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Glasgow Iif

Book events

Isabel Losada \t’;itei-\ioiie\. IS} -IS7 Sauchiehall Street. 332 ()l05. 7pm. l‘ree. l,o\tttl;t talks about her quest l'or enlightenment and introduces the wide range ol' allernatne therapiex mailahle. Ingrid Noll (iltetlle lll\llllll. 3 Park (‘irctix 332 2555. 7.30pm. l'ree. (ierman crime w riler Ingrid Noll reads trout and discusses her work. The reading will be lit holh (ierman and linglish.

Pants Still On Fire with Michael Kerins (’iti/enx' 'l'heatre. l l‘) (iot'halx Street. 42‘) 0022. 7.30pm. £8 (£4). Master \lor) teller Michael Kerinx returns to the ('it/ with _\ct another llllltt‘lltll\ \how.


Independent Living S‘l-L('('. l’inniexton Qua)". 0870 040 4000.

Want 4pm. Free. ('omtntmily e\ent promoting an independent liliest} le tor people with tllxttltilille\ and the elderly.


Orienteering For Everyone Mugdock (‘ountry Park. (’raigallian Road. Milngavie. 956 M00.


6.30 7.30pm. £l i50pi. ('l}de\ide ()rienleerx will help \how )itti the wa}. whether _\ou're )oung or old. e\pci'ienced or a complete beginner. Meet at the

\ ixilor centre.


Trongate Studios Open Day 'l'i'ongate Studios. l8 Albion Street. 552 2822. l 4pm. Free. .-\ chance to \ iew the facilities and recent work produced h} the present members of 'l‘rongate Slutlltlx. The Courtney Page Lecture llillhead Libral'). B}rc\ Road. 33‘) 7223. 7.30pm. liree. 'l‘he 200l Rtwal National Roxe Socict} \ attnual lecture gi\ en h} acclaimed rose breeder l’eler Harknexx.


Kathak Workshop 'l't'amwa). 25 Albert l)ri\e. 287 3000. 7 9pm. l‘ree. :\w ard-w inning chtireographer .-\kram Khan hoxtx a workshop to coincide \\ itlt hix ‘l.oo\e ln l'ilighl‘ perl'orinaltce.

Book events

Pants Still On Fire with Michael Kerins ('iti/enx’ 'l‘heatre. l l‘) (iorhalx Street. 42‘) 0022. 7.30pm. £8 (£4). See Thu 26.


Lions 8. Literacy At The Burrell Burrell Collection. 2000 l’l)ll()l\'\llit\\'\ Road. 287 2550. l.30pm. l-‘ree. A tour led by Margaret Anderson.

Bikes Galore

What kind of bikes? The best kind motorbikes. With everything from clasSIc

bikes through to super bikes.

Lots of motorcycle displays then? In addition to the stunt and precision riding shows there Wlll be a fun fair. live music. biker clothing and accessories. competitions and an internet cafe vvith tree

internet access.

Burrell Collection

Anything else? Most exciting is the search for a new local stunt rider who will win a year's

apprenticeship with the top motorcycle stunt and precision riding team,


Is it just for greasy biker types? No way. this is a day Out for all the

family whether {3% you are a a hardened 2“: enthusiast or just {2 mildly Curious. I The Great Scottish Bike Show. SECC, Finn/eston Quay. 0870 078 8988. Sat 28 8 Sun 29 Apr. 70am—50m.

56.50428 (£3.50—C450).

(€1.75); family ticket 528.


attractions ,-

Art Gallery 8 Museum, Kelvingrove Argyle Street. 287 2099. Mon—Thu 8. Sat 10am~5pm; Fri 8. Sun

1 1am—5pm. Free. This fine example of late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collection of work by Such names as Rembrandt. Botticelli. Whistler and Cadell.

2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. Mon—Thu 8. Sat 10am—5pm; Fri 8. Sun 1 1am—5pm. Free. Sir William Burrell's world famous collection of beautiful art objects from around the globe. housed in a speCially deSigned. award-winning building.

Clydebuilt Scottish Maritime Museum Braehead Shopping Centre. Kings Inch Road. 886 1013. Mon-Sat 10am—6pm; Sun

1 1am—5pm. £23.50

100 THE LIST 20 Apr—10 May 2001

Situated on the River Clyde. this attraction brings to life the story of Glasgow's development from the tobacco lords in the 17008 right up to the 21 st century.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

730 Great Western Road. 334 2422. Daily

1 1am—4pm. Free. The 19th century garden and glasshouses are home to an interesting and educational selection of plants. as well as featuring in the film Jude.

Saturday 28

Book events

Glasgow Book Fair Mitchell Librar}. (’haring (too. 334 3248.

Want 5pm. liree. ()rganixed h} the l’Bl'}\ w ith 22 dealers t'rom Scotland. lingland and Ireland read} to \alue botth

A Tapestry Of Healing Words Surx i\oi'\' l’oetr) Scotlattd. 4 ('4 'l’einpleton Btixinexx ('entre. 62 'l‘cinpleton Street. 556 4554. 7 ‘lpm. 'l‘hc Sl’S \Vlttllet1\(il'0ttp launch their antholog} ol work.

Pants Still On Fire with Michael Kerins (‘ili/enx' 'l‘healre. I It) (iltl'llillx Street. 42‘) 0022. 7.30pm. £8 l£4 l. Sec 'l‘hu 26.


Plant 8. Produce Sale l.ochwinnoch RSI’B Nature Re\ei'\ e. Largs Road. l.ochw innoch. 0| 505 842663. l0am 4pm. Free. Sale ol' garden plants organised b} Renlrewxhire Memberx‘ (iroup.


The Great Scottish Bike Show Sli('('. liinniexton Qua}. 0870 078 8988. l0am 5pm. £6.50 £8 l£3.50 £4.50). Displa) \ and demonstrations to suit all the lainil). See photo caption. Antique, Collectible 8: Craft Fair Town Hall. l'nion Street. Kirkintilloch. 01236 874076. Illaltl 4.30pm. 50p. (home from a wide range ol’ Cl'illlS and collectible\ with something for exer)one from ;t\ id collectors to brow \crx.

Body 8: Soul Health Fair Ro}al ('oncerl Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55l l. llaln 4.30pm. £3 £5 (£2 £4). ()VL‘I' 40 slallx show ing a range ol- complementat't lllL‘l’llplL‘N. hypnotherapy rel‘lexolog}. tarot. L‘t‘}‘\lttl.\. aura photograph); mind. bod)” and spirit hooks and muclt more. The da) also l‘ealui'e\ talks. taster sesxtoltx and a calc.


The Road To Everest 'l‘ixo ()uttloor (‘entre. 50 (‘ouper Street. 550 5450. 2pm. Free. Francis Ricktix gixex an inspirational lecture on the l‘axcinaling and beautiful trek to the base ol’ the world's highext mountain.


Chinese Physical Culture Workshop l’at'tick Burgh Hall. ‘) Burgh Hall Street. 287 55l l. Noon -2pm. £5. An introductory wot‘kxhop to this holistic approach to personal and physical growth aitd well-being. Suitable for beginners ol all ages. the workshop is tailored to meet individual capabilities.


Plant Sale littllx oli (‘I'Vde Visitor Centre. New Lanark. 0l555 665262. I lam 2pm. £2.50 (Free). Scotlixlt

Glasgow Cathedral

\Vildlttc 'l‘rtixt plant \ale follow ed h} a wildflower walk at 2pm.


Scottish Computer Fair Slit‘t‘. l'llllllL‘SlUll Qua}. 0870 040 4000.

Want 3pm. £3 t£2l. l-.\t‘i‘}lliiiig computer related at trade pricex from the latcxt hardware and \ottware to top qualtt} second hand eqttiptnent.

The Great Scottish Bike Show Sli(‘(‘. l5inniexton Qua}. 0870 078 8088. Want 5pm. £6.50 £8 t£3.50 £4.50i. See Sill 23.

Body & Soul Health Fair Ri\_\al (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 28" 55l l. llant 4.30pm. £3 £5 l£2 £41. See Sill 2X.


Rangers v Celtic lltl‘lt\ Stadium. likillllSlUll l)l'l\L‘, “37” (till) l‘)‘).3_ IP11]. Season ticket ltoldet'x onl_\. (‘_\nic\ ma_\ claim much ol' lhix ix academic alter (‘eltic \ei/ing the league troph} l'i'oin Rangerx' grip \oine weeks hack but an old film gatne is an old ltt'ltl game aiid “mm was the onl_\ place ('ellic ha\e ltL‘ell tleletllell ill tlte league llllx \e;t\oll. so an) thing can happen.

Rock Climbing Clinic 'l‘i\o()iitllooi- ('cnli‘e. 50 ('ouper Street. 550 5450. ('hildi'en noon 2pm; adults 2.30 4pm. lace. Scott .\luir demonxtratex technique\ and ~killx on the North l-‘ace l’innacle.

Monday 30

Book events Waterstone’s/GFT Film Quiz (ilasgow l‘ilm 'l‘hcatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. 8.45pm. l’i'ee. Now something ol‘ an institution. I'L‘gtllill‘\ know the \core: qui/ maxterx Stet (iardiner. l’add} Kell} and Neil Mcl‘arlane think up the ll’lc‘klexl plt\el'\ the} can muster and punters iit teamx or no more than four make them look like mince. Book call} to a\oid disappointment.

Tuesday 1

Book events

Sauchiehall Street Reading Group Walerxtone'x. 153 lS7 Sattchieliall Street. 332 ‘)l05. 7pm. l-‘rec. The group w ill lli\c‘ll\\ Joe Siinpson'x 'Iout'ltine 'lilit' lit/ll.


Spring Walk (ilasgow Botanic (iardenx. 730 (ireal Western Road. 334 2422. 2pm. Free. Spring is in the air and this guided walk \ltltltld help identil'} \pt'iltg blooms and some til the work carried out in the gardens ox er the winter months. Meet at Kihhle l’alace. Badger Watch Scottish \Viltllit'e 'lit'tlxl Visitor ('entre. 'l'he l)}'c‘\\‘ol'kx. New Lanark. l.anark. 0| 555 665262. 7.30pm. £5 (U l. .\lar\ el at badgers in their natural surroundings on this 30 40 minute walk.

0870 013 (3140. Daily glasshouse and 'xtatm

Cathedral Street. 8198. Mon—Sat 9.30am—1pnt & 2—0pnt; Sun 2—5pnt. Free. A stone-built church has stood on this site since

1 1136. However most of the present building dates from the 131h or 15th centuries. the most notable exception being the stained-glass windows. renowned as one of the finest post-war collections in the COuntry. Glasgow Ducks Departs Glasgow Soience Centre. 50 Pacific Quay.

10am—5pm. $211.50 tST7.?>f)--Sf€3.:3()l; fantin

ticket 333:3. Scotland's only

amphibious tour gives you unusual views of the city on board a converted World War II vehicle used in the D-Day landings. Greenbank Garden Flenders Road. Clarkston. 639 3281. Daily 10am—5pm. £3 1E2», This walled garden, tucked away in the Glasgow suburbs. contains a wealth of interesting plants and flowers as well as woodland walks. a


House For An Art Lover

Bellahoustoti Park 10 Dunibreck Road. 3:371 41773. 89).")(1'52171i llllllélll‘,’ designed by Charles Bennie Mackintosh for a competition in 1901, this unfinished work has been completed by modern day architects and designers in true Mackintosh style. Hunterian Art Gallery Universn‘,’ Of Glasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 330 5431.

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