In moist anticipation of his forthcoming appearance at the tripTych music festival. we asked UK dub-reggae king, boss of Ariwa records, prolific remixer and all—out enthusiast of the echo- effect Mad Professor (aka Neil Fraser) to name his four favourite records.

William Davaum: ‘Be Thankful For What You Got’ (Chelsea) This is; the ultimate dance track Wlllt a message. It's from tlte year 1974 and it's Just a great record.

Shaggy: ‘lt Wasn’t Me’ (MCA) You know this track right? I think it's a good dance record and it's back to tltat old-school thing where tlte artist or singer are dealing Will) a very interesting topic. It's a great story-line 'lt Wasn't lvle'. you know. I guess you could say I'm faittrliar With the topic ~ defin-itely. (much laughter) Jill Scott: ‘Long Walk’ (Epic) l bougltt the album artd now I can't put my hands on it. Took it home and someone kidnapped it; very bad. The track 'Long Walk' is a great balance between (an. dance and pop; a great. great record. She herself, I like how she looks. She looks like the girl next door, but we don't have a girl like that next door. Slte don't look like your typical bimbo artist. With legs, tits aitd hunt. I like people that break the mould on how artists should look. you know.

Jean Cam: ‘Don’t Let It Go To Your Head’ (Philadelphia International Records) (Singing) ‘Now that yOu know how I feel about you. don't let it go to your head. no. Don't let it go to your head. no.' This is a wonderful dance record. wonderful. wonderful. I remember going to discos and dancutg to records like this. That's about all | l'(?ll‘t}llll)(?l' doing.

And what about the records that didn’t make it in? It's not a very seXy list is it? Maybe Jennifer Lopez is gonna be further down. Not her records. but she would have been one of the girls I'd choose. Very nice face and legs.

I Mad Professor Wil/ be appearing with the Anna Dub Showcase featuring Lee ‘Scratch' Perry at The Liquid Room, Edinburgh. Sat 28 Apr 8 The Fierrfr'ett' Ferry. Glasgow. Sun ’33? Apr;

80 THE LIST 1.? aft; Apr .3001 2001

Edinburgh, Friday Club continued

I Roadblock at Po Na Na. 1 lpitt- 3am. £3. Weekly. .Nicei l" stops the traffic in bad music when she digs up tlte best irt futtk. disco. house aitd block rockiit' heats.

I Ruff Kuts at The Venue (top floor). 10.30pm 3am. £5. l2 .-\pr. Montltly. I)Js Dalai. TI Link and Red Jasper dish the drum is bass deligltt. M(‘s welcome.

I Salsa Viva at The Venue (top floor) has ttow moy cd to a Thu pre-cluh slot at Baracoa.

I Spectral at Wee Retl Bar.

llpitt 3am. £5 (£4). I3 Apr. Montltly. Bored w itlt all the same old cluhs‘.’ Maybe this all—new rtigltt of pitclt black house aitd techno w tilt Pltil Dickson attd l)a\e Anderson w ill rttake your world a hrigltter place. Sec l’ilnel.

I Sublime at The Venue.

lt).3t)pitt 3am (doors close at lattt). £8 (£(t). 20 Apr. Fortttighlly. The trartce and techno staple takes a break front its steady slew of guests to showcase its talented residents ldgc and Key \Vrlght.

I Sugar at The Honey comb.

ltlpitt 3am. £8 (£6). 27 Apr. Monthly. In association w itlt the trip’l’ych music festiyal. Sugar w elcomes a hefty line-tip featuring Key iit Yoft. Kenny Haw'kes. Bent (DJ set). Murray Richardson. St Long aitd ('raig Sittitlt.

I Summit at Noa. lllpm 3am. £4 (all proceeds to cltarity ). 13 Apr. Monthly. Atittospheric house-funk frottt l)Js Rob. Roy aitd 'l‘reyor (i ('l'aste back room). lispecially nice because the needy iititoccttt will benefit from your haying fun aitd getting trashed.

GTexture at La Belle Angele.

l lpttt 3am. £5 before midnight; £(t after. l3 Apr. Monthly. Fresh front siitkiitg cocktails at the Miaitti Music ('onference. (icorge Mitchell aitd Martitt Spence of local label Texture Records lauttclt a hraitd ttew residency. The celebrity guest is the tttuclt applauded Lottie aitd the musical style is deep attd ditty tech- ltouse. All this joy comes iit association witlt the Red Tour 2()()l. See Hitlist.

I TL at The Venue (dowttstairs) ltas ttow finished.

I Underground Overground at Studio 24 ltas now finished.

0 Underground Solu’shn at The Horteyconth. Il).3()pnt—3ant. £7 (£5). 2() Apr. Monthly. The more than knowledge- able shop assistants at lidinburgh's lead- iitg independent record store club togeth- er to fornt ait eclectic new residency. (ieorge T. D] Simone. (iay Sutherland. Mikey Stirton. l.y|ey and Richie Ruftone are the residents of choice managing all styles frottt hip ltop to house aitd to mark the launch. special guest King Britt joins the fun. See Hitlist.

I Up! at The Venue (top floor). Monthly. Next date 27 Apr.

I UTI presents at Studio 24 (upstairs). Monthly. Next date 4 May.

I Vain at Holyrood L'nion. See Sat.

I Waxworks at The Honeycomb. ltlpnt —3am. £7. l3 Apr. Monthly. Four- dcck mayhem it) the styles of hip hop. fttttk. disco aitd house iii the front roottt witlt Professor Plastic aitd The Squalor Sltow. lit the cosier confines of the back rooitt. special guest Rob Mello t(‘lassic/Prescriptiort ) joins (iareth Sommery illc aitd Mr Todd for some real deal house music.

I Zealous at Studio 24 (downstairs). lt).3()pnt-3ant. £5. 27 Apr. Monthly. Hardcore skatepttitk aitd industrial sounds courtesy of some liye protagonists aitd I).l.s Dunk. lqy and Claire. This month the action comes frottt Suhstate aitd t'ttique Freak.

Chart & Party

I Canned Heat at (iaia. ltlpttt~3ant. £2 before midnight; £3 after. Weekly. [)1 Harry Let's (io (Bootttbox) lays oit the pop attd partied-up fttitk. disco aitd hoUse tunes. Pltis Double Zero upstairs in the lounge with a sure-shot selection of funk. hig heat aitd druttt & bass.

I Club Tropicana at The Subway West lind. 4pm —3am. Free before I lpm; £3 (£l ) after. Weekly. Post-work party

w itlt a Hawaiian theme. Sadly the drinks are ttot free.

I Fridays at Club Jaya. 5pm —2am. Free before lflpm; £3 after. Weekly. The sumptuous surroundings of Leith’s luxurious club yertue allow for wild ahartdott oit the downstairs daitcelloor or tttore sedate goings on lit the comfortable upstairs lounge. Drinks promos ensure affordable pleasure either way.

I Fusion at liros/lilite. 9.30pm 3am. £4 (£3) before I 1pm; £5 (£4) before midnight; £6 (£5) after. Weekly. House aitd garage hits at this belterttotlt of a yeituc w itlt occasional lite P.-\s art added boittis.

I Gorgeous at l.oca. lllpm -3am. Free before midnight: £3 (£2 w itlt flyer) after. Weekly. (iet ready to pump that party at this mainstream chart affair.

I Jam at The l‘ttion. llpm~2am. £2. Weekly. The biggest party tunes frortt recent decades iit the ntain roottt pltis some big heat. funk attd indie through the back.

I Night To Remember at The (‘aycttdis‘h ltlpm -3am. £(t. Weekly. ()r rtot. giyeit the all too reasonable drinks promos or) offer. (her 25s.

I The Subway at The Sttbway.

9pm 3am. Free before 1 1pm; £3 (£l ) after. Weekly. See Thu.

I T.F.l. Friday at The Ark. 4pm—-3aitt. Free hefore ltlpnt: £4 (£2) after. Weekly. You'ye worked hard. now reward yourself with a massiye drinking aitd dancing session at the ultimate after work party.

I The Time Tunnel at (‘luh Mercado. lllplllv3ttlll. £5. Weekly. Trendy Wendy aitd Vince Stilton the ('hecseittaster disrupt the space-time continuum with tunes frottt the (t()s. 70s aitd 8()s. ()r ntaybe it‘s just the alcohol. I Why Not? at Why Not'.’ I()pnt--3attt. £5. Weekly. Mainstream chart aitd disco at this popular city centre yenue.

I Yum Yum at Revolution. l()pitt--3attt. £5~£7. Weekly. (‘hart and dance night at this heaving mess of humanity.

Edinburgh Saturdays


I Back To Mine at Piyo. ()prtt—lam. Free. l4 Apr only. In a borne-grown homage to the recent Back To Mine compilation projects. Sublime‘s Key Wright plays his favourite records of all tittte.

I Baracoa at Baracoa. 9pitt—lant. Free. Weekly. Big Beat‘s Simon Hodge doits his sombrero and gauche moustache for a scorchio selection of Latin fayotirites.

I Cuba Norte at (‘uba None. ltlpm—lam. Free. Weekly. Hot salsa! It's Sat and that means. er. bot salsa at this epicentre of all things Latin.

I DJRedG & Friends at Rush. 9pm~tant Free. Weekly. The honties front [-11 Segundo showcase top quality [PK and underground US hip hop.

I EH1 at [ill I. 9pm-lam. Free. Weekly. Ali (‘amphell indulges his passion for deep house ( 14 Apr). while up-and-eottting talent Clare Conlon deyastates the drinking crowd with her drunt & bass show (2! Apr).

I Frisco Disco at PopRok‘it. ()pttt—lam. Free. 2l Apr. Fortnightly. Martin Valentine aitd Steyen Wanless pump out the deep aitd funky house.

I Funk And Disorderly at The (‘ity Cafe. 9pnt—lant. 21 Apr. Fortnightly. Yogi ‘l)a Bear' Haughton supplies the yery' best irt dancefloorjazz. R&B and yocal garage.

I Greazed Up at The Spider‘s Web. Monthly. Next date 28 Apr.

I Headspin at Bambou. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Confucius say this new ()riental style bar got plenty good hip hop and funky stuff with Colin Millar and Data.

I Immersed In Music at Piyo. t)pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Key Wright takes Us Back to His (sec ahoye) while Stuart Duncan oils the decks for some progressiye house action (2| Apr).

I Made In Iguana at lguana.

‘lpttt- lam. Free. Weekly. (‘olin (‘ook (l'ltragrooye) plays some real house music. frottt the experimental to the totiglt attd tribal w itlt random Latin influences thrown in for good measure. This fortnight. (‘oliit's hosting ait all- day affair called Briglttcr Day (22 Apr). which starts around lunclttittte aitd finishes much later. Frcc copies of tltc swinging lgtiatta (I) will he ayailahlc. I Oxygen at ()xy gen. 0pm lattt. Free. Weekly. Lisa 'lltotttpsott (Nature) artd Steye .-\ttstiit illeadspitt) entertain tlte weekend crowds with their beats. breaks attd funky house ftrsiott tltittg. I Squalor Show at PopRokit.

0pm 7 lartt. Free. 14 Apr. Fortniglttly. .-\tt old-school heats aitd breaks selection front experienced jocks around town. Well Stirred and [)1 Frost}.

I Sub-Atomic at Bar Litton (formerly Bliss). 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. A selection of the Atomic Baby hackroont boy s (Scott Brown. Bruce Nicholson. Steyie Wilson artd Scott MacKcit/ie) play a frisky range of ['8 house artd garage.

I UrbannHangSuite at Baittt's.

l lpm- 3am. Free. Weekly. Ligltt yegetariait snacks serycd to a swinging soundtrack front Safl Sap. pltis guest I)Js front (irattd Central. Fat ('ity. Turttnty Touch attd Pork Recordings. I Yush! at the ('ity (‘afe. 0pm laitt. Free. 2| Apr. l-‘ortttightly. AJ. (ltead ltortclto behind lidinburglt‘s leading ltip hop label. Yush Recordings) selects the upbeat hip hop. funk aitd ragga. He‘s joined by the fresh prince of R&B. the Mad Ambassador.


I G at Noa. l().3()pnt-3am. £7. l4 Apr. Monthly. All-new house aitd garage night featuring special guest (‘rispin (iloyer. who you may recognise as that guy frottt Paper Recordings who made a tidy impact last year with his debut album Rhythm Graffiti. His funky mix of dirty house will be greasing up the main floor aitd I)M(‘ cltatttp Richie Ruftone will be mixing tip a jazz fuitk storm tltrough the back.

I Acetate at The Liquid Roottt. lt).3()pitt—3am. £8 (£7). l4 Apr. Monthly. Plastic fantastic night for those who like to groove iii a funky house style. hosted by the very talented Murray Richardson. (iail Sellars attd Marco Smith.

I Ascension Goth Club at Holyrood Union. l().3()pm«-3ant. £3 (£2). 21 Apr. Monthly. In association with Edinburgh t'niyersity's (ioth artd Rock Society comes this cheery rttix of up-to-date darkness geared towards people who like wearing black.

I Atomic Baby at La Belle Angele. Monthly. Next date 28 Apr.

I Blast at (‘lub Mercado. l lpm--3ant. £10 (£8). 21 Apr. Fortnightly. The infantous Huggy Burger Queen attd his trusty sidekick Markell throw caution to the wind once again at their roof- raisittg. funky glantfest. If you fancy starting early. clteck the pre-club at AcantltUs.

I Blitz at The Venue (top floor). Next date 4 May.

I Boogie Mo’ Dynamo at The Venue (top floor). Monthly. Next date 5 May.

I c.c. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. ll).3()pm~3am (bar front ()pm ). Free. Weekly. DJ Ally is back again with more of her trademark high-camp-to- house deckrtical expertise at this always hoaching gay yenue.

I Cream at The Venue (all floors). Monthly. Next date 28 April with guest Herman Cattaneo.

I Deep Sensation at Noa. Monthly. Next date 28 Apr.