A Tale of Buffalo Bill

Who is it? The author of Buffalo Bil/'5; Brit/sh Wi/d West. Alan GaIIOp. Who was Buffalo Bill? He was an American showman who towed Victorian and Edwardian Britain. recreating the US frontier Wlilt cowboys. Indians and

shai i ):;l ii )( )tei‘s.

Anything else? Alan Gallop ‘.'/lll discuss some of the strange occorences that happened in the tour of Britain. and especially those in Glasgow. I A/an Cal/op. Waterstone's. 1:33—1:37 Sauchieha/l Street. 332 9105. 7pm. free.

Wednesday 18

Book events

Sauchiehall Street Reading Group \Vaicixioiie‘x. I53 l57 Sauchiehall Strch 333 ‘)l05. 7pm. l‘rcc. The group xx ill discuxx Roddy l)oy le\ A Star ('ir/li'i/ lli'lirx.

Thursday 1 9


Orchids For Beginners Workshop (ilaxgoxx Botanic (ittt'tlclts. 730 (ircat Western Road. 334 3433. 3pm. £3 for iion-mciiibci'x (L‘l.30 tor ‘l‘ricndx' l. Learn more about purchasing. groxx ing and \ho\x ing orchids from the Botanic‘x orchid expert l)ax id Men/iex. This \\(lt'k\ltit|t is open to all and should act ;i\ a ta\tcl‘ \c\\ion lol' the \\ cckcnd orchid lair.

Book events Stuart David Borders Bookx. 3S3

tfoiirpleteii la 'T‘itllitlltv

of kilackintosh's Glasgox‘r

Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7pm. l‘ree. [fix of Belle and Sebastian. Dax'id xx ill read from his nexx black comedy The l’r'ur'm‘k .llrllli/i’.xlu tlmp l'lL‘llOtt £7.99).


Spring Clean Clyde Walkway Mugdock (‘ountry Park. (’raigend Visitor Centre. (‘i'aigallian Road. Milngax'ie. 956 (i100. 10.30am- r3pin. l-‘ree. linjoy a leisurely xxalk along this old railxxay line and help clear up any litter from Lennoxtoxx'n to Kirkintilloch. Return ll‘attspol‘l ix prox'ided. Meet at Station Road Park. Lennoxtoxx n and bring a packed lunch to keep you going.


Weekend Orchid Fair Kibble Palace. (ilaxgoxx' Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 3433.

l0am 5pm. Free. The Kibble Palace Months with the exotic beauty of orchids at thix special xx'eekend. Buy from. or \llltpl) browse the numerous trade and society \tttltdx.

Sun 3pm. ‘33 i332i: under

NCCPG Plant Sale k'ihlwlt- l’alacc. (ilmgoxx Botanic (iardcns. ".30 (ii'cat \chlcrn Road. 334 3433. Main noon. Tree. The National (‘ouncil for the (‘onscrxation ol Plants and ('iardcnx host a popular sale of garden plants.

BOOK Market (ilthgoxx Botanic (ial‘ilcltx -3“ ( ircat \\L‘\lcl'lt Road. .334 3433. lilam 5pm. l'rcc. .\ choice selection ol literary \xork\ and pieces ol non-liction xx ill bc for sale in the llopkirk building.


Scottish Claymores NFL Europe League llampdcn Park. The National Stadium. l.cthcrby |)i'ixc. 0500 35 35 35. I330 (rpm. {13 iL’4 UH. The (‘laymorcs kick on their 3ll0l lcaguc campaign xx ith a match against bittcr l'l\;tl\ lii‘ankliirl (ialaxy. The party atmosphere begins at 13.30pm xxith The entertainment. cotnpclitionx and celebrin guest apik'aranccs. (IillllL' starts at 3pm. (‘all hollinc l'oi' more details.


MindStore Introductory Talk Royal (‘oncci't Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 337 SSI l. [0.30am l-rcc. .-\n introduction to the txxo-day personal dcxclopnicni cotn‘\c taking place on 30 tk 37 .\la_\.


Weekend Orchid Fair Kilxlile l’alacc. (ilttsgoxx Botanic (iardcns. 730 (ircat Western Road. 33 3433.

l0am 5pm. l’rec. Sec Sat 3|.

BOOK Market (ilasgoxx Botanic (iardcnx. 730 (ircat Western Road. 334 3433. l0am 5pm. Free. See Sat 3|.

Tuesday 24

Book events

Tad Williams \Vatci‘xtonc'x. I53 157 Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)l05. lpin. l'rce. Williams \tglh copies of the l'oiii‘th in his ()thci‘land \L‘l‘lc‘x. ()I/Ii'r/imi/ Il’.‘ Sr'u Of Silver Ire/if.

Sally Gunnell \\’aiei-xiiiiic\. ii? 157 Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)l05. 7pm. l‘rcc. ()|_x mpic and World ('hampion hurdlcr and one ol the greatest British athletes of her generation. Sally ('iunnell introduces her Illness pltttt I)? lillll‘ Buy! illarpcr(‘ol|in\ £13.99).

Jerome Flynn Borders Books. 2%} Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7pm. l‘ree. Star of Sin/(Irv): Stilt/in" and Bridger. l-‘lynn xx ill be reading from \pil'lltlttl teacherAndrexx (‘ohen’x ncxx book. lint/tracing ll('(l\'('llJUN/[17117]! t.\lok\ha lioundation L" l 3.95 l.


Pants Still On Fire with Michael Kerins ('iti/cnx' Theatre. I l‘) (iol'ltitls Street. 43‘) 0033. 7.30pm. £3 (£4i. Master story teller Michael Kerins returns to the ('it/ xx ith yet another ltllttt'intls \hoxx.

of human life. follies and

ax'Jard-Winning n‘useum

listings Glasgow life

Wednesday 25

Book events

Alan Gallop \Vatei‘xtonc's. l53 7157 Sauchiehall Street. 333 “MS. 7pm. Free. See photo caption.

James Ellroy Royal (‘onccri Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 337 SSI 1. 7pm. £3. llcaxy xx eight crime xx riter xx ith a weird and chequered past reads from his latest noch l’lii' ('u/i/ Sit 'I'liouxiuiil i(‘entury L' l0i xx hich he describes as a work of‘ lll\lill’lc‘;ll t'iction. Worth hearing for his dclixcry alonc. lillroy xxill also be talking abotit ltI\ lite and his xx riting.


Independent Living Sl{(‘(‘. l'innicxton Quay. 0870 040 4000.

l0am 5pm. Tree. ('ommunity exent promoting an independent lifestyle for people xx ith tlI\;lltlllllC\ and the elderly.


Pants Still On Fire with Michael Kerins (‘iii/eiix' 'l‘licatre. l 1‘) (‘iorbals Street. 43‘) 0033. 7.30pm. £31134). .SL‘C Tue 34.


Synagogue, Church and Academy (‘iiliiioi-eliilK‘ilZ. l'nixcrxity .'\xcnue. 330 3001. 9.30am. L'l0 (Wt. A special day including 30 minute lttlks and audience discussion on \tlltjects \tlclt ax Jeyx'ish art and culture in (ilaxgoxx' and a \Ul‘VC)’ of the Jewish community in (ilaxgoxx' past and present.

The Angry Roadshow Tiso ()utdoor lixperiencc. 50 (‘ouper Street. 55‘) 5450. 7pm. liree. An exciting marking the l01h anniversary of the Angry ('ori'ii'. Scotland‘s cult hill xyalk‘ing maga/ine. liditor l)ax'e Hewitt xx ill introdticc guest speakers and TACx oxx'n cartoonists.

Palace In the Night: Whistler In Venice Huntcrian Art (iallery. l'nix'crsity ol‘(ilasgoxx'. 83 llillhead Street. 330 543 I. 5.30pm. Free. Dr Margaret MacDonald from the Whistler ('cntrc gixes a talk in connection with her forthcoming book.


Independent Living Sli(‘(‘. liinniexton Quay. 0870 040 4000. 10am 4pm. liree. See Wed 35.


Pants Still On Fire with Michael Kerins (‘iti/ens' Theatre. I l‘) (iorbals Street. 43‘) 0033. 7.30pm. £8 (£4). See Tue 34.


The Courtney Page Lecture llillhead Library. Byres Road. 33‘) 7333. 7.30pm. liree. The 300] Royal National Rose Society's annual lecture gix'en by acclaimed rose breeder Peter llarkness.

first half of the 20th

day architet ts .ind tlesaineis .n true lxlackintosli style. For opening times. call into line 0.1.11 .1149. Hunterian Art Gallery Ulll‘.t}l8ll\. of Glasgow 82

Hillhead Street. 330 5-131.

Mon~Sat 930arr—5pn‘. Free. Home to the university '3 collection of flat art and sculpture including masterpieces by Rembrandt. Chardin. \\’histler and Pissaro. The Gallery is best known for the Mackintosh House. a

meticulous reconstructioit


Museum Of Transport K(}l‘.'|ll Hall. 1 Burnhouse Road. 287 2720. Mon—Thu & Sat 10am—5pm; Fri 8. Sun lltlll‘—5[)ltt. Free. A n‘useun‘. crammed with buses. trams. fire engines. ships and other i.)arapherna|ia. dex'oted to the histOiy of transpon. Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery

2nd FIOOr. 14 King Street. 552 7080. Tue tpm. Thu 7pm. Sun 6pm. Mats for families

16s free. An hour-long mechanical ballet performed by Eduard Bersudsky's kinetic SCqutures made from scrap metal and tiny wooden figures. The performance tells stories


St Mungo Museum of Religious Life And Art

2 Castle Street. 25:37. Mon—Thu 8. Sat i()ari‘—5pii‘: Fri 4% Sun Ham—Split Free. An

of '-.'.ior|d faiths. featuring a Zen garden. priceless art .‘xorks from the world's SIX major religions. Dali's Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross and the stem of religion in Scotland through words and pictures.

Tenement House

1A5 Buccleuch Street. Garnethill. 333 0183. Daily 2—5pn‘. E3350 £2.50. This typical Victorian tenement flat of 1892 provides a fascinating look at Glasgow life during the


The Tall Ship At Glasgow Harbour

100 Stobcross Road. 339 0631. Daily 10am—5pm. £4.50 (£3.25): accompanied children free. Find out ab0ut Glasgow's maritime heritage on-board the S.V. Glenlee. the only Clyde- bunt sailing ship still afloat in the UK. ViSitors can explore the boat or talk to the crew. and there's a range of children's aCllVIlleS.

12—26 Apr 2001 THE LIST 9?