘cIIa mark this out as far supcrior to most of thc gcnrc. (‘amco. Iidinhurgh.

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