distinctive hard and fast delivery in the comfort of y0ur own home. This two CD mix starts off QUite chilled but soon starts upping the ante. CD 2 in particular is a take-no-prisoners stormer kicking off With Maas' own remix of Fatboy Slim's 'Star 69' and then never really letting go. Not entirer suited to home listening but perfect for getting in the mood for a night of sweaty club action. (Henry NOrthmore)



Studio One Soul (Soul Jazz) 0...

Those boys (they've got to be male. woman have the sanity not to be this anal) from Soul Jazz have come up with another way to empty your pockets in your search for music credibility. For here are the selected highlights of reggae soul and it is rather good. Although they are all covers there are some absolute blinders here, noticeably Senior Soul's

awesome -'ls lt Because I'm BIack?‘. LerOy Sibbles' ‘Express Yourself' and Ken Boothe's 'Set Me Free‘ a man who c0uld read the phone book and keep you listening. This is another raw delight from the vaults of Studio One that hopefully keeps some old reggae performers in the greatest of comfort. (Paul Dale)


OLU DARA Neighborhoods (Atlantic) 0000

Mix urbane funk,

Mississippi blues. African influences. jazz arrangements and a dash of the unexpected with a rich mice which echoes both Gil Scott- Heron's preaching and Ta] Mahal's slap-happy exhuberance. and you'll have a flavour of this

York-produced album. It's a strar‘ge— shaped luck, -itag whose contents are beguilineg held together by the veteran i‘i‘usical personality ‘.‘."lll(ll‘. once '.r./ielded the trumpet for Art Blakey. and if there's any Justice it should see Olu Dara finally shaking off the market confines of the iaz/ ghetto. Oh. and if you need any more COHVIHCHTQ —- Dr, John plays keyboards on four tracks.

lNinian Dunnetti


TONY REMY’S BLUE VIBE Street Guitar (Alltonei 0..

Tony Remy had a brief and unsatisfact0ry tangle With major label stardom when he was signed by GRP in the early 90s. and it is easy to hear why they

the Nectarine



received transgressed &transmitted

the new album out 30th April

..the Nectarine No. 9 are shaping the most adventurous guitar noir in Britain. The Guardian

.. the Nectarine No. 9 are magnificient - I'm in the presence of genius. NME

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" *4 s" ‘7 .:.-‘ New“

CD/LP 30.4.2001


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'0 .'A.

26 Apr-10 May 2001 THE LIST 1 1 1