The Shack, Glasgow. Fri 30 Mar. .00.


Pop? Yes! Shite? No!

Five—year-olds play ring—a-ring o‘ roses, overly under-dressed teen girls sing every word to the house music of Rimes, Williams and Toploader: guys look for cover before their girlfriends drag them up to the front; and shady 40-somethings in suits peer over the balcony. Welcome to a Sugababes gig. Sorry, ‘concert’. Forget the guitars, lyrics about why some lassie dumped you, and third on the bill to the Kerryoots, and fear not the power of pop.

Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan are three ridiculously blessed school chums not even old enough to smoke and they are unequivocally the choicest cut of R&B pop. Even Arab Strap have covered one of their songs, (‘New Year’), if you‘re looking for a credible recommendation of sorts.

‘l’m sure you know this song,‘ winks Siobhan as she introduces 'Overload‘. It might have taken seven different writers to compose

All it took was 40 minutes with no miming, no costume changes and plenty of sass.

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l'.tliiil\iii';_'li. 3* I" \[‘l. Cosmic Rough Riders ( image. (iluxgmx. I” .\[‘l. Wheatus (‘),\ll ‘. (i|.i\;_'u\\_ 3‘) .\pi

One Minute Silence i.l\|lll\i Rimlll. i'.\illli‘lllf.,‘il. 3‘) .\|‘l.

The Ataris (iiliillill\k‘. (iluxgtm. 3" \pi’.

Napalm Death liquid

Run”). lztliiiliuigjli. 3" .\pi.

Lionel Richie SH '('. (iluxgim. 3i) ,\p11

Nick Cave And The

Bad Seeds Harm“ lantl.

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AFI untl Stampin’ Ground Kin; 'l'ul'x. (iluxgtm. 1 Mn}.

King Adora \cnuc. latlinhurgli. l .\l;i}. Buena Vista Social

Club Royrl (innt‘t‘i'l ll.ill.

(iluxgtm. 3 Ma}. Fish (i;ll';l:_‘t‘. (iluygtm. 3 Mn).

it. but its sultry All Saints-chicness is irresistible. The ‘Babes execute

their unfussy head and shoulder turns, and then they slide off their stools and do their three dance moves: they have the ‘stamping out a fire' one, the ‘shaking a hula-hoop round leg' one, and finally the ‘waving an imaginary ribbon in rhythmic gymnastics‘ one. They even pluck a grinning kid called Robbie onto the stage and serenade him, before sending him back to his jealous mates with a kiss. When they come back from the encore, one lad yells ‘Youse are brilliant, by the way!‘ All it took was 40 minutes with no miming, no costume changes and plenty of sass. Pop? Yes! Shite? No! All hail the Sugababes. (Jason Cranwell)



Cafe Royal. Edinburgh. f3 M.“

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* Back To Roots feat.

Martin Stephenson .lllti Robbie Maclntosh lx’cniicu l-cii). ( il.l\:_'il\‘.. rl \l.i_\. Spooks ( Lin-.rggc. (il.i\;_'u\\. -l .\l;i_\.

Ash (ml ’. (Hawaii. 5 \l.i_\,

* BB MAK ( Lamps. (il,l\;'t\‘.‘., \i.i}.

The Shirehorses (i.:I‘.i§_‘t'. ( il.i\f.'u\‘.. 7‘ \i.i§. Orbital (\iin l \.'li.ii‘._~_'t'. litlinliin'fli. lit \l.:_\. iidl’l'i‘“ Lilli]. (ii.l\:_'1"\‘-. ll \ia).

* Eric Bibb (‘luct'iiR ll;ill. l‘tlinl‘uiyli. ll .\l.i_\. * Justin .lllti Joolz (lilliullxc. ( ii.i\:_‘(‘\\, ll


* Howe Gelb lFili \i‘lk‘

('lult. (iluxgtm. l3 .\l.i_\. * Jim White l..i licllc .\ng_'clt'. l tlinliuiyli. l3 \lti}.

Clive Gegson .iml Boo Hewerdine l’lmxincc ('.il\ii'cl H.111 ltlinliuigli. ll\1.1},

- Credit card bookings f 1 - Ripping Records .'

* The Wildhear‘ts

(‘.'t'. ( ii.» 'H'.‘.. ‘W \i.:‘. Average White Band


ilkllliti Kiwi... i\ t\ l" \i.ifi Motorhead HJIIH‘A iglhi. ( ii.:\:'i“-‘.. \im:

Glenn Tilbrook

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* The Raphaels l .

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Alice Cooper i)i.1'\ili‘ll\\'. l tlinlu.a;'li.: \l..}

* Backyard Babies (flzllmuxu. ( Edging. 3‘ \i.l'\

Ozric Tentacles

liquid Runny l .linhuifgli

ll \l.i}. lx’cnlicu lcii}. (ii.l\:_‘i'\‘-. Echo And The Bunnymen ( i..i..;.:t-. (il.l\j_'i“»“. \i.‘.:x Deacon Blue l’l.i}lii»;i\t'. l tlinluiiglz. _ \i.i_\

Deacon Blue ( ‘1}th-

\iiiiilwiiuin(ii.:\:'u'.\. _"‘ Deconstruction feat, Snuff, Pennywise, Lagwaggon \I ( (j (il.:\j.‘ii\‘.. ill \i.:_\. Gordon Giltrap l’lt‘anilit t‘ ( filmicl 14.11. l tlinlwit‘li. fl» \l.i_'. The Donnas ( itll.l"\'. (il,i\‘.'it'\‘-. ,‘ i \i.:_\. Everclear i'itlllllV-lJllti. ( il.i\‘.'i".‘.. SN \i.i_\

* Henry Rollins l’.i\il1un. ( il.i\;'m\‘.. .3 \l.i}

Papa Roach l~l.:iiu\‘. l.iii«l. ( il.i\;;u\‘-.. :ii\i.i_\ \()I [)()ll Mary Chapin Carpenter l<i._\ (king-1'1ll.ill.(il.x\:u\\.. *1) \la},

* Tindersticks

l ltllllii RHHHI. l.tliiil\1ii_~.7li.(illiii. Incubus Itintm mitt. (ilmgw‘w. ,ltlll.

- Way Ahead

Tool I".._.:v (i!.‘.\ ‘- i.:. Neil Young and Crazy Horse \1 i i (llawwza, E“ .1. Semisonici \inltlwzwrzi (7'


Reel Big Fish < i..- (li.l\‘. «‘2‘. i |:'. Limp Bizkit \l ( t " ill Roxy Music \l < ( (ilwvni'm. ll l Guns ‘N’ Roses \i (>('. ( I‘l,;\>'l‘I-‘-. 1?] Judas Priest I’i..;:iv'.af.z'.il.(ii,.«w»'.-. li.:i

* i ltllllti i\)lN‘lll. l tliziliuztn l"

* Willard Grant

Conspiracyt i;;;I,:,'

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Suzanne Vega l grid

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Suzanne Vega. km..-

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* Nashville Pussy

* Robert Cray l-'

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Vonda Shepard !'

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BB Kingl'm. \-" (l

T in. the Park i.

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* Megadeth m

Boiler Room

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Beach Boys ‘..

Status Quol

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Mark Knopfier'

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Tom Jonesl

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The Eagles ll

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Robbie Williams

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