808 make up

How to survive electric blue mascara. Words: Louisa Pearson

o. you‘ve hauled up your legwanneis and pulled your stripy top off one shoulder only to look into the mirror and scream as you realise your noughties make-up does nothing for your 80s look. But do you really wzuit to go back there? Back to a time when it was mandatory to have multi- coloured stripes of eyeshadow and frosted pink lippy‘.’ If you‘re tom between wzmting to

get the ‘in‘ look and dreading the idea of

looking like a Bananarama reject. fear not. M.A.C. make-up artist Louise Coffey has given us all the advice you'll ever need.

‘1 think it's all about reinventing the glamour of the 80s and bringing it up to date with present trends.‘ says Coffey. ‘the best way to do it if you‘re scared about colours is 1 18 THE LIST 12—26 Apr 2001

to keep it quite subtle. just getting one colour at a time; like a bright blue colour. you can use that as eyeliner on a really neutral base and it looks fantastic.‘

But there‘s that word: ‘bright’. If your skin tone looks more like a bottle of milk than a

jar of honey. you might be worried that

‘bright' means ‘garish‘. But Coffey casts aside such worries.‘When you put coral or neutral lip colours with bright eyes. they're going to bounce off each other and make it look wearable. It's not going to clash. it‘s not going to look tarty. it’s not going to look anything like it was in the 8()s.'

So once you've got over the initial mental block. how do you leap into a colourful palette. ‘lf someone's thinking of changing

their look. it‘s a good idea to pick out something like the yellow paints to add a splash of colour over their lids.’ says Coffey. 'You don‘t have to wear it full on. you can wear it quite subtly.’

Based at the M.A.C. counter at Fraser‘s in Glasgow. Coffey recommends several items from their new Cuisine range to get the look. For eyes. Sweet and Sour paint and Electric Eel eyeshadow: for lips. Lychee Lux lipgloss. With summer on the way. it's not just M.A.C. who are picking up on the catwalk‘s current fling with the 80s. A quick roam round Boots or Superdrug confirms that it’s time to feel the fear and do it anyway. Blues. yellows and oranges are everywhere. so get experimenting.

‘It’s not going to clash, it’s not going to look tarty, it’s not going to look anything like it did in the 80s.’