The Stand 1 hc Stand. 5 York l’lncc. 55S "2"} ‘Ipin L5 «L 5i. Hoxlcxx \nnh lhc moxie“ JHHH lhoon \kc‘ictllllt'x “UllL'lt' Hunlop hack lroin hix l.ondon c\ilc. .\l;n'|oric .ind ("olc l’nrkci coinplclc lhc hnc up.

Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l'lll .\l.’ic('oolx. lhl Road. ()3: “Ill”. Upin. l'icc. .r\dc|.ndc xlgind-np \lickc} l) Likcx lnnc onl lroni hix ionnd lhc \Hilhi hack packing: cwlonx to put Ill .1 _'._'lf_‘ loi Rch .\ndcrxon Marlin huh} and int .\lc;\rihln .n'c Ill xnppoil.

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Dundee Comedy Club ‘l‘lic I)of_'houxc, I i lh'onn Sll’t‘t‘l. Hi 53: 32703“. ‘lpin. L5 ilc'l l. John (iillick. (ii'dcinc 'l’honiax .ind Ion ('hmx nci' ioin lloxl .looll “Hill”.


The Stand .Hlk‘ Sldlltl. 5.55 \Voodldlltlx Rt);ld_ (lS—‘ll (illll (M55, ‘llinL La IH l. SL‘L' i'l'l Ill. onl_\ Snxnn .\loi'i‘ixon coinpci'cx_ Madcap Comedy Club 'l’lic- Slulc H.111 HS Holland Sll'ccl. ‘53 3l5‘l.

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The Stand 'l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lncc. 558 "3‘2. ‘lpni. L'" it'll. Suinc .ix Hi I“. onl} .|;inc .\l;ick.r\ coinpcrcx.

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The Vigorous Lime Quiz Of Joy ('nrlcrx. 35o Bum Road. 333051 I. Spin. lircc. Scc Sun 15.

Six On Sunday 'l'lic Stand. 33% \Vmitlluntlx Riignl, ()Sqll (till) 0055 3.30pm. £3 «£2 l. 'l'hix c\cnin;_"x Sundu} night xi\ puck includcx .lohn (iordon .ind l‘rnnk ()ninn.

Blackfriars Comedy Club lildt‘kll‘lnl'x. 50 BC” Sll’t‘t‘l, Hill—5.5 135-15". ‘lpni. £5 it'll Linc-up xlill lo hc conlirnicd.

Canvas Comedy Club (11mm.

13 lo \anlx Slrccl. 552 lell. 0pm. [5. l)c‘\olll coincd} ll'Ulll lhc Rc\ ()i‘t‘tllglll Slcppcnnollc Ill and xupporl conch lroin coincd} couplc Paul and Ru} and Slc\cn Hick. .lnniic Rohinxon prcxidcx ;ix colllpt'l‘t‘.


Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? l'lic Stand. 5 York I’lgicc. 55X "252. Ipni. l'i'cc \\ ilh drinkx or .i incul. Scc Sun l5.

Six On Sunday 'l‘lic Stand. 5 Yin-l. l’lucc. 55S "27:. 8.30pm. £3 (Ell. Hougic Unnlop kccpx lhc coinic tradition .ihx c. and ix ioincd in lnx cruxadc h} in c .1ch including; ‘So You Think Yon'rc l‘unn_\’ hopcl’nl .lunicx licrguxon .ind i‘cxidcnl hoxl (ii'ucinc ’l'hoinux.


Fife Comedy Club I’ulh linci'n. .\lid Sll‘ccl. 1H5”: 30307 I. Sfilllim. {—1 1L5 l. l’ilc lunxlcrx .loon Broon and John Sinclair phi} hoxl lo ('olc l’ni'kcr. .\l.n‘tin l‘nrh} and John McBridc.


islx'l EC: é :59 ll SKITTERS The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 27 Mar 00..

The Skitters are back, in their new and improved slimmed-down line-up. The sketch group was previously bursting at the seams with the frankly extravagant line-up of nine performers. Now stripped down to a much healthier four, the group is fighting fit and ready to show you a good time. And that is exactly what they do.

Changing the line-up from nine to four has marked a huge difference in the nature of the performance. It has allowed each performer more versatility, and John Littlejohn, Colin Ramone, Miles Jupp and Julie Coombe have

seized the opportunity.

In this kind of performance, timing is crucial, and Skitters are a text book example of perfect pacing. So even when the punchline is glaringly obvious to everyone in the audience, they turn this around and use it to their advantage, manipulating the audience expectations to great effect.

Much of the humour is incredibly childish, with many scenes degenerating into playground cursing. There are some fantastic ideas floating around, but these do tend to be swamped by opting for the easy way out. However, they appear to be perfectly aware of what they are doing, and quite proud of the immature direction the show often takes. During one scene where Oedipus has been taken by his mother to see a psychiatrist - Jupp and Littlejohn are reduced to standing at the back of the stage giggling while Ramone and Coombe kneel at the front yelling profanities in rhyming couplets. This is the secret to the success of this show they know what they‘re doing, and what’s more, they enjoy doing it. And therefore, so do the audience. (Sharon Cribbin)

. 5‘3?" .. ' 11%";

=’ ‘a I . A? .5 . - :59“? c“ I.

Julie Coombe maps out the new, improved Skitters


Crazy Ape Comedy Club Bar Am. Nil lhnnhnrlon Road. 33.1 Null. SMHHH. H (U). .\lnch l;nig_'hlcr and inci'riincnl coul'lcx} ol' Dcx (dill'ht‘. (icc/alnp illlti rcxidcnt hoxl .lninic Rohinxon. .ix \\c|| ;l\ lhc iixunl L‘Uitllll'llli :ixxoruncnl ol coincd} chullcngc cntranlx.


Red Raw ’I'hc Slnnd. 5 York l’lncc. 55S 7373. Sfillpin. L'l. Hoxl .lnincx l'ci‘gnxon and hciidlincr l)cx (‘lnrkc xhurc lhcir xlnnd—np c\pcricncc \\ ilh :ironnd cighl nc\\ .iclx.

Tuesday 24


Pants Still On Fire with Michael Kerins ('ili/cnx‘ ’l‘hcnlrc. ll‘) (iorhnlx Sli‘ccl.-12‘)llll32.7.3(lpin. [S l H l. .\l;ixlcr xlor} lcllcr .\lich;icl Kcrinx rclurnx lo lhc ('il/ \\ ilh .inolhcr hilarion xhon.


Skitters lhc Stand. 5 York l’lncc. 55S “3734mm. £51£~li.s\ li‘cnctic ini\ ol cli;ii‘;iclcl‘x. coxlnlnc chnngcx and nol l'orgclling .i gcncronx hclping ol' pagx. inxl uhonl xninx up 'l'hc Slnnd'x \IlU\\L‘;l\L‘ \kt‘lc‘ll \illl“. SL‘L‘ l't‘\ lL‘\\.

Wednesday 25


Pants Still On Fire with Michael Kerins (Illi/L‘llS. .HlL'illl'C. I l‘) (iol‘hulx Sun-L 4301lll32. 7.30pm. {H «H l. Scc 'l‘uc 24.

ECiIHl’Mgh Slnnd. mxx’ Rodd, iimi (ion Crazy Cabaret 'l hc Stand. 5 York (M55. S. illpin. LE iUH. 'l hc nhnluiloux l’lzicc. 55X 5353. Spin. L31 iUi. Scc \\cd .\li' .\l;ic.\n|.i} ix loincd h} lhrcc \c|\cl IS. \irginx lll hix nionlhl} x|lo\\.

Reg Anderson’s Fun Quiz Night 'l'hc Slund. 5 York l’lncc. 553 "TS. 9.5le11. [I to phi}. Scc \Vcd IN.

Thursday 26


Pants Still On Fire with Michael Kerins ('iii/cnx‘ 'l'limnc. ll‘) (milme Slrccl.-13‘Hlll33. “.illpin. [H 1U l. Scc ’l'nc 11.

The Fred MacAulay Show 'l'lit-


The Stand 1 hc Stand. 5 York l’lncc. 55S 5.2-5.19Plll. L51t'ii. I.nn.ilic l';lllllllj,' lroni .\|l;in .\lil|ci'. :ihl} xnlipoilcd h} .|.nncx l'crpuxon and licnc i.lll\‘ilt'\llcii\. Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l'in .\|;:c('oo|x. lhl Road. 033 “Ill”. ‘lpin. l‘i‘cc. |.oc;il xlnnd up ( ioidon lli‘nnlon louchcx on a lcu coincd} ncr\cx. .ind ix xupporlcd h} Km lll Spcncc and (icorjgc \cxhil.

“Prima Donna Management and THE STAND Comedy Club present


eor e Square Theatre Edinburilli'


9.30pm £10 / £5 (conc)

Box Office 0131 558 7272