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19 Jeffrey Street, 557 3622 l/trngle Wrth great food, excellent Wrne and terrrfrc arr‘rbrente and of course Strlls Gallery.

Catt” owl; U 23 Cockurn St.

221') 1331’, delrcrously srmple French home—cookrng. Choc'odrle. rlly coffee. wrne. pat sserre. c'est sr bon! Tues—Sat.

Café Odile at Stills

10am -:'3pm.

Cuba Norte

102 Morrrson Street. 221 14130 Brenvenrdosl Welcome to the authentrc prernrer palador. Dance. vvrne and drne rn Cuba Norte sunshrne.

Elephants & Bagels Nlcolson Square. (388 4404.

Even more elephants and

Scotland's only source of true bagels nutrrtrous. frllrng, non—fattenrng. rnex- pensrve 8 utterly delrcrous!

The Elephant House 21 George IV Brrdge. 220 585:3.

Hundreds of elephants. the best cappuccrno rn town. Great prx/as. orrgrnal home of J K Rowlrng. and fully lrcensed?


88 Lothran Road. 229 59:32. Relaxed. atmospherrc cafe bar. serVrng great value snacks. salads. specrals and brrllrant cappuccmos 10am trll late.


Isabel’s Cafe

83 Clerk Street. 602 4014.

Stone walled smoke-free basement oasrs. servrng homemade veggre’vegan food fresh, delrcrous and cheap.


0d Hanover Street.

22:3 2131 .

Scotland's orrgrnal and best healthy eatrng experrence.

Salad table restaurant. brstro bar. delr shop. Eat better. Irve better.

Wok Bar 26-550 Potteroxr (387 8504 Freshly cooked, cornbrnrng flavours of the Far East. rncludrrrg the tastrest drshes from Tharland. Japan. Chrna and lvlalaysra and the best range of Asran beers.

'0! * IA!


Café Antipasti n

337 Byr'es Road. A N 1 I P“‘ T I 01111 1587 2737

8. 305 Sauchrehall Street.

0141 332 0002



80 Glassford Street 572 0080

Globe trottrng menu served 12~7pm everyday plus specral Sunday brunch menu. Football, DJs. prrvate partres 10 Mrtchell Lane

and drinks prornotrons. ”‘..’ way“! it 2.55 572 1448 ----~‘--‘

Contemporary food, wrde range of vegetarran drshes. Lrve ra// Sundays afternoons. DJs and drrnks promos.



80 Mrllers Street 221 1:308 Interestrng, well-balanced and adventurous (staff and menu). Restaurant food at bar prrces. served 12—7 (lally (Thuan trll 9pm).


(All * BAR

Mao Cafe Bar

84 Brunswrck Street Merchant City. 504 5101 Srmple. gurck and healthy Far Eastern 15311 Pollokshaws Road

cursrne. Eatrng out made easy. 632 0161.

Bar 11.4:3—1 1pm r12 Frr Sat) lunch

1 1.40—2.50pm. drnner 5—980pm. Tradrtronal bar brstro. est 1901. Setrthsrde's orrgrnal and best drrnkrng den.


Pancho Villas

20 Bell Street. Merchant Crty.

552 7737. Mexrcan born owner of Pancho Vrllas Mayra Nunez hopes to brrng some of the real Mexico to Scotland. Buen provecho.

97A Hanover'Sl “Edi 013i 220 3007

L t ,4\ K \

. x .. 0'7.» )) ) )1. bylaw


'Classrc' grape uarretres such as ChardOnnay Cabernet Sauurgnor‘ 03M! Merlot nate hogged the publrc rnterest over the last t\.'.'entg, years or so. These days. seem to be a tau more dernandrng wrth more obscure grape narretres comrng rnto play Enter the grapes of the northern RhOne. once only heard of wrthrn St.?l|()LrS \.'.!ltt: crrcles. but some of them are now enroyrng a new wave of popularrty

Le Vieux Mas Marsanne/

Viognier 1998 (France 5715.09) 1:3 for 5710 Bottoms Upl. These two classrc varretres are well-parred here. There's a delrcately lush aroma of frurt salad sweets Wrth a lrrne backdrop. The palate rs soft and creamy and slrghtly off dry: perfect for those who don't lrke the crrspness of some whrtes and wrthout any of the sweetness. Domaine de Peyrat Viognier 1999 (France £5.99) Thrs pure Vrognrer rs a brt of a gem. The grape used to be solely assocrated wrth the rnrghty Condrreu of the erOrre and would set you back at least twenty gurd. Thrs shares many srmrlarrtres wrth that

Food & drink

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l "t tittlttit“ It;

:lr~>rra.l:;r. 'u‘“ wrth tht trademark

l)t:tttjltt::$ and cream and a tielrtate attertastta l ab stuff. Snap rt up I’Gordor‘. Haggartyl

I Both rr‘er: .t'. t'f/rgilW’ from Ht‘fft‘n‘s Up. The l.4t waver also from


Le Sept

7 ()Id I~'i.s‘lmmrla't (31035 Edinbthqu

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