PE Tin. LITTLE BOXES Cult and Classics by Kelvinbridge

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'Don't tlrrcx.’ arrl,tlring a‘.'.ia,.' ilf)tl‘;‘:.'.’l.’(:‘; sari: Ill l’ififr. So a hundred boxes in GLP. stores play host to 'l'i,ppr:r‘.'.iar'e. plastic bathroori‘ rugs. Philippe Starck Lemon Juicers. fins/er» patterned rubber glow-s and copious other 'esscntral' iterrrs. these boxes cover the interior like fur. the sguare

and rectangular version of '.'./hat

Little boxes with secrets and treasures

An exclusrve c of interior \ products from Scotland. in», Finland. Denmark. Sweden. Holland. Germany and England. Featuring furniture. lighting. printed and woven textiles. floor coverings. glass. cookware and other accessories

Tacsdly - Friday 12pm - 6pm Saturday 50 am - Sp r~

or by acoomrmcnr

3l7 - 3l° Cowgatc. Cid Towm Ednba'gleili INA to? .i'rd fins 0|3| 558 N30

Prcqher Tallcn ire-signer i; «’7: price of boxes seeir‘ near to a awe. But there rs stability. in spte of frag; 'Se is there a s,sterr=’?' .ou ask. as: €:,<:‘s .‘xander' ; crcss red and and rubber and wood in ia,ers about: and around you.

The systent rs called memory. The secret is the Max Headroom of ageing- but-bright staff. lt takes a rrraxrirrriir of

two minutes from ,"our‘ n‘un‘ble of 'blue

fabric dye'. to the shop—keeper climbing up and down a ladder. ‘Fcund your iego-blue dye in box near 82. .' Even the prices have been maintained circa 1960. GLR-stores are hip and they don't know rt. They sell classics at pathetic prices. Now you know rt. rMette Karlsvrk)


Name Scott

Based Méilltl‘, Glasgow

Occupation Sales 54 Marketing Director

Background I studied in Aberdeen doing PR and irrai‘ketrng stuff. but left to work for a bit in Aberdeen. I moved to Glasgow about four months ago to concentrate on the label. and because a lot of my friends are here. I'm now earning my keep working in Cult Clothing while trying to get the label up and running here.

How and when did you establish the company? We started selling this year but we've actually been around for about two years. We had problems wrth gualrty at first so we spent a lot of time getting it perfect before it was ready to sell.

We're selling in Aberdeen, Elgin and Edinburgh but we were late hitting Glasgow and missed a lot of buyers because they already had their stock. We're now concentrating on getting a stockist in Glasgow.

What style do you specialise in? We're trying to get back to how good streetwear used to be; good quality and a bit different. Our stuff is trying to

be more underground. it's so cliched at

the moment: streetvr/ear has become very diluted. Of course. we would like to do more profound and tailored stuff, but at the moment we're trying to get the brand known with simple pieces. Where does your label get its inspiration from? Skating and hip hop. and we are very influenced by


friend's. art an: drinking. Especially .1rrnk:ng.

What designers/labels do you admire most? Yle for their gurrkrness. and Stuss‘r and Siias tor keeping it rear and not really selling out to big department stores,

What is your long-term goal? to become a successful and respectable con‘panr. nhodoesn't sellout. there are xersrons of street'r'.'eai all oxei the high street. selling in places like Next. Burtons. and H8M. so our compam is all about 'brrngrng it back to its roots'.

Or so nut,- hope.

Where can we buy your designs? We're selling in Urbanolegy in ['lgrn, Granite Reef in Aberdeen and Odd One Out in Edinburgh.

.A ‘ri.’.h'r‘r.,[

What is your favourite fashion item? My Nike Dunks and my Vintage Levr's.

What is your advice to anyone interested in working in the design industry? Stick at rt: rt takes a lot of trnre and effort but should all pay off in the end. (Kyla Singleton)

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