high xchool attd ineetx l)crck I'l‘hottiaxi. a young. gilted and black hip hop enthuxiaxt. 'lo be accepted. Sara IIIIixt learn the toy x ot batty xhakiiig and Derek. ax yr. e'd e\pect. Ix only too happy to help. lt'x all yery xyyeet and ll yIilIIc xtlxccplll‘lc Iti lL'L‘It-lllc‘kx and dance moy Iex. tliIx \y Ill almoxt certainly leaye a warm teelmg III your tummy (icltcl‘al i‘cleaxc.

Second Skin I IM 00 I(ierardo Vela. Spam. lelllii Jay ier liardem. .'\I'l£ttllltt (ill. .loIdi Molla. lllJ IIiiIix. \cIa'x tirxt leatIII'e tilm ix baxed on an original Idea \leIcli e\plorcx the coinpleuuex ol paxxion and dexire. and ultimately. Itx dextruction. \\ lien l'.lcna t( ill I dixcoyerx une\plained hIIlcl blllx. xhc xtlxpcclx lltal her huxlialitl Alberto IMollai Ix hay mg an allaiI'. But \\ Itli a man',’ ('ue hunky doctor. Diego I liardemi. And lrom thix IIioIIIent on. It'x a catalogue ol emotional upxetx. but It'x riddled yy ith clicliex denoting the angxt e\perIeIiced by the characterx. and any x_\ Inpathy toyyardx theIII Ix long gone. (il’l'. (ilaxgou: l‘llIlIlIUll\L'. lzdiiiburgh.

Shadow Of The Vampire I ISI

0... tl'.. liliax Merliige. ['53. 200]) Willem l)aloc. John Malkoyich. liddic l//ard. ‘)l IIiiIIx. Illuminated by a I‘eiiiarkable perlorinaiice lronI l)aloe. thix xly horror lolloyy \ the lilming ol l-'. \V. Murnau'x xilent claxxic Nosferatu. Arriy ing III liaxtcrn liurope lor location xhooting. MIII'IiaII (Mulkoy ichi yyarnx hix creyy that the man \\ ho ix to play \oxleratu tl)aloei ix a method actor \Vho inhabilx lilx [‘0le completely. \\'hat MIIrnaII liaxn't told them ix the e\tent ol lIIx lead'x lamiliarity “ith the \yay x ol the undead. .-\x the incident-tilled xhoot continuex and Murnau bccomcx blindly obxexxed \\ ith linixhing the picture. the lilm ultimately becomex a tongue-in- clieek meditation on directoi'x \y lIo yy ill do anything to get the perlect xliot. MacRobeI't. Stirling.

ShowerI III C. I/liang Yang. (‘hina. letil i Jiang \\'u. liang Wu. Xliu XII. ‘)l minx. l’rool that the Orient can make manipulatiye mIIxh ax readily ax the rext ol the yyorld. Yang'x lilm ptixxL‘\\C\ all the right ingredientx lor humanixt xentiment: mentally dixabled xtay -at-home xon. prodigal returnce elder brother and a humble buxinexx under prexxure lrom the big. bad \yorld dad runx an ancient Beijing bathhouxe. 'l‘here ix a decent xtory to be extracted lrom the xubiect. but Yang xettlex lor the obyioux. A lilm lor y ieyyerx yy ho \yant ('hinexe culture xhot through \\ ith caxily recognixable and \yexternixed y'aluex. (il’l'. (ilaxgtml l‘ilmhouxe. lidinburgli.

Singin’ In The Rain It'i 00000 I(}ene Kelly ck Stanley l)onen. l'S. 1950) (iene Kelly. l)onald ()'('onnor. Debbie

Rey noldx. ('yd ('harixxe. l()2 minx.

Holly \yood undergoex the tranxition from the xilent era to the talkiex and reputationx rixe and lall. .-\b\olutely yyonderlul muxical entertainment. It Ith the xlickext ol xnappy dialogue. endurineg catchy numberx. a caxt ol genuine charixma. and an engaging picture ol the induxtry in ti'anxition into the bargain. Quite xplcndid. l’l‘ll Cinema. liilkii'k.

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We guarantee y0u’ll be gobsmacked at h0w much you enyoy the amazrng buzz of a live performance. And you don’t have to get dressed up. YOu don’t have to plan ahead. You don’t even have to book. Just go for It. To find out what’s on tonight give us a call on 0141 552 4267.

Sleepless In Seattle «Pt it .0.

I.\'ora lzphron. l‘S. l‘N‘w Meg Ryan. 'l'om llankx lHS Iiiiiix. ()ne ot the moxi \yarm- hearted romantic coIiIedIex to emerge tI'om llollyyyood In yearx. agam proy mg the talent ol Nora laphi‘on. \y ho \y rote ll'lzi ll Hit/n .UI'I Sir/II. \eyy xpapcr reporter Ryan hearx a radio talk \lIH\\ \yhich leaturex recently \yidoyy ed architect llankx. She'x xIIIe they are made tor each other. but the \y hole ot the l'nIted Statex liex betyyeen them. ()deon. Kilmarnock.

Space Cowboys I P( it 00 «(‘IIIII liaxtyyood. l‘S. Itititii ('lInt lzaxtyyood. .lamex (Earner. 'l‘ommy l,ee Joiiex. Donald Sutherland. lit) minx. 'l'hc lirxt halt ol 5pm I' (I'M/HM \ could be called I'IIIII' (iI'IIIiI/H ()li/ .lII'N. itx \\ C'I‘L‘ ltIlI'Iitllch‘Il gradually III L‘aclt ageing member ol 'l‘eam l)aed.Ilux. an aborted xpacc protect In the 5H» 'llien hallyyay through the lilm l'.axt\\ood llIckx a xyy itch and It becomex .-\/mllo /.\'. e\cept lull ol old lolkx. :\nd a million timex more dalt. 'l‘he llt'xl pztt'l \ytit'kx better. l.L‘l.\ lace II. Iltlx acting combo hax got a leyy index on the clock. but Iiot ey en thix caxt can xal\age much rexpect lrom tliix lame duck ol a tilm, liilmhouxe. lidinburgh.

Spartacus I tSI 00.0 ISIanley Kubrick. ('8. Now Kirk l)ouglax. Laurence ()li\ ier. Jean Siminonx. ’l‘ony (‘III‘tix. Nb Ininx. 'l‘errilic. rextored \erxion ol Kubrick'x epic account ol a xlaye I'eyolt in Ancient Rome. l‘ightx. luxt. political intrigue. romance it‘x got the lot. Screened here in a next 70mm print with prey iouxly unxeen lootage I()li\ ier making a paxx at (‘urtix. no lexxi. (il’l‘. (ilaxgoyy.

0 Spy Kids III 0000 (Robct'l Rodriguez. l'S. 300] i Antonio lianderax. Alan ('umming. ('arla (iugino. 87 minx. Like any young children. ('aI'meii and Juli ('orte/ harbour hopex ol madcap adyeiiture. but unlike moxt children their apparently normal paI'entx are top international xIIpeI'- xpiex. When they 're kidnapped ax part ol a daxtardly plot to dextroy the maid. cooked tip by kooky maxtei'mind l-‘egan l-"loop I(‘ummingi. it lallx to the children to xaye the \on'ld. Rile \\ ith lantaxy. xpecial-cllectx \yI/ardry and high-octane thrillx. Spy [(1le Ix Particularly enjoyable becauxe it'x the chil- dren and Iiot the adullx that ultimately xay e the day. See reyieyy. (ieneral I'eleaxe. Starship Troopers I ISI .0000 (Paul \'crhoeyen. [8. WW) (‘axper Van l)ien. Dina .Meyer. l)enixe Richardx. 12‘) mmx. Way in the luture. liarth ix I'IIII by a crypto- laxcixt regime. and the memberx ol the (ialaetic Armed Forcex are xent into xpace to light a race ol alien bugx hell-bent on wiping out humanity. The computer animation \york ix lirxt rate and. dexpite itx gory .xlice ‘n‘ dice Violence. one reading ol the moyie‘x xIIb-text ix decidedly anti- inilitarixtic. (‘ameo. lidinburgh,

State And Main I ISI .00 tl)a\id Mamet. [8. 300] i William ll. Macy. Rebccca l’idgeon. Philip Seymour llolliiian. 102 minx. (iiyen that iraxcible play yy I'ight/ lilmmak'er Mamet hax ney er dried at“ ay lrom lambaxting llollyyyood. it'x xurprixing that thix xatiI'e on xtudio Iilmmaking ix relatiyely gentle. 'l'hix comic tale ol \y hat

happenx \y hen a llolly \yood tilm creyy

oy errunx a xleepy l'.axl ('oaxt community Ix poxitiyely ('apraexque In llx \yhimxical adIIiiratIoii ol xmall toyyn lite and the \thmxy and xatII'e don't xIt \\ ell together. llai'd-noxed Mamet Ix no ('api'a; he xhould xtick to \\ hat he doex bext: tough ('hicago gangxterx and unxcrupuloux con men. :\dam Smith 'l‘heatre. Kirkcaldy.

Suzhou River I l3» 0... Ilou Ye. (‘hma. Itititii Xhou .\un. Jia llongxheng. Yao :\Illl.tll. .\.‘~ iiimx. Sui/Ion II’III r Ix the .’\\l.tll \i men. but don't e\pect llitchcock-xty le caltict'ayyork Iii Ye‘x lilm. In the \anguard ot (‘hma'x ncyy '(illI (ieneration' tilmmakei'x. \t‘lx xl_\ lC Ix \ltttk} hand-held calliel‘auiitk reprexentmg the \ Ideo diarIex ot a lonely

\ ideograplier Ia cipher tor (’lima'x deIllIIonned youth .’I. \y ho ll\ ex on the epoin moux Shanghai \yateryyay. The plot. hoyy c\ er. Mix on llitchcock'x claxxic about obxexxion and inIxtaken Identity l-‘or

Index Film

cIiietilex and xocial obxei\eix alike. thix Ix a cley er. contempoiaiy tilIII \yliieh bodex \\ ell tor the bth (ienei'atioii \lacRobeit. \tiIlIiIg The Tailor of Panama 15:00. I.lolin llititl'llldll.l k. ltltll l’Ieice liioxnan. (ieottiey Ruxh. .lamie l ee (‘Iiitix lit" mmx Bioxnan'x .4\ndy ()xiiaid. the .tIIlI'llx‘li‘ ot lioorman'x black comedy baxed on John I e ('arre‘x xpy iioy cl. ix IIIiaxlIaiIIedly xelt xecking llay mg been baIIIxhcd to Panama he xeex a \\ay to turn hix Iie\\ poxtmg to hIx adyantage by e\ploitmg liiitixh and .-\IIIeIIcaII paranoia about the tale ot the xti'ategically \ Ital canal lo thIx end he recruitx cockney e\icoii tIIIIied bexpoke tailoi llaI'I'y l’endel IRIth lhe pacing Ix uncertain and the ending Ix a mexx. but the lllllbx cential relationxhip ix iiItIIguIiig llaI'Iy ix an .IdIiIIrable toil to eoIiIIpi ()xnaid. \yhoxe Bond-like attribuch ate e\.IggeIated until they appear naxty See Ie\ie\y Selected






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Film 11-; 115 1/

‘15 d ’f»/

Bul I'm a

A comedy of sexual disorientation CLEA DUVAll


OPENS FRIDAY 13 APRIL ULan tills'ollili



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ll Mililll Jl|$l BE lllllll SCENE

72—26 Act 2037 THE LIST 35