GilmorehillG12 0 l‘nnersit} :\\ettue. 0|4l 330 5533. 'l‘hu l‘) Apr. l lam. £3.50.

King’s Park Pavilion King‘s l’at'k. Dalia-ith. 0|3| 003 3445. Hi 30 Apr. 3pm. £3.50i£l.50i.

Netherbow Arts Centre 4 3 45 High Sim-i. in}! 550 9579/2047. Sat 3| Apr. l lam it 3pm. £3.50 l £3.75). LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD 8: Ages 3 7. Kitlglin e\ l’uppets retell elassie stories meluding Little Red Riding Hood. the lion and the Mouse and the l'i'og l’t'inee. GilmorehillG12 ‘) l'nnersit} .'\\enue. 0l4| 330 5533. Hi 30 Apr. 1 lam. £3.50. PETER PAN Ages 5 8. lzdinhurgh l’uppet ('ompan} retell the stor} ol' the ho} who never greu tip. .loin l’eter l’an. Weird}. ('aptain Hook and tlte l.ost Ho} s as the} emhat'k on a dangerousl} e\eiting ad\enture.

Victoria Hall Kinloeh Road. (’ampheltou n. 0l580 55440‘). Thu l3 Apr. l0am. £3.50t£3.50i.

SALTY SAM’S SHIP-SHAPE SEA SHANTIES lan 'l'urhitt's l’uppets tell tlte story (it an old sea dog \\ ho di\ ulges sea- laring stories and leads the ehildren in some nell-knoun sea-songs. Community Centre Preston Road. l’reston l’ans. 0l875 8| 334‘). 'l'hu l3 Apr. 3pm. £3.50 t£l.50l.

Netherbow Arts Centre 4 3 45 High Street. (ll 3| 5.50 9579/3047. Sat 14 Apr. llatn & 3pm. £3.50 t £3.75i. Gilmorehilth2 ‘) l'nnersit} .4\\enue. 0l4| 330 5533. Sat 3| :\pr. llam. £3.50. TIGGERS DON’T CLIMB TREES Riehard Medrington‘s l’arahle l’uppets pro\ e that 'l‘iggers ma} he nonderlul things. htit tree elimhittg is not what “Elliot's do hest. :\.;\. .\li|ne's \Vinnie tlte l’ooh eharaeters are hrought to me in this eharming puppet adaptation. Cumbernauld Theatre Kiltlrum. (‘umhernauld. 0l330 733887. |-'ri l3 :\Pr. l0am & lpm. £3.

GilmorehilthZ ‘) l'uixersit) .»\\enue. 0l4l 330 5533. Wed l8 .-\pr. l lam. £3.50.

Bonnyrigg Leisure Centre King (ieorge \' l’ark. liomnrigg. ()l3l 003 757‘). Thu l‘) Apr. 3pm.

Mayfield Leisure Centre to Maylield l’laee. .\la_\‘lield. ()l3l 00.3 33l‘). liri 30 .-\pt'. ltlam.

Oueensway Leisure Centre ()tieettsmi)‘. l’eniettik. 01908 078777. Fri 30 Apr. 3pm.

TUM TUM TINKER Blue Boat 'l'heatt'e's aeelaimed shim hased on a needle which is passed down lt‘om generation to generation. Cumbernauld Theatre Kiltil'lllll. (‘umhernauld. 0| 330 733887. 'l'tte l7 .»\pt‘. I lam. £3.

WILLIE THE WICKED WOLF ()\ er The Top in\ ite _\ou to meet Willie. a \xoll \Vhose hohhies inelude motorhikes attd roek ‘n' roll. Help (irann) and Red Riding Hood eseape lti\ elutehes. Carnegie Hall liast l’ort. Dunlermline. 0|383 3|4l37. Thu 13 Apr. l0am. £3. Netherbow Arts Centre 43 45 High Street. 0|3| 550 9570/3047. l-‘ri l3 Apr. 1 lam ck 3pm. £3.50 (£3.75). WINNIE THE POOH Riehard Medrington's hrings the lo\eah|e hear and friends to life in this popular produetion. Paisley Arts Centre .\'e\\ Street. Paisley. (ll-ll 887 Hill). Sat 14 Apr. l lain & lptn. £4 t£3.50).

Victoria Hall Kinloeh Road. (‘amphelttm it. 01580 554400. Tue 17 Apr. lllam. £3.50 t£3.50l.

Film Animation Screenings EVENTS AT THE FILMHOUSE .sus

l.othian Road. lidinhurgh. 0| 3| 338 3088.

Best Of New British Animation l’ri l3~Sat l4 .-\pr. 3pm.

Monstrous Beasts Fri 30 Sat 2| Apr. Fri l.3()pm & 4.|5pm; Sat l.3()pm. EVENTS AT MACROBERT l'niversity ()t' Stirling. Stirling. 0|780 40l08l.

Monstrous Beasts Sat 14 Apr. 3.30pm.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

('HII/ lite Iii/n1 lit/tum \i'nm \. Listed below are highlights from the Science Festival Family programme. Events are listed by venue. To book tickets for all events or for further information call 0131 473 2070. Highlights of the Popular Science programme are included in Edinburgh Life.

SCIENCE@ASSEMBLY .\ssemhl_\ Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. lll3l 433 3070. l‘ntil Sun l5 .'\pr. dail}

10am 0pm. £300 l £3.50: ehiltlren under 3 lreel; alter 3pm £3 t£l.‘)0; eluldren under 3 t'reel. I‘.\;t|llple\ ot drop-in

aeti\ ities inelude:

BT Avatar: Your Route Into Cyberspace .I\ges o\ er 5. See photo eaption.

Devious Devices :\ges met' 5. .\n interaetn e e\hihition ol' meehanieal to_\ s. WWF Yellow Submarine Ages o\ er 5. \enture into the deep hltte sea to e\plore the sealile.

Spineless Wonders Ages o\ er 3. linter tlte ama/ing \kot‘ltl (Ii. ereep)

era“ lies and get tip elose and personal

\\ ith eoekroaehes. giattt norms and stiek insects.

Become A Grand Prix Racer (‘ould _\ou he the neu l)a\ id (‘oultardI’ l-‘ind out at this e\hihition \xhere _\ou eau eheek )our litness le\e| and eo-ordination skills hel‘ore taking to tlte ti‘aek iii a simulation.

li\amples ol timetahled e\ents inelude: Lego Robots lilttllt 4pm. £I. Ages o\ er 3. :\ little pieee 0| |.egoland. Denmark eomes to lidinhutglt. ('reate a small rohot and uateh it eompete in a ehallenge. Workshops at hour|_\ interxals. Up Yer Hooter l0am 4.30pm. L't. Ages o\ er 5. Take a trip into a human nose to learn more ahotit the air we hreathe het'ore heing snee/ed out onto a human hankie. l’erl'ormanees at hall- hourl} intenals.

ER Surgery . . . It’s Serious |0.l5am. ll.45am. l.30pm. 3.45pm & 4pm. £ l. Ages over 8. Stitelt a \Hitlllti. san tltrough hones or use an endoseope to look inside the human hod}.

Fast Food l3.30pm & l.30pm. .-\ges mer 0. Aside l'rom eating. experiment

\\ ith the man} other. \er) mess). uses l‘or l'ood.

Bubble Magic 3.30pm & 3.30pm. 'l'om Nodd} demonstrates his htthhle \t'i/ardr} \\ itlt some it\\C-lll\[ill'ilig‘ huhhle ereations.

Slime Show 4.30pm. Ages ox er 3. Make )our on n hoge} -eoloured gooe} slime and then e\periment u itlt it. Science In A Sporran Thu 12 Sun l5 .-\pr. l0am lpm. .-\ges o\ er 0.


LITTLE GIANTS Until Sun 15 Apr. Royal Museum, 2 Chambers Street, 473 2070. Ages over 5. After coming face-to-face with a human-sized honey- bee, follow his journey to collect nectar from giant flowers.

(ilasgou Seienee (‘entre's ro\ mg seienee husket‘s entertain \\ ith part} trieks. pu/xles and surprises.

Dr Doolittle 'l'hu l3 .r\pr. 3pm. 3pm & 4pm. :\ges 3 0. learn hon to talk to the animals \\ ith some knou ledge trom the resident animal e\pert.

2001 .v\dam llotlse. 3 ('hamhers Street. 0| 3| 473 3070. l'ntil ’l‘hu l3 .-\pr. l0am 5pm. £3 entr}. :\ll aeti\ ities suitahle l'or ehildren o\ er l l. A range ol' hands-on drop-in aeti\ ities and \xorkshops programmed throughout the da_\ at this lull) interaetix e \enue. 'l‘imetahled \Htt'kslttips inelude: Bungee-Jumping Eggs I l.30am it 3.45pm. £3 lot" team ol up to tour people.

Design a harness to ereate an hungee.

Who Killed Kenny? l l.30am. £3. l'nearth the South Park serial killer using l).\':\ lingerprinting.

Wacky Races 3pm. £4 per team ol' up to lour people. Build a raeing hugg} and then enter it into a mini grand pri\. OUR DYNAMIC EARTH llol}t'ood Road. (03] 4733070.

Dr Bunhead’s Leaf Factory l'ntil Stilt l5 Apr. 3 4pm. £3 l .50l. Ages

m er 8. Dr Bunhead indulges in some “ett‘d experiments \\ ith the help ol' Barn}. the SAS-trained hanana.

Show Me What You’re Made Of l'ntil Sun l5 Apr. l .30pm. £3 t£l l. Ages o\ er 0. l‘ind out what the human hod} is tnade ol. l‘ollou l'ood on a journey through the hod} and nork otit hou lungs hold onto air.

Bubble Magic l'ntil Stilt l5 .-\pr.

10 l lam. £3 t£l.50l. 'l‘om .\'odd_\ demonstrates his huhhle u i/ardr} \\ ith some tine-inspiring huhhle et‘eations. Science In A Sporran Thu 13 Sun is .-\pt‘. l 5.30pm. Free. :\ges o\ er (i. (i|a\go\\ Seienee ('entre‘s i'o\ iltg seienee huskers entertain \\ ith part} trieks.

puI/les and surprises.


Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, 473 2070. Ages over 5. Step inside the futuristic world of computer games. The AvatarBooth creates a 30

full body image of you which then becomes part of Quakelll Arena or The


SCIENCE IS AMAZING-@THE BOTANICS lx’o_\ al liotanie ( rattler. lmet‘leith lx’ou. 4‘3 3070 l'nttl \lon lo ;\[it'. lllam 5pm. l’iiees lot e‘.enls \ai}. .v\n e\plosion ot setenee aetn mes. sliox: s and \wrkshops m and atottnd the littlitttles

Vampire Worms I‘lk't' ('oiia- t.i..~ to laee \\ tilt the untrientll) \\Hllll\ \\ lio thine tn the stomaehs ol sheep .llltl eon s, Charlotte’s Web I'lk't‘ tips on eh spinning and H} eatehmg touttusi ot ('harlotte the triendl} spitlet

Voyage To Infinity l‘tee I’aiut le ph_\sies made interesting as y ou llllt ll'.t‘l the seerets ol the unnetse and test the lheot‘} ol relatnit).

Science Alive Show 2 top.” L % t£3.50i. .-\dam Senioi e\ploies the ama/ing \kot‘ld ol natural seient e Flower Power 'l‘hu l3 Sun l5 .\pi. lptn N 4pm. £3.50t£3i; l.t|l|ll) ol tout £7.50. l)iseo\et' hon plants help humans hreathe attd make a ‘eeo tiope' spinning maehine.

Rocket Workshop Sat 1 4 \pi.

noon 3pm. £l0. lituld a titekt‘l illtii laun. I. it ill the (iardens \ch pm a little kllit‘t‘. him lrom ('a\an (‘on\e_\.

Forensic Lab Sun 15 Mon It» .-\pi. l0am 5pm. l't'ee. 'l'raek doe. n a killer h} l'ollotsing the elites lel'l at the liltihit'l

Bubble Magic .\lon l0 \pt. Want.

1 lam. noon. 3pm. 3pm ik 4pm, £3 l£l.50l; lamil} ol .‘our £5 ’l'om \otltl; demonstrates his huhhle \\ |/i||\li_\ v. ith some awe-inspiring huhhle \ t'ealli ins. ROYAL MUSEUM 3 ('hamheis Sheet. 473 3070.

Living Insect Show l'ntil I ll Ii.-\pi. ll.30am. l.30pm t\’ 3 30pm l-iee. hut tieketed. Ro}al Museum. 3 ('hamheis Street. 473 3070. .\ eltant e to see and toueh inseets lrom latltnhurgh littltetllj. and lnseet \Vorld.

Little Giants l'ntil Stilt l5 .'\[H. noon l.30pm tk 3pm; Sun l.30pm tk 3pm l‘lee Rinal Museum. 3 (‘hamhers Sheet-173 3070. See photo eaptton.

Awesome Insects l'nul Sun 3 Sep. l-‘ree. Ro}al .\litseum. 3 (‘hamhets Sheet. 347 43l‘). Known to most as L i‘eepj.

erau lies. this hands-on exhihition

pro\ ides a halaneed protile ot tlus iith attd di\erse group ol animals.

Other venues

Starlab & Family Astronomy Activities in l.3 Sat l4 Apr. I‘ll

0 ()pm; Sat 3 0pm. £5 l£4i. Rina! ()hserxator} Visitor ('entre. lilaek‘lord Hill. 008 8405. Ages ox er 5. Journe} to the stars in the starlah planetarium and join in the inn lamil) \iorkshope Behind The Scenes At The Museum Of Flight Sat 14 Sun 15 Apr. llam noon & 3 3pm. £3 t£l.50i. .\lttseum (M. Night. liast l'ortune .-\tt’tield. lladdington. 473 3070. Learn more ahout the rexolutionar} adxanees in at iauon teehnolog} at this behind the seenes \talking tour of the Museum ol' l-light.

‘24.”? AU 27.“ THE LIST 95