Having tackled killers and vampire

s in From Dusk Till Dawn, director

Robert Rodriguez surprises everyone with the enormously entertaining

returns to hack the lot of tltem to bits \xlnle “eating a mildl} sear} mask. alter sending them inild|_\ sear} Valentines card» ;\ benchmark lor emematre .m llllllt‘\\ See l'L'\ lt‘\\. (it‘llt‘l’ttl l'L'lL‘iHC, The Watchert 15:00 ('harhame. l’S. ltltll t Keanu lx’eews. .lames Spader. \larrsa l'omer, 0“ mms. Ree\es pla} s a serial killer lll this dei'|\ati\ e mm ie as a laxour to ( "liarltanie. \\ ho tnade se\eral pop promos lot" lll\ rock band. Dog Star. but phones lll lll\ perlormanee. long distance. It} eontrast. Spader and lomei. as a haunted e\-eop and lll\ lonel} shrink. add a human dimension to tire ltaekneyed scenario. Veteran ernemattigrapher \liehael (’ltapman t/rltr [Mt-pr. “It I'lrg'lillit ('l tttltl\ lllttlt‘\t‘l'\ t‘tl (lav to lllt‘ t‘ll} \t‘ttpt‘\ and it\ t'l'-tlt‘\lgllc‘tl interiors. but (‘harliame's penchant lor .\ll'\7\t_\ le llasltltaeks and shak} tam killer’s-potnt-ol-\re“ shots. merel) mduees


headaches. Sliouease ('mema. (ilasgou. The Wedding Planner r l’( ‘n O. t.-\dam Shankman. l'S. ltllll l .lenntl'er |.ope/. \lattheu \le('ort.tttgltc"\, Bridgette \Vlluill. It).: turns. Romantic comedies are lilled \\ ith heaultlul people \\ ho can‘t get dates. lflpc‘l. hot l'rom dumping l’ull l)add_\ and scorching the transatlantre pop eharts. l\ the latest altsurdl} attr‘aetn e bahe lta\ mg trouble in the romance department. She

pla} s ltalian-.-\merie.tn .\l.tr_\ l'iot‘e who plans otltei people's \xeddmgx. \\‘hen a handsome doctor r .\le('onaughe} l saws her “‘01” t‘c'l‘lalll tlt‘alll. llCl ll‘tttlltltN \t‘t‘ltl lU l‘t‘ U\ L‘l‘. c‘\t‘t‘[\l littl' lllt‘ lael that \lt‘(‘t\ll.tttgllc"\ is engaged to he married m a eeremon} organised b} lope/ herselt] The pacing gets sluggish as the ueddmg bells start to chime. and dubious acting combine \\ tth e\er'} cliche in the book to make this art ultimatel} lorgettable ttto\ 1e. (ieneral release.

What Women Want: ll» .0.

Aline} .\le_\ ers. l'S. ltlttl l .\lel (iihson. Helen Hunt. ll" mins. (iihson's di\oreed. Pld)l‘0} ad\erti~ing e\eeuti\ e l\ a testosterone-t‘uelled chain mist \\ hose brand ot~ tits 'n' ass ad eampaigns ha\ e long e\eeeded their sell-h) date. llis compan}. lltt“ c‘\L‘l‘. \\;tlll\ l0 l'L‘dt‘ll lt‘lllttlc‘ t‘UlhtllllCl's and has gix en the top job to a \xoman

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children’s adventure Spy Kids

\\;ll\L'\ tip to diseo\ er Ite\ able to hear \tomen's unspoken thoughts. a gilt \\ lireh scores him broume points all round. (Ellison t\\ inkles roguishl} iii the lead role and handles the lilm‘s scenes ol sereultall laree \\ ell. llul he's let doun h} a lack ol chemistr} \\ ith his eo-star. (ieneral release. You Can Count On Me r lit .00. tKenneth lonergan. l’S. Zillll l l.aura l.irtne}. .\lark Rullalo. \lattheu Broderick. lll mitts. Single mother Samm} ll,lllllc‘}l en|o_\ s an order'l} e\istenee in upstate-Ne“ York ltt\\ll. Seottu ille. She \\ttt‘k\ at the local bank. dewtedl) brings tip her kid Rud) tRot'} ('ulkin t. and attends the local church. Ho“ e\ er. the arri\al ol her brother and lellov. orphan ’l‘err} t.\lark Rullaloi turns her ens} \Mtl'ltl upside doun Written and directed h) Nets York pla} \\ right lonergan. lirrr ('tm (‘orurr on tile is a touelnngl} pereeptn e portra)al ol' a sibling relationship. .-\eeompanted h} an elegant chamber llltl\lL' score. and lilmed \\ rth quiet. naturalistic assurance. lonergan's debut is notable lor the depth ol' the \\ riting and impressnel) modulated perltirmanees. (‘ameo ck l'(i(‘. lzdinhurgh.


F St. al ‘c‘ o ~ r~c~~ t, started/t ant, coins were u’rC’rS t ut/ .. ,6 J4? .cc ;O c/XOE‘, «ere: A ry‘r/‘v J, - A‘ C \A \A \ x, L: LL \(\lie r’77./\‘\l},e U/ 7’)(:, (Hal, 8., a An,» ," (A \n’ o‘ Alo- n/n \fx. vats’s L/C/u. theatre. HULL/tau}. to c tr'tt S.“ .tersw’sgr a. '3:th tr. rfit'Qr Er‘v/(‘)\ ,rrfvl" ,(‘At

werng Cotton t: 7 legal/(1

on the {estrous April 12th to 15th.

Call 0870 321 7929 for tickets. Visit www.infusionfestival.org.uk for details or collect a program from the Tourist Information office on Princes Street or from the Bedlam Theatre on Bristo Place.


East Ayrshire


This exhzbitzon features the work of 9 ol Cuba's greatest photographers, from pre- revoluziortary, mzd centuary Cuba, through the thtoric TEVOiLXlOE itself, to the modern country defiant in its identtty, Cuba, Si! depicts the the rich vanety ol Lhe island and its people. Over 200 stunning photographs, including Alberto Korda‘s iconic image of Che Guevara, will be exhibited.

Galleries 1 and 2 Dick Institute

Elmbanlr Avenue Kllmamaclt. KM 38"

Opening times mon/tues/thurs/fri 10am - 8pm wed/satham - 5pm

Admission Free Disabled Access

For tuttier Intonation please al

01563 554 343

Transport (from Glasgow). Train from Glasgow Central to Kllmamodr (all alt return approx. £4). Bus 4 and :76, both hall r. The dick institute 85 minutes walk from the train and bus station


Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 April Tickets from £13.50

A spectacular musical and dance phenomenon inspired by the music of John lennon and Paul McCartney.

all you need is

I i

Musical arrangement by Keith Strachan. Musical staging by lligel (harnock. Choreography by Kate Prince.


Perlarrrterl by a young, sexy company Ul singers and dancers with live band lertturrrtg hits rrtarlr: lrrrnauz by

The Beatles.

Exclusive Scottish performances

supported by 'eDrNeYsQH'

013i 529 6005

BOX0 FICE BOOKINGS 0131 529 6000