Re: Future Laughs of Scotland (issues 410 and 411)

If any of the unemployable arseholes who make up the Scottish comedy Circuit and take themselves way too seriously were even remotely funny. they might be worth reading and writing about. As it is. they're shit. Funny how people who make their living out of laughter always whinge

Widdecombe and Michael Portillo indicate their intention to play the 'race card" at the general election. as New Labour continues its draconian poIICies against so-called 'bogus' aSylum seekers. it is not difficult to see where the most thugs find their inspnanon.

Mark Brown

Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees

If I receive good food and good service I Wlll happily leave a tip of 10% Or more. However, I am no longer prepared to tip for bad serVice. Customers should never expect or accept bad service. They should also reward good service. and I accept that staff are often paid ‘shockingly low wages'. However. we are in danger of allowing poor service to be the rule and good service to be the exception.


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Re: Rock Family Tree Action (issue 411)

Loved your 'six degrees of Mogwai' feature and discovered that it makes an ideal Snakes and Ladders game. All you have to do is get a load of riiates round. choose a band member each. take it in turns to roll a dice and the first player to become an

Re: Eating and Drinking Guide (issue 411) What a meaty read in the new Eating and Drinking Gurde! For a gadabout gourmand like me it's the perfect package of info. recommendations and necessary phone numbers. Particularly like the out of town section ideal for much-needed break from the restaurants on the doorstep. Peter Samson


Re: Eat, drink and be wary (issue 411) It may be helpful to your readers who

work in the bar and restaurant trade to ;

know that there is a trade union for workers in those industries.

The TranspOrt & General Workers union has significant membership in the food and catering industry and indeed has recognition agreements

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. Production Assustants out of your heads. CUSTOMERS legislation means that union members Mom MCFamw Frankie F Re: Eat, drink and be wary in any workplace have a statutory right James Calgill via e-mail (issue 411) to union representation on disciplinary DTP Nikki Tumor


Re: A lunatic asylum policy (issue 410) Further to my recent List article abOut aSylum seekers. l have JUSl been to Glasgow Royal Infirmary to VlSli two Palestinian refugees. Haitham and lyad Saada. who were attacked in Sighthill. Glasgow on Saturday night by up to 40 (forty!) glass-bottle and l)aS(}ball-W|Gl(lllig racists. They have been horribly beaten up. In terms of the nature and scale of the assault. this is one of the worst non-fatal racist attacks in Scotland in recent years. As politiCians such as Ann

Mogwai Rothesay Pavilion

I don't consider myself to be a bad customer. I have never screamed at restaurant or bar staff, slagged off their appearance. physically attacked them or been downright rude to them. I do. however. experience what I consider to be poor service on a regular basis.

I have eaten in many restaurants in Glasgow and the quality of food is generally very good. Unfortunately, the quality of service very often does not match the quality of food.

Staff are often uninterested. customers can be left for an inordinate length of time before having their order taken or receiving their food. and the order or the bill may be wrong. All are regular occurrences.

Or grievance matters.

The new legislation means that trade unions such as the T&G can assist members even where the employer in anti-union.

Workers in the catering industry have genuine reasons for grievance. whether it be long hours. low pay. minimum wage rates including tips. the threat of physical attack from customers. to give some examples.

These are the type of issues where the T&G could offer assistance to members. The T&G can be contacted at: 0845 345 0141 (Glasgow). 0845 345 0145 (Edinburgh) or e-mail

Ian Mcdonald Regional Industrial Organiser T&G via e-mar’l


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