Fifteen Minutes I 181 0.. (Jnhn Ilcr/lcld.1.3.21111lIRnhcr1Dc Nirn. lid Burns. Kelsey (irammcr. 130 mins. l)c .\'Irn‘s superstar cnp is heading the inyestigatinn nl a case 111\()l\1112.y a cnuplc nf Iiast liurnpean criminals w hn hayc brutally murdered a panncr in crime. ('np and killers alike attempt In explnit ratings-hungry IV repnrtcr Rnhert Hawkins I(irammcrI. ()nly arsnn inycstigatnr .lndy Warsaw IliurnsI teamed up with De NIH) is indillcrcnl In media hype. ller/feld's lirsI shnI at directing smcc the Impresch 3 I)tl\\ III The III/Icy is an interesting. nnt tn say timely. twist nn Andy \Varhnl‘s liltccn minutes nf famc Ihcnry. l'nlnrtunately. the c\ecutinn n1 the thrills dncsn't liye up In the lilm's cnnccit. (icltct'til I‘clcasc.

Fight Club I lIs‘I O... Il)ayid l-inchcr. 18. 1000) Brad Pitt. lid Nnrtnn. llclena Bnnham (after. 115 mins. Masculinin is in a mess and cnnsumerism is In hlame. .\len haye hccnine dncilc spectatnrs nf lile accnrding In light ('lu/I. l‘inchcr‘s

cnnlrny ersial adaptatinn nl (’huck l’alahniuk‘s unyel. In reckless rcspnnse In this late 211th century malaise. Nnrtnn‘s dncile spectatnr teams tip with I’itI’s mischieynus 'l‘y ler I)urden In I‘nrm an arena In: men In heat each nther In a pulp and thus recnnncct w Itli Ilie wnrld. lt‘s hit and miss. hut cnnugli nl the punches cnnncct In startle even the mnsI dncile nf \‘1L‘\\'L‘I'\. ('amcn. lidinhurgh.

Free The Fish (Liberate i pesci)

I ISI I1 'ristina ('nmcnchi. Italy, l‘)‘)‘)I ‘13 mins. l)rama ahnut the liy‘cs and deaths nf a famin cnnnected with the Mafia and thnsc w hn wnuld have the crime nrgamsatinns destiny cd. l’art nf the Italian liilm fcstiyal. (i171; (ilasgnw.

The Gifl1151... (Sam Raimi. I'S. 211111 11.1116 Blanchett. Keanu Reeves. Katie lInlmes. 111 mins. It's murder in the smallInwn lirixtnn. (ienrgia when the sassy daughter nf the wealthy King family. Jessica IllnlmcsI. gncs missing Wife-heating redneck l)nnnie Barksdalc (RCC\es1 lnnks guilty. especially when Incal psychic Annie Wilsnn IlilanchetII has an incriminating yisinn. llnwey cr. this being a supernatural whndunnit. all is nnI what it seems. Billy linh 'l'hnrntnn‘s script leisurely intrnduces. hut never stercntypcs the w hite trash cnmmunity, while Raimi's directinn is admirath llllt)hll'll\l\ e and the line cast dnes its inh. But with a cnnynlttlctl series nf plnt Iw ists. The (fill feels Inn lnng. Selected release.

Gilda Il’( i1 0... t('har|es V'idnr. 1'8. 1041)) Rita lIaywnrth. (ilenn linrd. (ienrge Macrcady. Jnseph ('alleia. I 111 mins. .-\ hi/arre and disturbing menace a [mix huilds tip in Argentina hch een rnying card-sharp l-‘nrd and the cnuple Illaywnrth and Macrcady I wlin nw n the casinn where he finds himself. I’lenty innuendn and sexual amhiguity frnm the lens that was later In

hring Its [an] ‘Iimgn In I’uriy. (il’l'. (ilasgnw.

C? Girlfight 1 ISI «u (Karyn Ktisama. 1'8. 311111 I Michelle Rndriguel. Santiagn l)nuglas. Jaime 'l‘irclli. 113 mins. l’ucrtn Rican-.-\mcrican teenager l)iana IasInnishing new cnnIcnder Rndriguc/I is

Tel. 0131-554 7077 Fax. 0131-

554 3070 (imsrmw (‘().\”l‘.-\("l‘ .s‘n. Tel. 0141-556 7772

rebelling withnut a catise. hntli at schnnl and at hnmc in her run-dnwn Brnnklyn. New ank neighhnurhntxl. But w hcn she takes ny er her wimpy. ln\ mg hrnther's hn\- Ing Icssnns at a Ineal gym Diana linds snmething shc ney er had hcfnre: self-wnrth What Kusama‘s striking dehut shares with the best spnrt liliiis Is that it's ahnut mnrc than the span itself. The light scenes are Inugh. tense and dy namic. hut frnm the get gn this raw lnw hudch Iilm packs a pnwer- hnuse punch that‘s mnre In dn w ilh w Iiat's gnmg nn inside the prntagnnist's head than what she dnes in the ring. See prey less and rcy IL‘W. (il‘vly. (ilitsgnw.

GladiatorI 151000 (Ridlcy Scntl. 18. 31111111 Rttsscll (‘rnw e. Richard Harris. Jnaquin l’linenn, 1511mins. .lust hclnrc dying ('aesar Aurelius I I larrisI charges (icneral .\la.\inius I('rnch with cleaning up his helny cd. but pnliIically cnrrupt ane. Atir‘clius' snn. ('niiiiiindus Il’hnems I. dnesn't take kindly In this and has his riyal executed. But .\Ia\imus sury iycs and. as a gladiatnr. wnrks his way hack In anc mtenI nn reycngc. l’arallcls must he drawn with Spa/virus and “I’ll llur; w c‘\ e nnI seen a anan epic in a lniig time. Scntt‘s is a liamlsnme spectacle and c\citing ennugli. but that's all it is. (il’l‘. (ilasgnw.

The Golden Bowl I 12100. (James Iynry, l‘K/I'S. 21111111Nick antc. Kate Beckinsalc. l'ma 'I‘hurman. Jeremy Nnrtham. mins. 'I'lic Merchant-lynry team‘s pnlishcd adaptatinii nf Henry James’s 'l'liI- (in/(In: linwl pits innncence I.\'ntle's widnwed American hillinnairc and his daughter. Beckiiisach against experience I.\'nrtham's impnycrishcd Italian arisIncraI l’rince Amerign and his illicit lnyer. Maggie's wnrldly friend. 'l‘hurmanI. Ruth l’rawcr Jhahyala's script smnnths nut the leasing. irrcducihlc amhiguity nl Jamcs‘s writing. linnugh remains. hnwcyer. nf the hnnk‘s elegant cnmnlutinns nf betrayal and guilt. jealnusy and suspicinn In make this a cut ahnyc the average I-I'UL‘ls' lTicls‘. ()Ilcntt. Ayr.

Goldfinger I 1’( i1 O... ((111) llamiltnn. l'K. 19041 Scan ('nnnery. llnnnr BlackmaIL (ierI l-‘rnhc. I 12 mins. The nnc with l’ussy (ialnre. ()dd Jnh. Shirley Bassey hcltiiig it nut. Shirley liatnn eny cred in gnld and a typically nyer-thc-tnp plnI as mad Auric plans In hrcak intn 1‘an Knnx. Much better nn thc hig screen. when it dncsn't have In he crammed iiitn the 'l'\' frame. liilmhnusc. lidinhurgh.

The Grinch 11’(i1 0.. IRnII llnward. ['51. 2111111) Jim (‘arreyg 'l‘aylnr .\Inmsen. Jeffrey 'I'amhnr. 1115 Inins. Surprisingly. 'I'III' (irim'li is the first live actian feature In be adapted frnm the wnrk nf Ihc wnrld's best- selling children's authnr. Dr Seuss. And heneath .sfx magician Rick Baker‘s green cnstume (‘arrcy the wnrld's highest paid cnmedian wrecks glni‘inus hayne nn his clnying sweet neighhnurs. the “'1in ians nl' Whn-yille. llnward lays the hnnk's mnral ('hristmas is ahnut family tint presents and

the sickly-sweet sentiment nn pretty thick. 'liiy .S'Inry 2 gnt the crnss gcneratinnal appeal right; gnlly gnsh llnward's (irinI‘li hasn't. ('arrey's great thnugh. ()denn. lidinhurgh.

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