HEAVY DUTY: LUCY ".Tf'lliz‘iiliifii fit'éi) PAULINA OLOV‘iSiUt

lnvcrleith House. lloyrt’ Bota'l'c Cw " 'i. Edinburgh, Sat 14 Apr—Sun 27 May.

’ve been unbelievably Izzrrl/y.‘ “ays the 23-

' year-old, (Slatgctrl i! l‘. at :i ,-. Lucy

McKenzie. Since titticiuiling ircrn Dt'llt"."ll of Jordanstone College in [HEP/i. " ‘Tti lF'C‘Tl. McKenzie has had werlr. inpiiw 7w! in l:::;t year :1 prestigious British Art Show, ;-i:il been shortlisted for the inaugural Peeks Futures award. Now preparing for let fiiigigdst alien to date, she has CCliilllllytIVWJ'T‘l1’9’ll!"fil.

Based in Berlin, linii’fl-TiU it; 3‘ git l'ncwn for her sporting painting: c? if. 2 Qiyrnjiic Games which revealed hm preezc:‘j‘nticn with Eastern Europe and it': rclatiormfifip \-.i"i \.'v'.."~t thirtif‘crzn culture. But if you mention llv: name Olga lierhat or the Olympics to lvgr tit. (3 iyg. y;,.‘l!'i‘~.3 lil-trly to touch a nerve. lv‘lclitnzie, lle so many I‘i lists. has become ElSTiOClilllfili with ;- My work troin early in her cart-er that n ap' .‘ taint l:t hi‘r


‘l'll be interested to t.’ -3 WM; t pcifi": think oi my new work,’ she says. ‘l've had it up to the hack teeth with the O'ynieic': and i can't bear to look at another set cf Olympic ti§‘{::;. Yeti can only take an idea so iar.‘

Her fascination with Eastern European culture remains, but much of her new werl: ()"Eliillll‘?'$ issues closer to home. She rel? :cls en Scotti: h culture and the iconography of growing t'p in Glasgow. For lnverleith House. she has; collaborated with Polish artist. Paulina (.‘Zor/stfca whom she met while they \Nfll'i‘ both cn academic exchanges. With a niz'itval appreciation of each other: t. if»: l<. iii 3 two became cl so friends. La-;t ycz‘i liff_";/l.11i((lilill'iflln'BiJUC? sports; shop in G lanai; '::-.l iii"- :l l-‘i:...]lil Of/l Provincial Gill, a enlist; cf -;- ll" tint: t? it brought tOgu’lim‘ artist 5 itO": I s- (.‘erinany.

This latest collnherC-l‘en l'-:

‘7 ‘..li'li old not}: shown in :i

West meets East: Lucy McKenzie and Paulina Olowska

I":.'.:iii'i and

Fit”, new paintings, posters and STCUii."'.l’("‘, file" new context. They‘re cre i'irigi ;. w. '3 painting for the spl ce. serving as a l)r*_"_lr'!:‘ te lflc‘i' f-z'iitlicoining

r:ommission in Ci:l."'.ic':: luv {'th ll”. Solidarity Shipyards.

—1' ‘\

And Full Moon is a video that the two made in Moscow and St Petersburg in December last year. Although the artists come from two diverse cultures, the exhibition is not about this disparity.

‘Growing up in Gdansk, Paulina has a very different take on this romanticism towards Eastern European nostalgia,‘ says McKenzie. ‘My view of the East is perhaps similar to her view of the West. But what is important with the show is that we‘re not trying to illustrate the differences between us, it’s really about us as a close unit.’ (Helen Monaghan)

"rill-:5 ROUND resort: ' Talbot ltice Galleiy. E'lir'; i'rfii. opens Fri 20 Apr.


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i: :t. l .‘ i. r Iii-chard Wright‘s wall drawing which featured in last year’s British Art Show

l ‘,\, it i < ' in l’ i, in ‘m i ' ' r" " v W240 llf‘t’llllllgS Donachie and Paul Keir.

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News from the wor/d of art

:i tl \I i‘.t 'l.t°’)'l t' .mrl ' 'i l Li Hit.

SUBMISSIONS ARE SOUGHT for the third Bulkhead Prize, which presents work in public places in Glasgow. Glasgow-based artists should send their proposals for new artwork in any form or medium via e-mail to art@bulkhead.org.uk by Friday 1 June. Three prominent individuals are also required to form the selection panel who will award the £3000 prize.

Justin Carter’s Wasteland: winner of last year’s Bulkhead Prize

l’l Nt ll JlN li; ill l’l Jl'll IISl lthi \"Jill Still}, “ml. .'."i’, lllli. rli:.'.' (,’)‘.t:lfi. [lam-u". l ill’l‘) shaw- <t.’,’§lll"l_l){ill“,‘fi / //,~.'. 1/»: [w

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Harv; on t pi!”

We“? “tr-W; ..

OUTSIDE THE BOX at Cove Park are seeking an established artist to take up a Visual Arts Fellowship post. For a fee of £3700 plus £1000 materials, the artist will be provided with a 12- week period of research in which to develop their practice. For an application, send an A4 SAE to VAF, Cove Park, Peaton Hill, Cove, Helensburgh, Argyll & Bute, G84 OPE. Tel: 01436 850123 or e-mail otbcovepark@aol.com by Friday 27 April.